Boullier: I think Grosjean can be even better next year

Eric Boullier with Romain Grosjean

Eric Boullier with Romain Grosjean

In the wake of a good showing at the Korean Grand Prix, Romain Grosjean will almost certainly keep his place at Lotus beyond this season, with team principal Eric Boullier predicting that the Frenchman will only get better.

Grosjean, however, had to be reminded to show his always-present smile on the podium in Korea, after a team orders dispute with his bosses.

Grosjean, who has struggled at times in the last two seasons, had outclassed his highly-rated teammate Kimi Raikkonen in Korea, and was set to finish second behind Sebastian Vettel.

But he made a mistake at the Safety Car restart, handing second place to the Ferrari-bound Finn.

Team boss Eric Boullier revealed Grosjean “begged for some team orders” to be handed the place back, but was not given the answer he was hoping for.

Romain Grosjean during the Korean GP

Romain Grosjean during the Korean GP

However, although it was Raikkonen who ultimately delivered the higher finishing place, Boullier told France’s RMC: “I want to especially acknowledge Romain, who [had] an outstanding weekend.”

Despite  events in Korea, he insisted that Raikkonen is not receiving preferential treatment, even though the Finn is mathematically still in the hunt for the drivers’ title.

“There is no number one and number two,” Boullier said. “Romain is free to race.”

Told that Grosjean appears to have calmed down in recent months and is on a run of good form, Boullier agreed: “He is very serene.”

“It has been six races in a row now that he is on the same level as his teammate, so he really is there,” said the Frenchman, who also doubles as Grosjean’s manager.

Asked if Grosjean still needs to prove himself in order to secure his seat for 2014, Boullier answered: “Obviously, if he continues like this, there is nothing [for him to prove]. I think he can be even better next year,” he added. (GMM)

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  • michaelmacarthurinMaine

    Who knows. he’s young still and out from under Kimis shadow he might get better and better. On another note, Wishing Dario a fast recovery from his accident in Houston.

  • Flipside

    IF Romain had overtaken Kimi and finished 2nd in Korea; I can only imagine the headline…

    Boullier: Grosjean is already better than Raikkonen

    But we all know Boullier is only saying Romain can be better next year to please his potential sponsors. Fact is, he has lost his biggest asset in Kimi.

    Just sign Massa already. We know you are impressed with The Incredible Hulk but you need those Brazilian funding…

  • Tamburello_1994

    Well put and 100 percent true, Flipside.

  • Tinto

    Romain and Hulk will pair next year, roumors in Korea.

  • my racing career

    he was great during last 2 seasons. if he can reduce accidents even more and become more constant, he will improve.
    they should get hulkenberg or sutil too, but i guess it is going to be a driver with a lot of sponsor money

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  • Kimi4WDC

    They better hope he is better this year, cause looking at the points difference between Romain and Kimi this and last season, it doesn’t look good.


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    it’s totally addictive! :)