Alonso: We will try and enjoy the races, attack all the time and keep pushing

Fernando Alonso during media meeting at Suzuka

Fernando Alonso during media meeting at Suzuka

Clearly some of the F1 media thought it was their duty to give Fernando Alonso something to smile about at his usual press meeting, as the first questioner pointed out that if the Ferrari man finishes sixth or higher on Sunday, he will top the list of all time points scorers, overtaking Michael Schumacher.

“Yes, that would be important,” said the Spaniard. “There are only a few records I can achieve in Formula 1, as the ones for World Championships and race wins would be difficult with Michael. Hopefully I can get the most points record here in Japan and celebrate a bit.”

There is a tacit understanding that this year’s Drivers’ crown is slipping out of reach, but the will to win still burns at the Scuderia.

“We will try our best in the remaining races, trying to score as many points as possible. We will try and enjoy the races, attack all the time, as we need to keep pushing to be second in the Constructors’, because there are very few points between us and Mercedes and Lotus is also getting closer.” As to the future, according to the double world champion, it all depends on the car.

Fernando Alonso at Suzuka

Fernando Alonso at Suzuka

“For next year, with Kimi, I think we can do a good championship for Ferrari if we have a competitive car, when we will be able to enjoy the season and do very good things. If the car is not competitive, we will have a very similar season to this one.”

Asked why Vettel was so far ahead, Fernando didn’t pull any punches. “They have worked better than the others,” he said of Red Bull. “We were competitive in the first part of the season, winning two grands prix out of five. Then we took a step backwards around Silverstone, from which we recovered, but by then, the others had made more progress than us.”

The Spaniard also had a thought for his team-mate as the season draws to a close.

“It would be nice if Felipe and I can both be on the podium. It would be great to see him there, celebrating a win, because the whole team deserves some happiness and we are very motivated on that aspect.” (Ferrari)

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  • Tamburello_1994

    “For next year, with Kimi I think we can do a very good championship for Ferrari, trying to again score as many points as possible,” Alonso said.

    “But I think in terms of the speed I think Felipe is not any slower.”

    That’s the way I read that same quote on another website.

  • sebolonso

    Samurai should enjoy while he can, next season will be a different story. No more donated points or standings from team nor team mate. You can almost feel, how panic is growing between samaurai ears:).

  • Alonso_is_slow

    By now it should be clear that all what matters fol Alonso is the money.

  • Izham

    You are proud to overtake Schumi’s point record when the scoring system changed. That sucks, nando

  • fools

    lol donated points what an idiot. Look at the stats before you speak fool.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Not sure if Samurai culture includes stabbing the knife in the back of your team, like Alonso does.

  • sebolonso

    I´ve seen the stats fools, but thats not the case here. Lap dog is leaving and master is angry on samurai…bad combination.

    Samurai talking is heard, soon comes time to deliver on track…on equal terms. Bend samurai wisdom out of that.

  • Tinto

    Painful for Alonso to recognise defeat, but at least he is more calculated that F1 circus man, Lewis.

  • Alonso_is_Slow_IS_AN_IDIOT

    i Alonso_is_Slow_IS_AN_IDIOT will always post like an idiot