Hamilton claims Alonso is the best, not Vettel

Lewis Hamilton with Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso on the Canadian GP podium

Lewis Hamilton with Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso on the Canadian GP podium

He is on the cusp of an ultra-rare fourth consecutive Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championship, but Sebastian Vettel is not the best driver in the Formula 1 field, claims Lewis Hamilton, who has said that his former McLaren teammate, Fernando Alonso, is better than the German.

“Fernando is the strongest driver I’ve raced against in my life,” the Briton told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

As for Vettel, Hamilton added: “He is not unbeatable; his car is unbeatable.”

But Hamilton, the 2008 World Champion who now drives for Mercedes, said that Red Bull‘s Vettel will surely win the 2013 title.

“When I see him on Sunday before the start of the drivers’ parade, I’ll probably congratulate him,” he said. (GMM.)

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  • Colin

    Not so sure about that Lewis! Vettel has consistently beaten Mark Webber in the same machinery and Mark is no pushover. Time will tell, but I would bet on Vettel beating Alonso if he went to Ferrari so let’s all hope he does go to Ferrari and then the accusations of “he has the best car” might stop. After all he is a four times World Champion

  • marina

    “Fernando is the strongest driver I’ve raced against in my life,” the Briton told ….
    You are right Lewis!
    He is the one you are racing against.
    Sebastian is out of your overrated arrogant world!

  • famer

    This is not sour grapes. This is a meaningful fact. The car is amazing no doubt about it. Two decades ago, 1993, we had the same situation. Adrian Newey design Williams Renault, Alain Prost, fourth title, arguably the best car that was every built- in my opinion. Active Suspension and Traction Control. Fast forward 2013. Red Bull Renault, unbelieveable machine without all that driver aids. The best drivers on the current grid is 1. ALONSO 2. KIMI 3. LEWIS 4. VETTEL. 5. ROSBERG.

  • Adriana

    Fernando is the best and because I have overcome Fernando sometimes I’m the best. that arrogant and petulant guy. the good thing is that every Vettel win is like a dagger that seb. sticks in his ego . This idiot can be the fastest driver actually , but he is far for been the best . he still is one win away from his partner and mediocre Button was right there with him.

  • Kimiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    What a arrogant little shit he is. “Fernando is the strongest driver I’ve raced against in my life”. You only say that because you know you can’t beat Vettel, Kimi. And you woldn’t beat Alonso today because you’re a arrogant twat.

  • famer

    @Marina, you sound like a person who started watching Formula 1 from 2008 or 2009. Tell me this is not true. Formula one started to become alive in 2005 – 2008. 2009, it just started to become flat with the occasional few races exciting enough to keep on watching. 2013 season is done and dusted. I assume you not a Hamilton fan.

  • JJ

    It looks like there is a secret love story between Lewis and Fernando. Earlier he said he has 6kg balls so maybe it’s time they get a room?

  • marina


    It is a typical case of reality misperception.
    Actually he can’t tell the real weight of his own nuts, so how can we expect him to see what is really going on around him?

  • Somebody

    We will see what Vettel is able to do once RBR will not be the best car anymore.

  • backmarker

    calculate this: Nurburgring 2013 – Kimi pits and takes some 2=3 laps old super-softs and Alonso also pits and takes new super-softs.Both of them are following Vettel.Alonso trashes his tires after about 5 laps and takes himself out of contention while Kimi is hunting down Vettel to the finish line. But we’ll see next year…if Alonso will not gonna run away to McLaren.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Lame bullshit. Vettel can anybody with a car that allows for no more than 3rd places in any championship by Webber. Not even second!

    Definitely not an unbeatable car. Only unbeatable with Vettel.

  • Taskmaster

    The difference between Vettel, Raikkonnen, Alonso and Hamilton is nearly non existent. This is a rare moment in F1 that we have 4 outstanding drivers, not to take anything away from Rosberg, diResta, Hulkenberg, and Perez hot on their heels. This puts the emphasis on cars. I believe that if you started each race by shuffling the driver deck, Vettel would do as well in the Ferrari and Mercedes or Lotus as the others do. This would apply equally to the others as well. However, there is a synergy between Vettel, Red Bull the team, and Newey, that would not be as strong with the others in the same seat at this moment in time. Alonso, Hamilton and Raikonnen would do well with the Red Bull, but not likely as well as Vettel has. This is very similar to the relationship and success at McLaren with Senna in the seat. Unbeatable car for 5 years, with an outstanding driver, with a synergy that made the pairing legandary. Red Bull is that team now, Vettel is that driver, with a far more restrictive environment. Hamilton is his own worst enemy, his love note for Alonso is irrelevant, and just an indication of just how far Vettel has got under his skin.

