Sir Moss says booing of ‘jolly nice’ Vettel a disgrace

Sir Stirling Moss

Sir Stirling Moss

In the wake of booing that has accompanied Sebastian Vettel’s victory celebrations of late, motrosport legend Sir Stirling Moss has labeled the offending boo-brigade as disgraceful because, in his opinion, the German is up there at the level of the legends of the sport.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph Moss said, “It’s disgraceful. Why do they do it? Because he keeps winning? He can’t help that. He is a nice bloke. Sebastian Vettel is a jolly nice bloke.

Moss is full of praise of Vettel’s prowess behind the wheel which he likens to two legends of the sport.

“For a man to be that much ahead every time, every race, whatever the circuit, whatever the conditions. Vettel is just in a class of his own, really. As was [Juan Manuel] Fangio, as was [Ayrton] Senna,” said Moss.

The winner of 16 grands prix in the fifties and sixties also said that he had no problem with Vettel’s decision to disregard Red Bull‘s team orders in the so-called Multi-21 contoversy.

Moss, who is often called ‘the greatest driver never to win the World Championship’ is also forgiving of Vettel’s defiance of team orders in Malaysia earlier this year.

“Well, he’s a racer what’s wrong with that? You’re either a racer or you’re a driver and there’s a big bloody difference. Drivers are easy to find and racers aren’t,” explained Moss. (GP247)

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  • hahaha

    The greatest drivers without a title are Gilles Villeneuve, Tazio Nuvolari, Bernd Rosemeyer, Stirling Moss, Ronnie Peterson and François Cevert. (and I personally liked Elio de Angelis and Jean Alesi too)

  • hahaha

    Also I’m a huge Ferrari fan and Gilles and Ayrton fanatic. But I think in all honesty that the greatest was Jim, his driving style in that little green cigar with the yellow wheels was out of this world.

  • KC

    The headline here is a disgrace. “Moss likens Vettel to Fangio and Senna” would have been more apt.

  • EF

    I think it is much too early to cement Vettel’s place amongst the greatest F1 drivers. He is still in the early stages of his F1 career, which so far is a remarkable one for sure, but the question hanging over Vettel is how much is his success due to the car he drivers, versus his own racing abilities? There was a race earlier this year where Vettel did not have the fastest car and he could not pass Kimi Raikonnen for whatever reasons: tires, race pace, lack of time, etc. There are a few current F1 drivers who seem to be as talented and skillful in a race as Vettel: Kimi, Alonso, Hamilton and even Rosberg the one lap qualifying whiz, so I think Vettel’s real advantage over his peers is the Red Bull car and his team.

  • EF

    The boo biirds may be sore losers, but F1 is commerialized racing entertainment. Who is to say what the boo birds can and cannot say? That is the real question, not whether it is immoral or disrespectful.

  • no hate

    Pffft moss is a disgrace