Pirelli tyres exploding unacceptable says Perez

Sergio Perez returns to the pits after a blowout during the British GP

Sergio Perez returns to the pits after a blowout during the British GP

McLaren driver Sergio Perez has stepped up his attack on Formula 1 tyre supplier Pirelli, after his tyre exploded during the Korean Grand Prix.

Pirelli had played down the Mexican’s failure, saying it was simply caused by Perez badly locking the brakes on his MP4-28.

“That something happens after a brake lockup is absolutely unacceptable,” Perez is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport.

He was also a victim of a tyre explosion during the British Grand Prix in June

He said he doubts Pirelli’s official explanation, “I’ve never heard of a brake [lockup] automatically leading to an explosion of tyres. For me it was not normal; it’s unacceptable that the tyre explodes.”

Perez’s attack follows those of Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber, towards the end of a tumultuous season for Formula 1’s official tyre supplier.

“I knew that there were cars behind me and I just prayed that the rubber pieces do not hit them,” Perez continued.

He revealed: “We could see that the tyre temperatures were going up, which is why I braked five metres earlier and with less pressure on the pedal.

“I was surprised when the brakes locked. I came around the corner and the tyre exploded on the straight,” added Perez. (GMM)

  • Mercedes supporter forever

    I agree with Perez… Their reason is totally unacceptable… They are stupid and useless tire supplier… Thank God my own car tyres are not Pirelli…

  • TarasT

    If Pirelli made condoms, would you buy them?

  • JR

    Mansell lost the championship with an exploding tyre … It’s nothing new, all suppliers across all decades have suffered tyre issues.

  • McLarenfan

    @ TarasT;
    Hell NO!!!!

  • Eazy E

    Pirelli don’t deserve to be in F1. They should supply Nascar where the series insists on shitty tyres and the fans are too dumb/drunk to care.

    Boycott Pirelli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fletcher

    Pirelli are not doing themselves any favors competing in F1. Just bad publicity. I also hate the fact that they are influencing the order of the championship when tyres should stay neutral. Can we just have one compound that can last.