Pirelli wants Formula 1 sole tyre supply deal for five more years

Bernie Ecclestone with Paul Hembery

Bernie Ecclestone with Paul Hembery

Pirelli plans to be Formula 1’s sole tyre supplier for the next five years but a new contract with the governing FIA has yet to be signed, the Italian company’s motorsport director Paul Hembery said on Friday.

The International Automobile Federation said last week that Pirelli, whose existing contract expires at the end of the season, could continue through a “transition period” before any eventual tender.

It gave no time period but Hembery told reporters at the Korean Grand Prix that “we are working on five years.”

Pirelli has agreements with the 11 teams and commercial rights holder but Hembery said that the final contract with the FIA could take some time to complete.

“Bear in mind that when we came into the sport [in 2011] it [the initial contract] wasn’t signed until February of the year in which we started racing. There are meetings still going on,” said the Briton.

“Unfortunately. When you’ve got lots of different groups involved and lots of different lawyers there’s lots of details but the principles are all working.” (GMM.)

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  • Giant E

    Too bad the teams and fans want anything BUT five more years of Pirelli.

  • Boycottthebull

    Put you money on the table Pirelli. Jean Turd of the FIA is just out for a bigger slice of the pie. Offer him the big bucks and he will give you your 5 years. The whole tender process in the new concord agreement its just about the FIA making a windfall. For years they have been jealous Billionaire Bernie getting it all now they want a bigger slice of cake. The teams dont get anything of course even though they provide all the action and spectacle. Pay drivers are a direct result of the FIA and Bernie pocketing all the profits and sharing nothing.

  • Douglas Grenfell

    Why doesnt the FIA go the wholehog, they have decreed that engines and gearboxes have to do a certain number of races and that the cars start the race with all the fuel needed to finish the race, final part in the puzzle, finish the race with the same tyre they started on, one set of tyres for the entire race, only reason for a tyre change being a puncture. That way the tyres being developed by either Pirelli or another supplier will have more relevance to road tyres. Afterall that is the claimed reasoning for the regulation changes, to aid in the development of more efficient road cars, so why allow two or three changes of tyres in a 2 hour race. So whats the problem?

  • Steve

    2005 sucked. That’s the problem. And also this “standardisation” of F1 will be it’s downfall. Only ignorant children like the modern formula because they have no comparision… just read boycotts comments for proof of dellusional f1 “fans”.