Di Resta admits future at Force India and even in F1 uncertain

Paul di Resta

Paul di Resta

Paul di Resta has admitted that his future in Formula 1 is uncertain, after a series of bad results and the issue of driver weight looming next season.

Since debuting for Force India in 2011, the 27-year-old Scot has been pushing for a move to a bigger team.

But he may now be facing a challenge simply to stay on the grid, a goal not helped by crashing out of Sunday’s Korean Grand Prix.

It was the latest in a sequence of driver errors for di Resta, who has struggled particularly after Pirelli’s mid-season tyre construction change.

“I’ll hold my hands up, it’s me who has made the mistake. I apologise to the team,” he told reporters in Korea.

Not only that, but with the move to heavier engines in 2014, tall drivers like di Resta are suddenly even less attractive to teams trying to field cars under the minimum weight.

“It is a concern for a driver like me,” said di Resta.

Asked about his chance of simply staying at Force India next year, he admitted: “It’s a bit of a waiting game.”

Deputy team boss Bob Fernley told Speed Week: “The driver question is not in my hands.

“It’s up to Vijay Mallya and the shareholders. We will sit down in peace after the Indian Grand Prix and talk about the drivers for 2014,” he added.

Meanwhile, di Resta’s famous U.S. based cousin Dario Franchitti broke two vertebrae, and an ankle and suffered a concussion in a huge Indycar crash in Houston on Sunday. (GMM)

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  • Tamburello_1994

    Franchitti was lucky. That had shades of Jeff Krosnoff Toronto crash many years back.

    Anytime a car goes into the catch fencing at highspeed is never a good thing. He dodged a big bullet.

    As for Di Resta, He’s never really impressed me at this level. Nico f’ing Hulkenberg is at least making due at Sauber – and getting noticed with some good results. I can’t remember anything Di Resta has done on track that stands out. F.I. has also perplexed me this year. I thought this team would be fighting a little further up the grid at this point. But where Paul would go if not with F.I?

    Paul di Resta: I see Indycars in your future. . . . . .

  • its about time

    Its about time this whining chop is shown the door. bye bye Mr it is not me with bad races and its was all me only with good races. British media couldnt even propaganda you up the grid. Thats how average you are. Go back to DTM.

  • Adriana

    Another arrogant driver , just like Hamilton , they think ( ? ) they are the best , but the results speaks different .

  • gilgen

    Di Resta just is not good enough! But this week was a first…he actually blamed himself for stuffing it up. Normally blames the team. I cannot see any team wanting to take on the grump.

  • The Pessimist

    Ahh!! The truth about Paul di Resta’s talent is finally out which is he’s not good enough to be in Formula one…bye bye Paul see you in Indy or Champ cars next year mate…Welcome back to F1 Kamui.

  • Hawk

    You are funny yet annoying at the same time

  • EazyE

    Give Fat Pablo Mctoya our regards when you are in Indycar next year, will you? :P

    Also, take Sutil with you… he’s even more useless!

  • my racing career

    he started out strong but this year is not his season. maybe a second chance. if not they should observe if hulkenberg can get a place, if not, sign hulk

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    it’s totally addictive! :)

  • SteveO

    Fat Pablo Mctoya!!! LOLOLOLOL

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Hawk

    I appreciate that, I think . . . . .

    Peace brother!

  • MightyK


    I was at the race you mentioned re: Jeff Krosnoff. Needless to say, very sad.

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Mighty K

    Agreed. I was watching the race live on television and immediately pick up the phone, called a friend to tell him I just watched someone die on national TV. I didn’t find out about the the race worker until later. Real sad. One of the worst crashes I’ve ever seen – Gordon Smiley 1982 Indy crash being the worst.