Vettel: No interest in sharing on Twitter or Facebook everything I do in my life

Sebastian Vettel with Formula 1 fans

Sebastian Vettel with Formula 1 fans

Triple Formula 1 world champion, who is on track to clinch his fourth title, Sebastian Vettel says he will not try to boost his popularity by jumping on the social media bandwagon in similar fashion to rivals Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

It is has been suggested the almost four-time world champion’s unpopularity among the fans is worsened because he refuses to connect with them via Twitter or Facebook.

Indeed, among his Formula 1 racing rivals, only the odd and aloof Kimi Raikkonen similarly stays away from the hugely popular social media sites.

But Vettel is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace: “I have no interest in sharing everything I do in my life. Maybe I am too boring,” the German joked.

Sebastian Vettel celebrates victory in Korea

Sebastian Vettel celebrates victory in Korea

Amid his current streak of domination, Vettel was booed when he won at Spa, Monza and Singapore. But there was no booing in Korea at the weekend.

Some cynics might say that’s because there were no spectators at remote and soulless Yeongam, but German-language commentator Marc Surer said: “In fact there was a surprising number of locals (on Sunday), and they were fair. Sebastian Vettel has a lot of fans.”

Lewis Hamilton insists that booing Vettel is wrong, but the Mercedes driver does admit the German’s recent domination reminds him of the Schumacher era, when the sight of a red car strolling into the distance would send him to sleep in front of the television.

The 2008 world champion told Bild newspaper: “He’s won this title already, unless he doesn’t go to the rest of the races. But he’d probably still win it even then.”

It may be interpreted that some of Hamilton’s recent comments indicate a lack of respect for Vettel.

But the Briton wrote on Twitter on Tuesday: “He (Vettel) is a great human being who is funny and humble. Deserves all the success he is having!” (GMM)

  • JR

    Social media turns racers into pseudo celebs, some drivers love the attention it brings, some prefer to concentrate on racing and winning championships.

  • EazyE

    And people hate on this guy.

    I applaud his decision to not be a douche or a sheep.

  • TexasRoadhouse

    Refreshing attitude.

    And the old saying goes “Better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

  • Boycotthehaters

    “It may be interpreted that some of Hamilton’s recent comments indicate a lack of respect for Vettel.”

    A lot of Hamilton’s comments indicate a lack of respect for Vettel. And his legion of moronic followers pick up on those comments and repeat them. The possibility that LH is just a bad loser never crosses their tiny minds.

  • McLarenfan

    On Twitter 70% of the time you get a 1 way message from most of the people involved in F1 but you also find people like Lewis sending tweets that he later adds amendments too. Facebook is full of bully s, backstabbers and people who deserve to be in a sanitarium for life I refuse to have Facebook it is like a Social sewer and that is polite. Face book ruins lives twitter is bearable just.

  • AlsoRan

    Good for Vettel!
    I too do not use Twitter or Facebook, as I view them as government tools for information gathering.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Hope he at least gets laid a time or two.

    I mean, Cmon! live a little Seb! Step the Fcuk out just once.

    Might humanize him a bit.


  • AFA


    Why do you assume that he doesn’t do anything else but stay in just because he doesn’t have Twitter or Facebook or whatever? I really don’t quite get the point of celebrities feeling the need to inform their followers of what they do every single minute of the day!

    Would you really consider him more “human” if he posted a picture of him riding his bicycle, then 10 minutes later, riding by a lake, and then 2 hours later blowing his hair dry?

    Come on people!!!