Grand Prix 247 reaches 200 000 unique visitors milestone

Grand Prix 247 Google Analytics as of 5 October 2013

Grand Prix 247 Google Analytics as of 5 October 2013

Every now and then we like to brag about our achievements, and the time has come to boast about reaching the fact that 200 992 unique visitors were attracted to our website.

A couple of months ago we morphed from to Grand Prix 247 while upping the content and aggressively pursuing stories that interest real Formula 1 fans.

The resultant growth in readers provides inspiration for our small team to continue this philosophy of satisfying our readers’ need to know more than the superficial F1 news (which most carry) and pursue in-depth coverage aggressively.

The figures show that over the past month the 200 000 plus unique visitors read over one million pages and of those 64.5% were our regular readers, while a further 35.5% were new readers. We have more than doubled our readership in the space of a single year.

Compared to the top guns we are still minnows, but growing in stature and for that we thank our readers whom we hope to continue to satisfy as long as Formula 1 is around.

Now the target is half a million unique readers…help us to spread the word!




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