Whiting: Vettel’s car complies with the regulations, there are no irregularities

Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull RB9 is taken into scrutineering during the Canadian GP weekend

Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull RB9 in scrutineering during the Canadian GP weekend

The FIA are supporting Sebastian Vettel amid recent claims he is strolling towards the 2013 Formula 1 World Championship title with a Red Bull car that may be transgressing the rules.

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko has already dismissed claims that the RB9 is mimicking illegal traction control as “utter nonsense”.

But ex Formula 1 team owner Giancarlo Minardi had said that he saw and heard evidence with his own eyes and ears recently in Singapore, when Vettel was putting down the power 50 metres earlier than his rivals, while the Renault engine emitted traction control-like tones.

However, Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting has told Sport Bild: “[FIA technical delegate] Jo Bauer has found no irregularities. Everything is under our control, and Vettel’s car complies with the regulations.”

Sebastian Vettel with  Charlie Whiting

Sebastian Vettel with Charlie Whiting

Meanwhile, according to Bild newspaper, Red Bull’s determination to dominate Formula 1 can be seen in the team’s new € 100 000 jack.

The jack is reportedly designed to automatically lower the car once it detects that all four wheels have been secured during a pitstop.

Bild said that Red Bull’s powerful rivals including Ferrari and Mercedes are now working on similar systems.

Force India team manager Andy Stevenson is quoted as arguing that the innovation should be banned.

“If no one has it, everyone’s pitstop will be half a second slower. So who cares?” he said. (GMM)

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  • GoldLeaf

    Two thoughts:

    1.) If Vettel’s engine mapping is illegal, I have zero confidence that it would be detectable under any conditions except race conditions. It’s all in the software, and only a software engineer with full access to Red Bull’s software would have a chance to find any infraction, and the software that’s in the system one second can be changed before the next tick of the proverbial stopwatch.

    2.) Force India is correct. This is a clear example of how F1 fails to enforce any sort of cost-containing measures. This jack technology seems ridiculous on its face, has no application in any practical road car, and will surely result in carnage in the pits the first time it fails.

  • Tamburello_1994

    I seriously doubt the head of the governing body of the sport coming out with this statement will do anything to quell the conspiracy theorist out there. The goalpost for Vettel will be moved once more, To be sure.

  • KC

    This was a bullshit story right from the start and this site should be ashamed to have pushed it.

  • Spartacus

    I’d be more interested in investigating Alonso’s launch control system. Ferrari are doing something unique to give them control over wheel spin on the start and also during the race.

    They’ve certainly got some sort of traction control to firstly give Alonso a chance to jump several places at the start (name how many races he’s done that this year) and better tyre management during the race.

  • egnat69


    1.) the standard ECU was introduced so the FIA can have access to the mapping software at all times with their own software engineers checking it.

    2.) Force India has no point here imho… RBR, Ferrari and Merc are or will be using this system… McLaren decided against it as did the other teams… 0.5 seconds per pitstop will not put FI in a position to attack either top team so basically the system doesn’t affect them… their main competitors have a quite similar situation resource-wise so i’d say they should leave it up to them if they want to invest the money into 0.5 secs on pit-stops or 0.05 secs per lap

  • Mercedes supporter forever

    Stupid Force India… Why want to ban the jack system? Just go and make your own jack system la… Mercedes and Ferrari are also planning to make it…

  • Butterfly

    Renault really delivered for RBR this time. When these guys see a new tech restriction they just work around it, unlike a certain Italian team.

    And to think, there are those who believe it’s an advantage to have engine development in house…

    Well done Renault!

  • Boycottthebull

    Whiting cant even spot bad curbs that slash tyres and thats one of his simple jobs. Finding a special engine mapping program that is only in one Red Bull car, is only engaged at certain times during the race to avoid detection and he hasnt even had time to properly investigates the allegations as they have only arisen in the past few days and we just believe him when he says Vettels car is all good. More likely is that the modification is barely legal exploiting some unforeseen loophole and the FIA will protect that dirty little secret as it will make them look foolish. Its just like the cycling governing body and drugs they simply pretend they know nothing about it. I hope Webber finally spills the beans when he leaves F1.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    If you are looking for cheaters, check out Alonso. He was part of all cheating controversies of the last decade.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Thanks for proving my point boycott. I knew I could always depend on you. :)


    I was also wondering why a potentially explosive story like this one hasn’t appeared on any of the other auto sport sites I frequent, So I’m glad someone else noticed that too. Some of the natives on this site went way out on a limb with it – and it will be quite interesting to see what their narrative is today.

