Lotus boss not sure if they can afford Hulkenberg

Eric Boullier

Eric Boullier

Nico Hulkenberg is at the front of queue to replace departing Kimi Raikkonen so long as Lotus can afford him in 2014, team boss Eric Boullier admitted ahead of the Japanese GP weekend.

Frenchman Boullier said that Felipe Massa also has not been ruled out to fill the vacant seat at Lotus, but the team is waiting on pending deals with investors as well as with Renault.

Raikkonen caused a stir recently when he revealed he decided to switch to Ferrari next year only because he has been left waiting for his pay.

The main holdup, it seems, is the conclusion of a deal between Lotus and a group of investors known as Infinity.

“I think we are nearly there,” Boullier said at Suzuka. “Once we have done this we can afford to pick the driver we want.

“It could be tomorrow, it could be next week, but I will not bring Nico here if we see we cannot afford him,” he added.

Boullier admitted, however, that some staff at Enstone – although all have been paid – have become “nervous” about the situation and begun to circulate their CVs in the paddock.

But he says they shouldn’t be nervous, because an even closer relationship with engine supplier Renault beyond 2013 is in the works.

“We would like to discuss a branding opportunity with them and maybe something even closer,” said Boullier. (GMM)

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  • Alonso_is_Slow

    It a shame that Hulkenberg cannot find a race seat, while shit Nr1 1 drivers like Alonso can hover around for years with missing on titles by crashing and being slower than his teammate.

  • Boycottthebull

    I wonder what he costs?

  • Webber_doesn’t_care

    You need to open your eys whe nyou watch F1 next time.
    Recently Grosjean is better than Raikonnen in qualif, same with Massa and Alonso. But who has the most points ?
    In F1 points and finishing the race is what matters not how much pole you have.

  • Alonso_is_slow


    that is why Alonso should have been faster in the last few races of 2012 than his teammate. He was not, and he even crashed in Japan.

    Alonso needs to prove he does not lose a title duE to his own weaknees and miatKES before he is on a level to speak about the qualities of a four times champion.

  • tod

    Wait till next season when he, Alonso, is up against the best driver around as his team mate! Cant wait LOL!!!

  • the fan


    i have my popcorn here! c’mon more rant from the idiot! :D

    i really love when you speak of massa being faster than alonso in qualifying while not saying anything when alonso finished ahead of him in the race. makes you really dumb and absolutely a freaking idiot

  • the fan

    on a more serious note… while waiting for another idiotic rant from Alonso_is_Slow…

    i really feel sorry for lotus, they are such a good team technically, have some good engineers, good strategy on most races but then again, they dont have the money to pay their drivers. i wonder who can they afford… id love to see Nico drive for them someday