  • Hawk

    Did u say DiResta, Perez? Or is it parallax on my part?

  • knowledge

    Some stupid comments in the section below.
    These are the people that just don´t understand what bloodline Newey has created.

    And Mark no pushover? lol he´s checked out before the season even started.
    Can´t make starts to save his life and has mysterious KERS issues all the time.

    Vettel got spanked silly in F3 by Paul di Resta in equal machinery.
    He shines because the car is superior.

  • Mash29

    If Lewis had a different personality he’d be without doubt the one to beat. For now the best thing he could do is keep his mouth shut. I don’t think there are that many drivers who can perform on Sebastian’s level no matter how good the car is.

  • Lewis B

    My view is, hamilton is clearly rapid, but hes big headed, alonso is class, but massa hasnt been the same since his accident, kimi doesnt have a great teamate and will lose to alonso next year, vettel does have the best car, but he whoops webber all the time, button is a neg head, it seems ham is a bit quicker than schu, but schumacher at 43 getting pole against rosberg at monaco where hamilton didnt, fair enough new car for ham, but schuey was 43!! if he was all the others age, schuey would do the lot of them, looking forward to seeing what they are all doing at 43

  • Taskmaster

    DiResta spanked Vettel silly in F3? Really? In 2006, DiResta had 5 wins, 1 pole, finished 1st in Euro F3. Vettel completed the same 20 races, won 4, 1 pole, finished 2nd, 11 points off – they both stood on the podium 9 times that year. At that time, Vettel was also test driver at Sauber as well. Meanwhile in 2005 DiResta finished 10th in Euro F3, Vettel 5th, with 6 podiums to DiResta’s 1. I am not seeing a “serious spanking here”, just close F3 competition. Then in 2007 Vettel, in his first F1 race, finished high enough to take home 6 points in the BMW/Sauber (no Newey there), then captured his first win in 2008 in an STR, then 2nd in the WDC in 2009, and you all know the rest. If you are going to really slam someone, pick topics that are not easily verified on the inter-web, it just dilutes the strength of the poisonous commentary, sort of like bringing 3.0 beer in a whiskey drinking party. That’s why the truly successful Vettel bashers make stuff up that is completely un-provable and unverifiable.

  • absolude

    F1 did not come alive in 2005. A tailor made rule change is not a proper move for reviving a sport.
    It was obvious at the time the changes were made to help Renault/Alonso. And that is the only reason he’s ever won championships.

  • bob

    vettels red bull has way more speed than anyone elses including webbers. Do you see the massive margins his car builds up when he starts from the front and his car allows him to build up a large lead.?

  • ALL4IT

    Vettel got the fastest car and no doubt he is a good qualifier, he uses RBx effectively, he also good at start, this already earned him half the win on the weekend, since he got these TWO AREAS PERFECTED, with a car that’s already fast and ‘IN CLEAN AIR’ a win is almost certain unless he or the crew did something stupid. that’s all his wins have been in this scenario, his tyres would always be in better condition when he’s in CLEAR AIR, anyone else who have to chase or fighting for position behind…will do Vettel a big favor for ruining their tyres fighting…by then he already has a sizable gap, 8 out of 10 of his wins he doesn’t have to fight at all in this scenario, A CAPABLE CAR AND A GOOD QUALIFIER, Vettel so far has proved to drive fast and just don’t do anything stupid, there is little fight frankly, in this sense Vettel the best? NOT & HARDLY!. only if he ever in a inconsistence car like 2013 Merc. or Lotus or Ferrari, then people will be convinced, will only go as far as above average driver and can’t argue with his confidence and experiences gain as he grows, the last 3 titles has proved not much frankly, quantity yes quality not so much…and please don’t bring Webber in here, he’s in his twilight years and when you’re old you’re old and lack motivation…it’s hard. even Schumacher won’t do any good in a RBR either.

  • ALL4IT

    @Taskmaster much agreed with Taskmaster, that kind of synergy or combination or whatever words similar in that sense is hard to beat, if Newey and Vettel not in the same team, Newey will still successful with Alonso or Ham or Kimi as drivers, even Webber is doing well but he’s out of the equation in this Best or Great comparison, Vettel alone will never achieve what he has achieved right now but he definitely be a title holder that is for sure but not much in the category of best or great NOT!. even with almost certain 4th titles, it looks like half the population will not convinced him to be either best or great. bash or not bash it just the population’s view.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Careful Lewie old boy, Your jealousy is showing.

