McLaren has not ruled out heavy weight Hulkenberg for 2014

Nico Hulkenberg

Nico Hulkenberg

McLaren might still be interested in signing Nico Hulkenberg for 2014, as the likes of Lotus, Sauber and even Force India are interested in the German despite the fact that he is one of the heaviest, lankiest drivers on the grid.

After Korea, where the German driver impressed at the wheel of the Sauber, it was being reported that he had now moved into top position to replace the Ferrari bound Kimi Raikkonen, at Lotus next year.

Earlier, Hulkenberg was considered for the Ferrari seat, but the Italian team signed Kimi Raikkonen instead. It is now believed that Hulkenberg was also in the running at McLaren, where Sergio Perez’s place beyond 2013 remains in doubt.

It is believed that the Mexican has been given until this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix to prove his worth.

But quotes attributed to team boss Martin Whitmarsh in Korea suggested that the tall Hulkenberg, who stands at over six foot, would be too heavy for the 2014 McLaren.

Lotus boss Eric Boullier, however, was quoted on Tuesday as insisting Hulkenberg’s weight, which is reportedly 74kg, does not rule him out of a seat for next year.

Auto Motor und Sport has now quoted Whitmarsh as insisting that he never ruled Hulkenberg out either.

“I only said that, next year, drivers would be hard pressed to be over 80 kilos. It’s others who interpreted this to mean I was talking about Hulkenberg,” said the McLaren boss.

AM&S said that Hulkenberg is in fact “not much bigger and heavier than Jenson Button”.

Hulkenberg, meanwhile, has hinted that his size might also have contributed to Ferrari’s decision not to sign him for 2014.

“Of course I was disappointed,” he is quoted by Speed Week, referring to the Italian team’s decision to sign Raikkonen instead. “But I have just as little influence over my body size, which is god-given and therefore not worthy of even discussing,” said Hulkenberg. (GMM)

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  • Tamburello_1994

    Alex Wurz Jr he is. . . .

    I haven’t been anywhere near 11 stone 6 since high school . . . .


  • adam22

    heavier drivers should be faster down slopes! we need more hills F1…

  • haha

    One question, is Sergio doing that worse than Button? I don’t think so, every time he attacks Button he whines.

  • McLarenfan

    The Hulk and button would make a great team Checo is erratic and over excitable he needs to go back to a midfield team to gain a better education.
    McLaren would be better for The Hulk than Lotus as he might actually get paid.

  • MEtoo

    Mclaren has to be a better move than the so called “Lotus”…