Marussia wants to build own Formula 1 engines by 2016

Nikolay Fomenko

Nikolay Fomenko

Marussia owner Nikolai Fomenko wants his Formula 1 team to be powered by its own engines.

As current engine supplier Cosworth departs, the team announced in July it has agreed a ‘long-term’ deal to be powered by Ferrari‘s new turbo V6 from 2014.

But, citing the Russian edition of Autosport, the Russian news agency Ria Novosti quotes Fomenko as saying: “If we survive to the 2016 season, then I hope Marussia will have its own engines.”

“We’re moving towards that. It’s our main aim,” he added.

Marussia, a Russian supercar maker led by Fomenko, bought the Formula 1 team from Virgin ahead of last season.

  • Dr. Azlan

    Yeah right a supercar maker… what a disgrace to the brand.

    Despite that hats off to Mr. Fomenko for having balls to go up against the Ferraris and Mercedez Benzes.

  • Eazy E

    Lol good luck with that. I’ll be impressed if they evenmake the grid for next season, much less 2016!

  • vou

    Even Ferraris and Mercedez Benzes. are losing they pace to renault what a shame at least there have create a super cars for the internatinol good luck for 2016