Newey to miss Japan to focus his attention on 2014 Red Bull RB10

Adrian Newey not making the journey to Suzuka

Adrian Newey not making the journey to Suzuka

Red Bull‘s design guru Adrian Newey will not be trackside on Sunday if Sebastian Vettel wraps up his fourth consecutive world championship at Suzuka.

Bild newspaper reports that Newey has decided to stay at the team’s Milton-Keynes factory rather than travel to Japan.

Briton Newey is usually a fixture on the pitwall, but Bild correspondent Nicola Pohl says he has decided focusing on the all-new 2014 car is a higher priority.

“It is always important for Newey to be at the track for Seb,” Red Bull’s Helmut Marko commented, “simply because he has expertise in all areas and can help in many ways.

Adrian Newey on the podium in Italy celebrating a Red Bull 1-2

Adrian Newey on the podium in Italy celebrating a Red Bull 1-2

“But of course he is where he is most needed, and in view of next season, at the moment that is at the factory in England,” he confirmed.

At least Vettel will have his team boss Christian Horner on hand for any Japanese celebrations, even though his wife Beverley has reportedly given birth to their first child – a daughter – back in Britain.

Vettel will be crowned champion on Sunday if he wins, and Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso finishes lower than eighth.

“Sebastian has the championship firmly in his hands,” the Spaniard admitted to the German broadcaster RTL.

“He has been clearly above all the others, he does a good job and his car is excellent,” added Alonso.

Adrian Newey at work

Adrian Newey at work

He warned, however, that with a better Ferrari on track in 2014, Vettel will have a tougher fight on his hands.

“In recent years I have developed my driving skills and become more mature and complete,” said Alonso.

Ross Brawn, Mercedes team boss, said all of Red Bull’s rivals have a golden opportunity to give Formula 1 a different world champion in 2014.

“Next season will not start like this one is going to end,” he told Brazil’s O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper. “Or at least it’s very unlikely.”

  • Tamburello_1994

    “It is always important for Newey to be at the track for Seb,”

    What about Mark?

  • Hawk

    I also picked that.

    But some of us know they do not drive the same cars, while others pretend they do not know.

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Hawk

    Seriously, How does one know for sure?

    As much a Webbo got upset about that front wing deal sometime back – I’m not so sure he would put up with getting the short end of the deal AND keep quiet about it?

    Mark seemed to believe they get equal status.

  • JM

    Haha . . . “Adrian Newey at work.” . . . With a pencil and ruler!

  • Tinto

    Newey already at work, that is bad news for competition…. 2014 will be the same story with the same tallent…

    Seb and Adrian combination is a killer: Vettel with age is getting better, Adrian’s ‘aging’ engineering knowledge and skills are also getting bigger.

  • fools

    I’ve seen reports that he does this all the time if the WDC is a wrap. Which realistically it is. …but there’s no question the design needs to focus on 2014. Everything is changing. Turbo!

  • Alonso_is_Slow_IS_AN_IDIOT

    newey didnt go to japan and korea since he’s tired of seeing vettel winning… just kidding :)

    newey is one of the last designers who still uses pencil and rulers, classic! the master at work!