Mercedes denies that Brawn leaving to join Honda F1 project

Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn will hand over the reigns as Mercedes team boss to Paddy Lowe at the end of this season, if the claim by Sport Bild is to be believed, reporting that 58-year-old Briton Brawn will possibly join 2015 McLaren engine supplier Honda, however, but Niki Lauda has denied the report.

“I don’t know where this story is coming from,” Mercedes team chairman Lauda told SID news agency. “Nothing has changed.”

Lauda did, however, admit that negotiations are currently taking place, but a decision will “definitely not” be made within the current season. He said thatMercedes wants to keep Brawn on board, “but of course it’s his decision”.

Brawn was the boss of Honda’s Brackley based works team until the Japanese manufacturer pulled out of Formula 1 at the end of 2008.

Paddy Lowe with Ross Brawn

Paddy Lowe with Ross Brawn

He led a management buyout, winning the title with Jenson Button as Brawn GP in 2009 and sold the team to Mercedes at the end of the season.

Brawn GP was bought out by Mercedes-Benz in November 2009 in a deal reported to be worth $ 176-million. Brawn, the majority shareholder, remained as team principal.

He and Nick Fry kept a 24.9% share in the new team, which was then sold to Mercedes in early 2011.

Correspondents Ralf Bach and Bianca Garloff said that Brawn told Mercedes chairman Niki Lauda of his decision to leave the team, in Korea at the weekend.

Sport Bild said that Lowe’s arrival this season from McLaren was a trigger for Brawn’s decision, as well as that he did not fully support the change of structure involving Lauda and Toto Wolff. (GMM)

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  • Mercedes supporter forever

    I’m sure this is not true… I remember reading a rumor saying that he was leaving this year when Michael retired… But he said that the rumors aren’t true..

  • Taskmaster

    This crosses so many boundaries in confidentiality and competitive contractual agreements, it has to be impossible. If it were actually true, Mercedes would likely release Brawn immediately, as any further exposure to their 2014-on plans and progress would have to be cut off. Brawn to Honda seems unlikely to say the least. However, McLaren are making noise of a future “big” singning. Maybe the connection is Brawn to McLaren to replace Whitmarsh? With the idea of rebuilding in 2014 to prepare for greater competitiveness in 2015 when they move to Honda. That would lead to Brawn/Honda connection and would be less troubling to Mercedes today.

  • MightyK

    I’m going to say that if Lauda is denying this report, then it most certainly is true.

  • EazyE

    NO NO NO!!!

    Brawn HAS to go to WILLIAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brawn and no Maldonado and then MAYBE we’ll see them in the top 10 where they belong!


  • MEtoo

    +1 EazyE

    I’m with you!

    May as well move Hulk and Haug there as well!!!