Securing race seat for Hulkenberg in top F1 team is gathering steam

Nico Hulkenberg emerges from his Sauber cockpit after finishing fourth in Korea

Nico Hulkenberg emerges from his Sauber cockpit after finishing fourth in Korea

Fernando Alonso, widely acknowledged as perhaps the best driver in Formula 1 today, has given a boost to Nico Hulkenberg’s quest for a 2014 race seat.

Because he is unsponsored and also arguably too tall for next year’s heavier cars, it is rumoured the German’s push to simply stay on the grid in 2014 may fail.

That is despite his outstanding performance in Korea last weekend, where he held off a string of champions, including Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, in the increasingly impressive Sauber.

International media reports quote Alonso as hailing Hulkenberg’s “superb” and “perfect” race.

“He deserved to be in front of us,” EFE news agency quotes Alonso as saying, “because he did a fantastic race. Sauber have been very good this weekend, they’ve done a great job.”

Nico Hulkenberg after finishing fourth in Korea

Nico Hulkenberg after finishing fourth in Korea

Alonso’s comments may be interpreted as a slight against his own Ferrari team, because Sauber – who admit to have struggled financially this year and initially uncompetitive in 2013 – is powered by an identical Ferrari engine.

“I think he (Alonso) would love to leave Ferrari,” said the hugely respected La Gazzetta dello Sport correspondent Pino Allievi, “but he cannot.”

Alonso has also used Sauber as the prime example of how Pirelli’s mid-season tyre construction switch gave some teams a big boost, whilst hurting others.

But Hulkenberg is quoted by Brazil’s O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper: “The new Pirelli tyres help to explain what is happening with us, but it’s not everything.

“We have also improved the car. I would say it’s 50 per cent for both,” he added.

Indeed, Hulkenberg has been sounding much happier at Sauber, where earlier it was considered very unlikely the 26-year-old will stay put for 2014.

Nico Hulkenberg fends off Fernando Alonso in Korea

Nico Hulkenberg fends off Fernando Alonso in Korea

“To say that I regret (moving from Force India) is a bit much,” he is quoted by France’s L’Equipe, “but I was not very happy because I wanted to make a step forward and actually it was quite a step back.

“But when you make choices in life, they can be good or bad but the best thing to do is to try to turn it around in your favour,” Hulkenberg added.

“After seven or eight races, there were no real signs of improvement, but then suddenly there was a click.” He is undoubtedly hoping that ‘click’ opens the door to better things in 2014.

But some in the paddock marvel at how arguably Formula 1’s hottest rising talent is still scrambling to secure a decent drive.

“You would just have to say that there weren’t many top cockpits becoming available (for 2014),” Hulkenberg’s manager Werner Heinz told the German newspaper Bild.

“We are still talking, but Nico will definitely go on in Formula 1,” he insisted.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Replacing Alonso with Hulkenberg would be the perfect solution. Hulkenber is now outracing Alonso with the same engine and a worse car around it. Obviously he performs better.

    Also, he could defend against any driver, while Alonso continuously lost places during the race, and could not even keep the place when he was already 2 cars ahead of Hamilton on a straight line.

    Hulkenberg has also outqualified him in Monza with an inferior car.

    Alonso does not have the performance that Hulkenberg has.

  • Nemo Nobody

    @ Alonso_is_Slow

    That’s a huge pile of shit you are eating above…
    I am not an Alonso fan, and I definitely don’t see him the fastest out there but I can’t agree with your comment at all.
    Actually I think you are an idiot who doesn’t understand much about F1.
    I am sure if Massa will finish next race in front of Alonso it will be obvious for you that Massa is way better.

  • McLarenfan

    The hulk should be in a McLaren along side Button that would be great for next season.

  • steve wright

    The perfect scenario for 2014 – Alonso to McLaren and the Hulk to Ferrari. Two Finns would be amazing and it would certainly put an end to these Alonso polemics. I really can’t stand Nando anymore.

  • bert jr

    Come on guys, that’s just a one shot fluke by Hulkenburg.
    He will fade from next week at Suzuka

  • the fan


    i enjoyed reading your rant dude! haha! classic Alonso_is_Slow post, any more of those bitter comments just because you didnt get his autograph? c’mon, i have a popcorn here and enjoying your childish comments :)

  • the fan

    the perfect scenario would be for mclaren to sign Hulkenberg and fire perez. everyone knows that perez is just a rebound from the disappointment mclaren got when lewis left them. now its time for them to make things right and get Nico. do something about that car weight limitation by all means.

  • the fan

    i was just thinking… if a fat hip ricciardo can fit in redbull’s 2014 challenger then why they didnt try to get hulkenberg instead? unless of course that idiot marko wouldnt want to AGAIN

  • Fletcher

    Funny how people think he is the second coming after only doing well the last two races. It happens all the time. It happened with DiResta when he got 4th place out of nowhere, when Bottas qualified well in Monaco now looking at them. Hulk hasn’t even got a podium yet and he should drive a Ferrari or a McLaren? Let’s get real here folks.

