Game, set and match! Vettel could claim his fourth world title at Suzuka

Fernando Alonso could be congratulating four times world champion Sebastian Vettel at the Japanese GP

Fernando Alonso could be congratulating four times world champion Sebastian Vettel at the Japanese GP

Fernando Alonso rates it is a miracle that he is still even mathematically in the hunt for the 2013 Formula 1 World Drivers’ title, but at the same time Red Bull team boss Chritian Horner does not believe his team will be celebrating their fourth World Championship victory after the Japanese GP.

Red Bull’s dominant Sebastian Vettel will win the title this weekend in Japan, if Alonso – 77 points behind in his Ferrari with five races to go – finishes lower than eighth at Suzuka.

Horner thinks championship celebrations in Japan are unlikely.

“When was the last time Fernando Alonso finished ninth?” the Red Bull team boss is quoted by Spain’s EFE news agency.

Whether Vettel closes Alonso’s mathematical possibility in Japan, or India two weeks later, is regarded by most F1 insiders as a moot point.

Sebastian Vettel's winning streak started in Belgium

Sebastian Vettel’s winning streak started in Belgium

Mercedes‘ Niki Lauda said: “Don’t worry, Seb will get the fourth title soon enough.”

The rhetoric from Ferrari, whilst not conceding the title definitively, is also increasingly pessimistic.

“If someone started watching Formula 1 today or yesterday and you said the guy with the blue helmet in the red car is fighting for the championship, they would says it’s not true,” Alonso is quoted by Brazil’s Agencia Estado.

“A miracle,” he added. Alonso’s comment could be interpreted as the latest slight against Ferrari’s development progress this year.

“We [performed miracles] for 14 races and we will try to keep this miracle alive for the remaining five,” the Spaniard added.

But even Alonso’s boss Stefano Domenicali is admitting the fight against Sebastian Vettel is “almost impossible” to win now.

Sebastian Vettel celebrates his third title triumph with Adrian Newey and Christian Horner in Brazil in 2012

Sebastian Vettel celebrates his third title triumph with Adrian Newey and Christian Horner in Brazil in 2012

“So congratulations to [Vettel] and to what [Red Bull] are doing, because at the end of the day if they have  [the title] they deserve it,” he is quoted by the Independent.

Indeed, after all the recent booing, the time is now right to focus on the German driver’s looming achievement – a four-time World Champion by the age of 26, unprecedented in the sport.

Horner thinks he’s one of the all-time greats, and Lewis Hamilton has obviously become aware this week that his recent comments about Vettel indicated a lack of respect.

When asked to weigh up Vettel’s greatness, the Mirror quoted him as saying: “I couldn’t care less.”

Hamilton subsequently wrote on Twitter: “Regardless of what you and I may think about his car, at the end of the day he’s doing the perfect job.”

His Mercedes boss Lauda, however, doesn’t even like the implication that Red Bull’s superior spending explains Vettel’s dominance.

“It’s not a question of money but a question of brains,” he is quoted by Speed Week.

“Red Bull has a better programme to constantly develop the car – they do a better job than the other teams,” added Lauda. (GMM)

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  • Tamburello_1994

    Yea, It’s Vettel’s fault he has the best car on the grid. I’m so sick of this debate. When are the other teams gonna take responsibility for them coming up short? I’m sure if Ferrari could build a winning car once in a blue moon they wouldn’t be complaining – just like they did when Schumacher was dominating.

    I also remember someone deriding Red Bull as just an “energy drinks team” but it’s funny how no one can beat them. Seems they’re getting the last laugh now.

    I said it once before, I’ll say it again. I’ve seen many good drivers in an Newey designed car, But NONE has driven them like Sebastian Vettel has. NOBODY. Seb has made the most of his opportunity just like any other driver would have done in his position – and it’s sheer jealousy coming out now. That’s poor sportsmanship. You know what I say, TOO FCUKEN BAD.

