Vettel: Lewis is one of the best drivers currently in Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton

Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton

Sebastian Vettel acknowledged that he had read Lewis Hamilton’s comments declaring that the Red Bull driver was a great champion, and paid back the compliment to his British rival.

In the wake of the Korean Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton grabbed headlines by claiming that Vettel’s dominance of Formula 1 was turning, but 24 hours later the Mercedes driver was full of praise for the triple World Champion.

“Seb is great champion,” he declared on his Twitter feed (@LewisHamilton). “Not only that, he is a great human being who is funny and humble. Deserves all the success he is having.”

Speaking in Japan, Vettel said of Hamilton’s praise, “Obviously it is very nice to hear something like that, I think I can only give it back. There is a lot of respect among the drivers, but obviously alot of stuff gets written and said.”

When pressed to comment about suggestions that his constant winning is a turn off for fans, vettel said, “It’s very different. There was one race in Singapore which was an exception where I was able to build a gap, yes that was incredible. Sebastian Vettel leads Lewis Hamilton in canada

Sebastian Vettel leads Lewis Hamilton in canada

Anyway if you take Korea the gap was between three and six seconds for the whole race. If you look at ten years ago, the gap was thirty seconds – which is a big difference.”

“Obviously, don’t get me wrong, it is a nice cushion to have in the car but it is only three seconds at the end of the race which is really nothing when you compare it to thirty or sixty.” (GP247)

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