Hamilton: Vettel has already won the championship and I feel for the fans

Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton

Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton fears that Sebastian Vettel’s winning streak and dominance is becoming as much of a television turnoff for Formula 1 fans as Michael Schumacher’s relentless success was a decade ago.

Red Bull‘s Vettel is on the brink of a fourth successive title after winning Sunday’s Korean Grand Prix from pole position.

His fourth victory in a row gave the 26-year old German a lead of 77 points over Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso, with five races remaining. If Vettel wins in Japan on Sunday, and the Spaniard is ninth or lower, it is game over.

“He has won already,” Hamilton, who was fifth for Mercedes at Yeongam on Sunday, told British reporters. “Unless he doesn’t finish the rest of the races, and even if he doesn’t he has probably still won it.

“Personally I feel for the fans because I remember the period of time when Michael Schumacher was winning,” added the Briton.

Michael Schumacher during the height of his F1 winning streak

Michael Schumacher during the height of his F1 winning streak

“I remember waking up in the morning to watch the start of the race and then going to sleep, and then waking up when it ended because I already knew what would happen. I am pretty sure a lot of people were doing that today.”

Hamilton, the 2008 champion, has won once this season, in Hungary, but Vettel has taken eight of the 14 races and is on course for his most dominant season since 2011.

That year he also triumphed in Suzuka with four races to spare and went on to end the season with 11 victories, a number only Schumacher, with 13 in 2004, has exceeded.

Seven-time champion Schumacher, who won fives titles in a row for Ferrari between 2000 and 2004, also won 11 times in 2002 and racked up seven successive wins in 2004.

While fans in Germany and Italy always wanted Schumacher and Ferrari to win, there were many others who craved for more excitement and an end to what some sections of the media referred to as ‘Formula Yawn’.

Sebastian Vettel pays homage to his red Bull RB9 after winning his eighth race of 2013 in Korea

Sebastian Vettel pays homage to his red Bull RB9 after winning his eighth race of 2013 in Korea

The race in Korea was deceptive, starting off with all the hallmarks of yet another familiar Vettel pole-to-flag victory parade but then exploding into something much more entertaining for the neutrals.

Peeling tyres, two Safety Car periods and the bizarre sight of a fire vehicle leading the field after Mark Webber’s Red Bull went up in flames made it something worth setting the alarm for.

Suzuka next will be another early start for European fans, with the added thrill of it being a potential title decider.

Vettel won in Japan last year, as well as the following round in India. The only one of the remaining races that he has not previously won is the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, which made its debut last year with Hamilton winning for McLaren.

A record run of wins could be on the cards but Vettel said, as ever, that he was taking nothing for granted and focusing on one race at a time.

“I’m trying not to think about it, to be honest,” he said when asked about a fourth title. “Even though it looks very good, it’s still not over so we shouldn’t feel too comfortable.

“Japan is one of the highlights in the year but regarding the championship, I think our target is to win the championship and not to win it in one place in particular.” (Reuters)

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  • Tinto

    He feels for the fans…he feels only for himself me think.

    Korea was a reality check for him, any other not ‘high calibre’ driver as self proclaimed, can beat him fair and square and that was pure performance and brevery from Hulk

    Hulk smoking and dusting for 20 laps Lewis and Alonso in Korea, and Vettel dog-eat-dog fight with Mark in Malayesia are by far the best races of the year.

  • Adriana

    what Mr. not brains Hamilton doesn’t understand is that , to have the success that Vettel and RBR has , is the combination of machine and driver ( Webber doesn’t have the same success in the same car! ) , Vettel is the best driver for that Red Bull , and IMO Hamilton or Alonso would not be as successful as Vettel is , if they were driving the same Red Bull .

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Red Bull favor Vettel massively, which makes him better that Webber. Plus he is 17kg lighter, which matters heaps for ballast,

  • JD

    Lewis has failed to finish any higher than 4th in the WDC since back in 2008. Perhaps you shold focus on being more competitive if you want the sport to be more interesting.

  • JG

    He would not make this comments if he was the one always winning… sour grapes if you ask me…

  • bmendon

    “Red Bull favor Vettel massively, which makes him better that Webber.” Huh? Last time I looked they are driving the same car with the same resources. One driver can consistently qualify at the front and have good starts. The other driver seems to fall apart in qualifying or he just can’t get off the line during the start. As for Lewis, he should be asking his factory team with all of their resources why they can’t build a better car.