    I understand folks have space to fill but this story reeked of tabloid journalism from the start. In the end, It kept the masses entertained in the in between week. So I suppose mission accomplished in the end.

  • Butterfly

    Could you morons please explain what you mean by cheating? How can RBR have an illegal car if it passed the inspection? All cars undergo the same tests, or else they wouldn’t be allowed on track.

    Alonso fans, visz & kaush (probably the same guy):

    Again, how could he cheat anything? He doesn’t cross chicanes, he overtakes properly, he leaves space when required, it’s all within the rules. Maybe you just don’t have that many words in your vocabulary.

  • Cobba me

    If they had the Jack back a few races webber would not have lost his wheel. How many times have we seen wheels come off!? A lot. If a team can stop this happening I can see why they spend this sort of money.
    If it happens again they can only blame the jack. Btw if the jack fails one day it will not be on Vetts car. Lol

  • Gaber

    Hi All;

    There is a VIDEO where is possible to hear the sound of Sebastian’s Red Bull when he applies the power inside the corner.
    It sound the same as a Traction Control do.

    w w w facebook com/photo.php?v=10201976890566052&set=vb.1298919849&type=2&theater

  • Butterfly


    Well, it is TC, but it seems only Renault are smart enough to make it work.

  • Bob Wheeler

    Pin heads! Some you people are worse than old ladies spreading gossip with no facts in hands. It is plain and simple, if there was cheating going on the FIA would have found it. If you they don’t look, you need to learn more about F1.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Red Bull said their front wing didn’t flex and the FIA changed the rules 3 times as it did.

    Red Bull said they didn’t adjust their ride height and it took the FIA 2 years to find their secret illegal ride height adjuster.

    The FIA didn’t catch Piquet Jr crashing on purpose or catch McLaren stealing Ferrari secrets. People in the teams did that.

    The FIA thought the holes in the rear floor of the Red Bull were legal until Sauber pointed out they were not.

    So the FIA have a long history of not catching people cheating.

  • Taskmaster

    Give me grace to accept the things that cannot be changed (Red Bull denigration brigade), Courage to change the things which should be changed (reacting to their idiocy),
    and the Wisdom to distinguish the one from the other (pretty easy, since their unfounded rants are all exactly the same repetitive malarkey.)

    With this in mind, and in light of the fact that the cheat conspiracy brigade are incapable of absorbing information, I vow to ignore their blather before allowing them to destroy an more of my fun following F1. Farewell, ye obstinate anti-intellectuals, I banish you from occupying any space in my head from this day forth!

  • TexasRoadhouse

    A rule is nothing more than a phrase or sentence, which is open to interpretation. The FIA’s interpretation of the rule(s) are what governs the sport.

    However, if a team can interpret a rule in a way no-one has, thus far, thought of, and, importantly, can argue their interpretation to the FIA, then that is perfectly legal. Witness the Double Diffusers in 2009.

    If that is what RBR have done, then, as much as I’d like to see another team giving them more competition, they are within the letter of the law, as it stands right now.

    It’s for the other teams to catch up, not for RBR to slow down.

  • CD

    Is this the same Charlie Whiting who took out the black boxes out of Sennas FW16 andhanded them to Williams against FIA protocol who then handed them back to the FIA without any data on them ….nuf said

  • CharLIE Whiting has to go

    CharLIE Whiting has to go, he is the biggest joke in Formula One. Traction control is illegal. Just because RedBull has found another way of doing traction control does not magically make it legal now. Listen to the sound of Vettel’s engine, it is different than every other car on the track including his own teammate as well as the other Renault powered cars.

    RedBull has a history of cheating so this is nothing new.

    Put Vettel in any other car on the grid and he will flounder.

  • GoldLeaf

    egnat69: Not looking for an argument, here, but the “standard” ECU is a piece of hardware that has almost infinitely adjustable software, which is why they can use it with all these different engine/trans/chassis combinations. The software changes the engine mapping and all other engine operating parameters, and the software can change instantaneously. It can appear, disappear, reappear when needed and would not be in any way obvious.

    Pit stops are a part of racing, but the real racing takes place on the track. Teams that are already struggling to pay their drivers and engine suppliers shouldn’t have to spend another $100,000 on some Rube Goldberg system that automatically lowers the car when the wheels are tight. Let’s have just a little bit of simplicity and purity in modern auto racing. The pit stops are already insanely fast.

  • farizY

    FIA found them to be legal. End of discussion.