  • the fan

    as real as it gets, Hulkenberg is way way better than perez and there’s no one in the field that would be available for mclaren than Nico. Perez got a podium then what happened after? is he performing better? is he consistent? I dont think so. it just happened that Nico is the best available in the market right now hence mclaren should get him and dump perez

  • EazyE

    Anywhere but LOLtus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hawk

    its funny but Perez drove that Sauber better last year, unless my memory has left me. fairweather fans indeed

  • Tamburello_1994

    Talk about gratitude, Where’s the love for Felipe, Fernando?

    No good words for him trying to secure a ride next year?

  • bmendon

    “Fernando Alonso, widely acknowledged as perhaps the best driver in Formula 1 today……” Seriously? How many WDC’s does he have? What is this a fanboy article?

  • Alonso_is_slow

    @alonso lovers – please just go on, I get 1st class entertainment from your crying

    Alonso the weakest ínr 1 driver ever in F1

  • Tinto

    Grosjean and Hulkenberg will team together next year. Epic drive from both, I hope. If Renault turbo is going to work, Lotus can aim for 3rd at least. I hope :)

  • Taskmaster

    I think the Hulkenberg and Grosjean matchup would be very good for Lotus next season. However, Raikkonnen is going to be sorely missed there.

  • Burtisanidiot

    Seriously. That was the first race you’ve ever seen, wasn’t it.

    Someone keep Hulk from joining the so-called “Lotus” team. they don’t even belong in F1.

  • zapper

    That’s a load of crap saying that “Alonso wants to leave from Ferrari”…NO he doesn’t! Just stop saying this rubbish over and over again like every week! Alonso is staying at Ferrari, he loves it there and that’s all there is to it! He has said so himself like a million times already! All these other stories is nothing more than media’s figment of the imagination.

  • AlsoRan

    You can bet that if Alonso was 6 ft tall and 175 lbs
    there would be a scramble to increase the weight limitation.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “Fernando Alonso, widely acknowledged as perhaps the best driver in Formula 1 today”

    I don’t know where this stuff comes from, the media clearly have a major man-crush on Alonso for some reason. He’s clearly NOT the best driver in F1 today.

  • Ankit


    You’re such a stupid troll! Why does Alonso have to talk about all the drivers in one interview? Are you retarded or just very ignorant? Go back to the articles in the past, sometime during the Italian and Singapore GP, you’ll see that Fernando has praised Massa and wished he’d get a really good drive for next year. Also I follow him on Twitter and I can see what he posts about Felipe. Even if you’re not following him, his every post becomes a headline for you to read, so stop trolling and get your facts corrected before you comment!

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Ankit

    Do me and you a favor. When you see a post from me, Just go to the next one because I don’t post here to make you or anyone else happy. You don’t have to approve of anything I post. I could give a rats ass what you think.

    It’s obvious you’re still mad over our last encounter. My advice to you is to just avoid me unless you want some more of the same.

    We clear?

  • Ankit


    Our last encounter? To be honest I don’t even remember what we argued about, the last time. You’re the one who’s keeping these things in your head. Why would i even remember a troll as unimportant as you! I’m just respond to the comments as and when they are made. And if I don’t like something that someone’s commented about, I will show my disapproval. If you want me to stop, make me. Or you can stop posting bullsh*t altogether.

    Are we clear?

  • Ankit

    I just respond to the comments*

  • Sayee Saran

    I think hulkenberg should go back to force india because force in dia were performing much better than the other big teams until yhe tyre const. Changed!!!

  • Tamburello_1994

    Hey Skunkstool (Ankit)

    Seems you were offended by something I wrote, Ankit. So for you to say:

    “Or you can stop posting bullsh*t altogether.”

    Why don’t you make ME? You little baby. Out all the comments here you singled me out. I didn’t even say anything that critical but yet you picked me. YOU REMEMBER ME, AS*HOLE. You’re such a bullshitter and you know it.

    As you can see, I’m not going anywhere. If you’re going to chase me around you’d better pack a lunch because that’s going to be a big job. Don’t look now, But you’re already on the defensive (just like the last time)

    Unimportant? You could quit me if you tried, Ankit.

  • Ankit


    Sure! Resorting to calling stupid names is your way of dealing things. Who’s the baby now? And like the big baby that you are, you’re crying about why I picked you? lol. Hurt, are we? I’m not as jobless as you are, to pick on every single troll around here. I’m just responding to your stupid comment which made no sense at all! I hate people like you who try to spark off something that shouldn’t even be talked about in the first place. And I’ve been reading your stupid comments on other posts for quite some time now. There are other dimwits who I could pick on about their stupid comments, but there’s no point in talking to them because they will always stay that way. I thought you were a little better than those people but clearly I was wrong. Why don’t you go cry to your mommy about the fact that I picked YOU out of all the people here. Now get back to your pram and stay right there. Loser

  • xavs

    Guys, guys! It’s the car (Sauber), not the driver!

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