    And just for the record – I’d say the same thing if it was Lewis, Kimi, Nando, Doesn’t matter.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Had Ayrton Senna been able to join Williams in 1992 he’s be a five times world champion right now for sure.

    But it didn’t happen like that . . . Did it?

    Maybe Alain Prost wasn’t the best driver on the grid back in 1993, but he had a technological masterpiece of a car and kicked everyone’s ass on the way to his forth WDC and didn’t look back or apologize.

    Didn’t hurt his legacy much.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    As another website said…

    When the shocks are fully compressed, i.e. when the car is pushed into the ground and therefore the tyres have good contact with the surface, the sensors tell the throttle to deliver maximum power from the engine. When the shocks are extended, i.e. when the tyres don’t have good traction with the track surface, the sensors activate the KERS charging phase, reducing the torque through the rear-wheels as it increases the speed of the harvesting process. This would, when fine tuned, reduce the amount of wheel-spin on the exit of a corner, regardless of whether the German has his foot fully-depressed against the accelerator or not. This would explain why Vettel can ‘get on the power’ far earlier than his rivals, as pointed out by Minardi and Lewis Hamilton recently.

  • Tamburello_1994

    . . . . . From the same article.

    “Obviously there is no concrete proof Red Bull are doing anything, legal or illegal, which could be imitating traction control, but the idea is certainly possible…and legal.”

  • DRK

    i suck i totally suck!!!!

  • DRK

    i am an idiot

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Tamburello_1994, no proof does not mean they are not doing everything legal, and despite what the article says, ALL forms of traction control are ILLEGAL in the rules, no matter how they are achieved. The rules might not specifically ban this method but they do ban all forms of traction control. Red Bull maye have found a loophole that needs to be closed, but once again it is winning through loopholes that allow them to claim plausible deniability. It is a game they’ve played before. Illegal ride height adjuster “oops we thought that was lega” etc. A really clever cheat knows how to cheat and not get punished. That is still cheating. That is why I hate Red Bull.

  • Tinto

    That is called creativity, think outside the box mate, that is the beauty of an impressive design. Everywhere there is somebody that outperforms the rest. Humanity is what it is because of such performers… RB us a genius team, the rest of the field is nowhere.

    Anyways mate, too much hate, it is quite tiresome. Playing on negative side for too long is gonna backfire, we are gonna be what we mostly think about. Is it really worth it? Think about that mate…

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Red Bull Cheats

    O.K. fair enough. Me personally – I’m no into conspiracy theories and until someone provides some solid proof I’m not going down that rabbit hole. Your moniker suggest you’re pre-disposed to believe anything that proves it to be true. So I’m not sure you’re exactly partial when it comes to anything Red Bull – But that your opinion. Fine.

    All’s I’m saying is I want proof before I start accusing anyone of anything. All I was attempting to do here was add context. I’ll go out on a limb and say If Red Bull is skirting rules – They can’t be the only ones. Successful or not – legal or not.

  • bmendon

    I’m amazed at the number of commenters who are aerodynamic, electrical, mechanical and software engineers that are fluent with the Formula 1 FIA Rule Book. I can’t believe that you even have time to post here with your obviously successful careers in designing winning race cars.

  • Izham

    suddenly everybody becomes an engineer.

  • farizY

    @Red Bull Cheats

    One word mate, INNOVATION. Isn’t that what the pinnacle of motor racing is all about?

  • Adriana

    @ Tamburello , it’s just when everybody start accusing RBR of cheating , because they had a flexible cone but when came to light that McLaren had that first , then everybody ( Lewis supporters ) got quiet . this guys can concede defeat for the super star , but the true is , regardless what , Vettel is been kicking his rear for the last 5 years

  • harry harris

    DRK…. I agree with you ….. i suck i totally suck !!! yeah it’s really suck and always suckssssssssssssssss you know mannnnnnnnnnn!