Alonso: I am a fan of Samurai culture and that is one of the things that inspires me

Fernando Alonso with Kamui Kobayashi at the launch of the Ferrari 458 Speciale in Tokyo ahead of the Japanese GP weekend

Fernando Alonso with Kamui Kobayashi at the launch of the Ferrari 458 Speciale in Tokyo ahead of the Japanese GP weekend

Arriving in Japan for Round 15 of the 2013 Formula 1 World Championship, Fernando Alonso revealed that the culture of the Samurai provides him with inspiration which he will draw from this weekend as he tackles one of his favourite tracks – Suzuka.

Speaking ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix the Spaniard said, “I like the culture of Japan, where education and discipline feature very strongly and the people are so polite. I am a fan of Samurai culture in particular and that is one of the things that inspires me and makes me happy when I come here.”

“Suzuka is definitely a very, very nice track to drive, especially the first sector with all the fast Esses,” added Alonso. “I’d say it’s a track that definitely needs to be tackled in a very aggressive manner, where aerodynamics is the most important factor, because you have a lot of high speed corners and so the aero has to be perfect to be fast in Suzuka.”

Fernando Alonso won the 2006 Japanese GP as a Renault driver

Fernando Alonso won the 2006 Japanese GP as a Renault driver

“Then the changeable weather that is a feature at this time of year means it is a very demanding race, not just for the drivers but also for the engineers,” explained the two time World Champion.

The weekend is always well mapped out by the Ferrari engineers. Alonso gave some insight on how the team will tackle the opening day at Suzuka.

“On Friday, normally we concentrate on testing new components that we bring to every race, although maybe we do a bit less of that at this late stage in the season,” explained Alonso. “The first session is all about aerodynamics and the second we really look into the two types of tyre, the two compounds we have to use over the weekend, assessing their performance over a single lap and also on a long run.”

Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari pit garage

Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari pit garage

As a Renault driver Alonso won the Japanese GP in 2006 at Suzuka and 2008 at Fuji, “The nicest memory was in 2006, my only win here in Suzuka, which was also very important in my fight for the World Championship title.”

As for the this year’s race, despite the title being almost out of reach, Alonso remains determined to fight all the way, “We need to have a good race. There is still a lot up for grabs: second place in the Constructors’ championship and it’s not yet over in the Drivers’ championship.”

“This is a key moment in the championship: Suzuka is a track I like a lot and the best possible place to have a good race on Sunday. We come from a place [Korea] where the crowd was not so big, while in Japan the fans are fantastic and they really love Formula 1. We hope we can give them the result they want as they pack the Suzuka grandstands, as they do every year.”  (GP247)

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  • jl

    then you should commit sepuku for your incompetent to take ferrari to higher level by always whining.

  • Petronius

    Alonso wanted as birthday present a red bull, Luca gave him Kimi instead, with a special edition of Ferrari with this symbolic stripe looking like the Finnish flag.

    Irony is, samurai has to promote the car:).

  • Tamburello_1994

    Wow!!! That 2006 Renault must of been a hell of a car if Fisichella is standing on the podium.

    Bet Nando wasn’t complaining about having the best car back then. How times have changed.

  • Samurai san

    Alonso san, please stop talking about Samurais already.
    Just drive!
    Samurais commit suicides when they lose. Unless you intend to do the same…
    Really, just drive.

  • Tinto

    Suzuka is coming, great race, let’s enjoy it and have some fun…

    Talking about samurai culture….

    Does Alonso know what he is talking about? In Japan itself the samurai and the memories of them are truly hated by the majority of the society. Today it is shameful and socially dangerous to admit having samurai ancestry.

    Can Alonso identify with a samurai code? Bushido is samurai’s code, the code itself can be described as a very hard and demanding form of …chivalry. 

    As an identified samurai, what Alonso is doing when not at war ? When not at war, the samurai is direct representative so of the shogun (Ferrari) , responsible for collecting taxes (Santander), etc. 

    How Alonso’s life after 2005/2006 identifies with the samurais? As time went by, the samurai became stagnant and lost a huge amount of the former glory, with no good car being forced to be nothing but a F1 runner up worker. Finally, in Red Bull era, Vettel stripped the samurai of all his privileges and rol status, making him equal with the common man.

  • Harys

    Even the Mercedes & the Louts are faster than the Ferrari. What Fernando is doing is a miracle being 2nd. So haters, pls do shut the F**k up. Shame on you wasting time.

  • fools

    Here’s a solution if your not a fan. DON’T COMMENT!

    I like Samurai’s too. There history is amazing.

    Ignorant trolls are always first in line.

  • fools

    @Tinto he is simply admiring there Samurai and its culture from there quotes and discipline, there honor, and focus. (I am sure more)

    but….Why must you bring poison and try to compare modern society with his view point. One can enjoy other things besides racing and apparently he Alonso does. Do you care that much to comment and yet you know nothing of Alonso? I guess so…Sounds ignorant too.

  • fools

    The fact that anything Alonso (articles) related draws more attention/comments then Vettel shows how much LOVE and admiration Alonso receives… Also shows the complete ignorant side of the new F1 fans in this modern era… :)

  • the fan

    its really amazing to see people post long comments just to bash someone. you have to admire their idiotic efforts on wasting their time. :D

  • sebolonso

    Let us hope samurai wins this years battle at Suzuka, because next year this time, the new lead driver needs his support.

  • MEtoo

    Alonso loves wearing makeup and tending goldfish and his garden and loving young men… just a samurai.

  • fools

    No time wasted. The fact you replied after your comment reflects your ignorance.