Renault: It would be foolish for Red Bull to try to do something illegal

Renault powered Red Bull RB9

Renault powered Red Bull RB9

An engineer working for Red Bull’s engine supplier Renault has dismissed reports claiming that the World Champions may be cheating their way to a fourth F1 World Championship title.

Recent reports have cast doubt on the superior traction and odd tones of Sebastian Vettel’s RB9 as the German cruises to yet another championship victory.

But Ricardo Penteado, a Brazilian engineer for Renault, said claims of illegal traction control are clearly wide of the mark.

“Everything is checked by the FIA,” he told Brazil’s O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper. “The electronic control unit is distributed by the FIA itself, to ensure that all the [electronic] programmes are in compliance with the rules.

Ricardo Penteado

Ricardo Penteado

“It would be foolish [for Red Bull] to try to do something illegal,” Penteado insists. “It would end [their] credibility, the team would be excluded – it makes no sense.”

A member of the currently Renault-powered Williams team, who won titles with Adrian Newey-penned cars, also dismisses the notion that Red Bull is doing something illegal.

“I know their designer [Adrian Newey] well,” the unnamed team member told the newspaper.

“He has a group studying each area of the regulations in detail, in order to take advantage of anything that could give some additional speed. I just think that is what we are seeing now,” he added.

Another well-placed insider, the renowned Formula 1 technical illustrator Giorgio Piola, thinks that Newey simply found a higher and smarter gear in the second half of the 2013 campaign.

Sebastian Vettel's winning streak started in Belgium with the heavily revised RB9

Sebastian Vettel’s winning streak started in Belgium with the heavily revised RB9

“The Newey car that debuted at Spa, when the winning streak began, was very different to the previous version,” said Italian Piola.

“Wings, floor, how it uses the exhaust gases, this new version of the RB9 was designed for the characteristics of the new Pirelli tyres.”

“[The Pirelli tyres] are very different from the earlier ones, but the other [teams] only made subtle adjustments to their cars,” Piola added.

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  • Red Bull Cheats

    Well they ran an illegal ride height adjuster for 2 years and that didn’t bother them as they had their excuse ready. And the engine maps that were deemed illegal and they turned up at the next race and said they thought they were only banned for one race! And the holes in the floor, and the flexi front wing that needed the tests changed 3 times to catch. Nah, they would never think to cheat! Again…

  • Tamburello_1994

    Hey Cheats

    You said someone hijacked your moniker – You can get it sort it out (if you haven’t already) by emailing the website. Won’t take them long to trace down who did it and summarily deal with them.

    “DRK” can attest to that.

  • Traguardo

    remarkable.. the RBR-kid from tamburello has nothing to comment on Red Bull Cheats.. maybe because it is true?

  • farizY

    @Redbull Cheats
    Blah, blah, blah, none of those you said were illegal. Sore loser.

  • James F1

    @Redbull Cheats… keep clutching at straws…

  • DRK

    @Tamburello_1994 errrr sorry what was that about ?

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ DRK

    Maybe you should check with the website.

    In the meantime, Why are you so down on yourself?

  • DRK

    well actually i just now saw the posts , that was some idiot who actually misused my name. i will get this settled with the website.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Then please accept my apologizes.

    Those originally had my moniker attached to them.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    If you people think being told to take a part off the car BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL is not cheating, then what is? What is cheating then? Red Bull were told to take an ILLEGAL hand operated ride height adjuster off their car. Horner commented about it. The BBC F1 website reported the incident. Facts. Look it up or shut up. If you don’t like the facts, quit talking lies here.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Tamburello_1994, thanks for the advice on the Monkier. I thought it was funny that someone wanted to pretend to be me. Since most people here hate me for stating the truth about Red Bull, and because my brother actually did work for Benetton in the Schumacher cheating era, I couldn’t see why someone would steal my name. It’s not exactly appreciated here.

  • Don

    Fia can control this ECU manipulation by randomly distributing the units, if they are all the same then it should not matter the ECU you have. Fia could remove each ECU for testing at each race then randomly distribute, they can go even further by doing this everyday during race weekend, if they do not do this already.

  • Blindkat

    Is there a reason nobody seems to be talking about the other ideas about RBR traction control? I keep waiting to see some the bigger f1 sites talk about this idea of the KERS regeneration system controlled by a non-electronic (possibly shock mounted) device being used as a possible means of TC. Idk if this site allows links but

  • fools

    if the paddock is talking why cant we ? pfff.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “If you people think being told to take a part off the car BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL is not cheating …”

    Red Bull have never been told to take a part off their car because it was illegal, you frothing lunatic. They have modified their car as the rules have changed, as does every other team.

    “most people here hate me for stating the truth about Red Bull”

    Most people here despise you because you talk complete bollocks and would not recognize “the truth” if a bucket full of it fell on your empty little head.

  • bmendon

    Go Boycotthehaters!!! Well said!

  • Georgeq

    Cheating? I don’t think so, but would wager they are doing something very clever, maybe in the gray area of the rules but most likely “technically” legal. That gap Vettel opens up in the first few laps is just unreal, not to mention the video of his car sounding different late corner for a brief time while opening up that often insurmountable gap. I can’t recall him ever being run down once he has one of those gaps, so he isn’t abusing his tires doing it.

  • Eazy E

    Lol. like RBR need to cheat! Vettel can on holiday until Interlagos and still win the title with ease. Haters gonna hate and make idiotic ranting posts that no one even reads.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Boycotthehaters, Ok so Red Bull were not told to modify their hand operated ride height adjuster because it was illegal? Then why did they have to modify it when the rules were not changed? Maybe you don’t know how to use Google so you can’t look it up. If they didn’t have an illegal part on their car why did the FIA put stickers on their car in Hungary so they could not access the illegal part and make them take it off after that? Modify to a new part = take the illegal part off. If you don’t get that you are nuts. What about the holes in the rear floor of their car? The rules didn’t change and they had to take the holes away. Oh but that was not an illegal part being taken off according to you! How dumb are you?