Surer: Team switch would stop Vettel booing

Marc Surer

Marc Surer

World Champion Sebastian Vettel can stop the booing if he just proves his talent – so far doubted by only a few, hardened cynics, outside the Red Bull cockpit, which has been the dominant car for the past four years.

That is the advice of admirer Marc Surer, a former grand prix driver who now commentates for the German broadcaster Sky.

“He has the speed, the consistency and always gets the most out of it,” Swiss Surer said in Korea.

“In my opinion that’s what distinguishes him from Fernando Alonso, who sometimes falters in qualifying, or Lewis Hamilton, who is too inconsistent.”

Recent booing, however, has taken the shine off Vettel’s recent success, including a hat-trick of increasingly dominant wins at Spa, Monza and Singapore.

“For him, a change would be good,” said Surer.

“He would finally get rid of the perception that he can only win in a Red Bull, and the boos would fall silent.”

Many paddock dwellers believe that the booing is simply the result of fans’ frustration that Vettel is now cruising to a fourth-consecutive title victory.

Surer agreed the 26-year-old is the obvious favourite in Korea.

“Actually, only the tyres can stop him,” he said. “We have even softer tyres here than last year, when they were absolutely critical in the end.

“If that happens again, we have seen before that other teams like Ferrari and Lotus can handle the situation better,” added Surer. (GMM.)

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  • Donna

    “For him , a change would be good”. That is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. Vettel was part of the young drivers’ program, has been with the team for a very long time, has fostered a great (and winning) relationship with the team and helped them (and himself) to 3 consecutive world titles. Who cares if people boo him? I wouldn’t if I was on a winning streak such as his. I think he simply loves what he does & is comfortable with RBR. Red Bull is a team with loads of money and, yet, Vettel makes less money than Alonso & Hamilton. And he has no manager talking for him. I think it’s safe to say that he’s quite confident with his current situation. Booing or no booing.