Alonso slams latest return to McLaren reports

Fernando Alonso was a McLaren driver in 2007

Fernando Alonso was a McLaren driver in 2007

Fernando Alonso has slammed latest reports speculating that a move to McLaren for 2014 is still a possibility for the Spaniard.

Some Italian journalists, as well as British broadcaster Sky, said that despite the initial speculation having faded in recent weeks, Alonso’s departure from Ferrari to re-join his 2007 employer McLaren is still on the cards.

“If Alonso was free, we would still be interested,” Germany’s Auto Motor Sport quoted McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh as saying in Korea.

Alonso, however, hit back at the latest reports, “People write what they want. I can’t do any more than say that I am staying at Ferrari.” (GMM)

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  • Anne Elk

    Of course the little sneak won’t admit he’s looking everywhere for a new drive. His boss, Luca, just wouldn’t like that at all. Particularly after the way Ferrari went out on a limb to get him in the first place, dumping Raikonnen to get him, the master of hyperbole, misdirection, and subterfuge.

    If he’s really the best, then he should simply tell the Ferrari organization, “Look, no matter what you do it will never be enough for me. I need a team who wants to win!” and let the chips fall where they may.

    But of course the sneaky weasel won’t do that. Yeah, this guy is real samurai material, no doubt about it–HAH!