  • Taskmaster

    Hamilton’s multi-million dollar agents and PR team have him planting comments like this to create negative responses and vibe against Vettel and Red Bull. It’s all designed to draw out the dweebs claiming Red Bull cheats, Weber handicapping, and other poisonous trash that comes from those that fall for this style of marketing. The goal is to brand Hamilton for merchandise sales beyond F1, to keep him alive as a source of income to himself and those using him. Success today is now a negative, exposing those winning to the unwarranted and undeserved visceral attacks through social media. Now we have marketing agencies tapping into that to elevate lesser players above the winners – it’s sick, it’s sad, and it’s disgusting. Can you imagine how much trash talk there would have been in these outlets when Senna, Clark, Stewart, Lauda and Fangio were stomping the competition in their day? Thank heaven they were blessed with existing before the age of social media and the marketers who exploit the fools who fall for their antics.

  • Izham

    So you freaks want Vettel to hit the brake pedal during the straight line or what? Just like Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Usain Bolt, Marc Marquez…..they are dominant in what they do because they are good at it. Your can’t simply ask Manuel Neuer to concede all goals when other teams are whining that Bayern Munich is dominant in Bundesliga. Other team or other people have to improve all the times instead of whining all the way. I used to hate Vettel due to his childish behaviour, now the seniors are becoming babies…wtf. Btw I am not the fan of Vettel, Redbul Racing, Manchester United or Bayern Munich.

  • R

    Red Bull Cheats – “red bull favor vettel massively.”

    Just like merc. favors Lewis.

    How quickly you forget that both seb and mark have ignored team orders and gone after the other.

  • Boycotthehaters

    Mercedes favor Hamilton a lot more massively than Red Bull favor Vettel.

  • Nj

    I think hami is jealous_ he says he dont want to win like vettel,sour grape,hami is not going to win any title

  • Hawk

    Retardfest just
    So do you prefer Hamilton feels jealous and keeps quiet like other drivers are doing (apart frm Mark and Alonso) OR
    do you prefer he doesn’t feel jealous at all? Dimwit retards

  • EazyE

    Poor widdle Wewis… soooooo jealwous. Poor baby, cry me a river!

    Too bad you were such a douche at Mclaren that RBR wouldn’t hire you! Suck it up and pray for next year!

  • my racing career

    i also feel bad for us fans. since red bull successfully lobbied for new tires, vettel is unbeatabull :-)

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  • sun

    Stop crying……
    They beat you for 4 years now.
    Accept it, buck up and challenge them next year. Considering the new rules, it will be a level playing field for everyone.
    Kudos to red bull and vettel for being the best out there.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @R, Vettel’s car was accelerating 20m earlier than every one else in Singapore. Including his team mate. Minardi said the exhaust note on Vettel’s car was different to every one else. Plenty of other evidence of Red Bull favoritism. Nothing like that happens at Merc. Hamilton was leading into the first corner in Monaco and he backed off to let Nico win.

  • Tinto

    Red Bull Cheats: Mate, a humble question… What is the background that makes you “acclaim” so vigurously?

    Associating 20 m…, Minardi?, Plenty of… the ‘clean’ black helmet’ testers Mercedes and twitter boy as a moral to denigrate the Bulls, man, that is wrong from all standpoints, including semantic, ethics and so on.

    High tech engineering requires many years of hard wook, studies, immense tallent, lots of money, that helps RB cars to be so powerful. Newey will be an average designer with Mark’s car results. It is Vettel that makes the difference bringing glory to RB, himself and Newey as well.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “Vettel’s car was accelerating 20m earlier than every one else in Singapore. Including his team mate.”

    Sounds like Vettel is more highly skilled than his team mate, or any of the other drivers. That should be obvious by now.

  • batracer.com

    myracingcareer is soooooo lame!!!

    (check out batracer.com/-1FrontPage.htm?Q5h

    it’s totally addictive! :)

  • AlsoRan

    Not sure why you feel fans would be turned off at Vettel’s
    There are 21 other drivers that put on an excellent show at
    the Korean G.P.

  • Nj

    Hami says he does not hav a fast car. But when he is at mclaren he had a gud car but he didnt use it like what alonso did in a ferrari, now he want the bull

  • SteveO

    Lewis is soooo jealous. /story

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Hamilton could have been champion in 2010 by not crashing in Monza. Maybe he should look in the mirror first.

  • hillside

    LH should been a multiple champion by now like his idol Seb, its just his diva attitude took over

  • Raz

    Lewis just shut up and drive! And get the stupid earin off!