Perez: One day something will happen with the tyres so we will regret it

Sergio Perez makes a pit stop to replace the nose cone damaged when a tyre blew on the McLaren

Sergio Perez makes a pit stop to replace the nose cone damaged when a tyre blew on the McLaren

McLaren driver Sergio Perez has added yet another dissenting voice to the debate about Formula 1’s controversial and apparently dangerous Pirelli tyres.

Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber in Korea slammed Pirelli for providing poor quality, heavily degrading products, but it was McLaren’s Perez who actually suffered a scary accident in the race when his tyre exploded.

“Pirelli will put the puncture of Perez down to a lock-up but the reason the drivers are locking up is because there’s no tread left,” Mark Webber had said.

As predicted, Pirelli chief Paul Hembery did blame the Perez incident on a bad lock-up, but he said that Webber was wrong to point the finger.

Sergio Perez in Korea

Sergio Perez in Korea

“There are two issues here that Mark is conflating. [Perez’s failure] was nothing to do with the delaminations earlier in the season,” Hembery told the Telegraph.

“The other issue about degradation is the same old story. We are only doing what we were asked to do, which is to create two to three stops per race.”

Perez, however, was making the link between Pirelli and compromised safety.

“At the end of the day nothing happened,” the Mexican is quoted by the AAP news agency, referring to injuries. “But one day something will happen.

“Nothing happened so after today nobody will comment on the situation, but one day something will happen so we will regret it,” said Perez. (GMM)

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  • Mercedes supporter forever

    Bernie is very stupid to hire Pirelli… Now because of him, someday something will happen to them..

  • pillio

    get rid of SUB-tires Pirellis
    Too much trouble and only good for GP2 level

    Get Michelliin back

  • Richard Piers

    Pirelli cannot be happy with their performance this year, nor should they be. They are a huge international company and should not listen to the little man and his manipulations. Perez is correct in saying that one day soon someone will get hurt or worse and the lawyers will have a field day. It is totally unnecessary that the tyres should be so marginal, there is no competition so its a manufactured situation.

  • fapper

    Bring back either Michelin or Bridgestone…

  • Bad Timer

    Pirelli is really in deep sh*t.
    Think about it, they joined F1 when bigger and wealthier tyre manufacturers (no.1 Bridgestone and no.2 Michelin) have pulled out. It is not cheap supplying those tyres to the teams. The only potential upside they wanted was a wider exposure of their brand and that’s what they got. But this time around, in a very negative way.
    Paul Hembery can keep saying they were only making those specs out of demand but wasn’t the mid-season spec change supposed to have addressed any safety-related issues?
    And realistically, who in the real world is going to fit Pirelli tyres in their pasenger cars now? I won’t. Ever.
    I say bring back the real big boys like Bridgestone or Michelin too.

  • Rt

    Goodyear EAGLE F1

  • Fletcher

    Memo to drivers before the race: If you lock up your tyres there is a possibility your tyre will explode. That’s basically what he is saying and the drivers are suppoe to think What?
    Tyres need to be safe first and foremost.

  • shadowman8882

    No matter what, one of the main features
    any tyre manufacturer has to provide is
    SAFETY. If they cannot, then they should
    be immediately scrapped.

    What is FIA thinking?
    Waiting for someone to really get hurt….