  • ken

    vettel has to be the most arrogant twat on this planet lewis is right

  • Niki Lousy

    I think Lewis is right, Alonso is the best driver on the field, and Lewis is the next best, then Vettel. Vettel is the king of qualifying, and keeping speed in the corners..fighting side by side is not his strong suit. Put Alonso in the Red Bull and Vettel in the Ferrari and Vettel would not be winning this championship, Alonso would. Mind you Seb is a brilliant driver, loads of natural ability, but he is not the full package like Alonso is, but in time he will get there. Mark Vs Seb, well sorry folks but regardless of what anyone says their cars are NOT the same. This becomes perfectly obvious when the two fight it out on a straight line. Marks car is compromised in some way, in which way..we may never know. But you can be sure Seb had stipulations in his contract from 2011 that he would get the go fast bits. Personally I think Marks KERS produces less torque than Sebs.. just my 0.02cents worth

  • Niki Lousy


    Spot on buddy! You nailed it, couldn’t agree any more!

  • reyzo gracie

    It’s silly when someone said Vettel has the same car with Webber. I think Lewis is right that Alonso is the best today with both of Kimi and himself are slightly behind. Then you have Vettel outside them. It is easy to prove this. Just imagine if Vettel drive Ferrari or anything but Red Bull, he will struggle equally as hard as the others. Vettel is good. He’s not bad. But, he won’t dominate the F1 nowadays without his current Red Bull car.
    I think the greatest man in F1 today is nobody but Adrian Newey. He’s been the Kingmaker, the mastermind for years. He’s the man!

  • Ed

    I think the fact of the matter is that until we have a repeat of 2007 (with Alonso and Hamilton in same team) with Vettel and either Alonso, Hamilton or Raikkonen as a team mate, these accusations of machine > man when it comes to Seb are not going to go away.

    I was personally gutted when the rumours of Alonso to Red Bull amounted to nothing. It would have not only done the sport so much good but it would also have answered the question of how good Vettel really is.

    My personal opinion is that Alonso, Hamilton and Raikkonen are better all round drivers than Vettel, but that is just an opinion.

  • Manas

    Lewis is right,The business is between him and alonso.they are the best but victims of a bad era in which undeserved world champions are ruling.time will prove how ordinary vettel is.put him in an equal machinery along side with lewis or fernando.lets hope it will happen one day. .

  • fools



  • Margout

    Vettel is a humble person, without flirty publicity, not a celebrity…. 20 years old in 2008 @Monza with mediocre team TORRO ROSSO was Pole Position and drank champagne as a WINNER… Since then Im sure he would be a great winner.

  • MassaBoy

    “I was suffering a lot with Alonso. He is too complete. Michael was also very talented and complete, but maybe Alonso is even more complete”. Don’t even get me started who said the statement. Even F1’s greatest with 91 wins said Alonso is the best. I will not debate any further, everyone have their own opinions and says. As for my own opinion, F1’s current BEST:
    1. Fernando Alonso
    2. Kimi Raikkonen
    3. Lewis Hamilton
    4. Sebastian Vettel

  • SilverAlonso

    Right you are Lewis. Spot on!
    Seb is good but he is not the best that’s for sure.
    Mark isn’t the worst driver on the grid and yet he cannot even come close to Seb. They have the same car but Seb seems to have just that extra piece, something which is capable of making the car 2+ seconds faster in the Singapore Grand Prix. Then RB use less of this extra piece in Korea to avoid suspicion. I’m just waiting for Fernando to actually win the title, it’s not impossible. Only then will Lewis’s statement knock some reality into Vettel supporters just cos he’s winning all the time. We’ll watch when he loses. Mark my words he will lose, I want to see his reaction when he loses it’ll be so awesome. Go Fernando!!!

  • David Flak

    If Adrian Newey, the genius that he is, leaves Red Bull Vettel will panic. Vettel has proven nothing more than Red Bull have produced an amazing machine, much the same as JB did with Brawn. I am a huge Button fan but without that car he may never have won the DWC. New engines next year will make it interesting, but I guarantee that if you switched Vettel with Di Resta, Pic or Bottas, the cars position would not matter. I also think that Red Bull have developed a reaction control aid. Much like Benetton did in the 90s. Not breaking regulations but flirting with them definitely

  • JOhnnyJOhnnyJJ

    Vettel is special but those who disparage Lewis are stupid.

    In 2012 Lewis’s car blew up at every opportunity it could – without that he probably would have beaten Vettel to the title.

    In the same year Alonso hustled a pig to within a whisker, which say something about his talents.

    Vettel managed to win despite spinning his car on the first lap in Brazil, and he did that through brains and calculation – something important for an F1 driver and maybe one area where he does edge Lewis.

    We have 3 immense drivers in F1 right now. One of them has a better car than the other 2, but it’s still exciting.

    For Vettel to shut the naysayers up he’ll probably have to win somewhere without Newey and Red Bull.

    I wouldn’t bet against it….

  • chris

    alonso is the best driver