Rosberg annoyed by Vettel’s remark about lazy rivals

Nico Rosberg with Sebastian Vettel

Nico Rosberg with Sebastian Vettel

Nico Rosberg has revealed that he took objection in Singapore when Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel suggested that his rivals are lazy.

After dominating the floodlit Grand Prix, German Vettel explained Red Bull‘s advantage by insisting that while his team works “very hard”, the others are “hanging their balls in the pool very early on Fridays”.

It may have been a joke, but Mercedes‘ Rosberg did not laugh.

“Maybe he shouldn’t be thinking about my balls,” he is quoted on Thursday by Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

“It was definitely inappropriate,” added Rosberg. “My team works its ass off. And he can’t possibly know how much we work compared to them. My boys work like crazy.”

And as Formula 1 figures puzzle over why Vettel is being booed on post-race podiums, Rosberg said comments like the one made in Singapore do him no favours.

“He is in very clear danger of losing the respect of the other drivers,” he said.

McLaren‘s Jenson Button agrees: “It was a wrong and unfair thing for Sebastian to say.”

But Vettel said he found it “strange” that his comment was so controversial.

“It was not my intention to say anything against someone else,” he said, “but only to show that our success is no accident.” (GMM.)

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  • Don

    And some wonder were the booing comes from, Winning is completely fulfilling when you have the respect of your peers, suggesting they are lazy even in a supposedly joking manner can only lead to loss of respect. things are said in the heat of the moment but this comment was pure arogance.

  • alonso_is_slow_IS_AN_IDIOT

    agree with Don. vettel’s good and arrogant as well

  • KC

    I suppose it is good sportsmanship when Alonso and Hamilton claim that Vettel only wins because of his car, as both have done many times over the years? If the other drivers want Vettels respect they should try showing some respect and sportsmanship themselves. Don’t thrash him on a regular basis and then cry like little girls if he hits back.

  • James F1

    Everyone is very quick to pounce on Vettel… the fact that he doesn’t have time to tweet the team telemetry etc…or blames breaking up with his girlfriend… Also it doesn’t show arrogance he is saying some drivers are lazy like Webber… who probably doesn’t stay as long… people read into things too much.

    Vettel stays with the mechanics later than most drivers something he learnt from Schaumacher and look how he dominated. Webber doesn’t…

  • Crampo, a magnificent clown

    Webber “probably doesn’t stay as long”?
    That’s all the evidence I need to realise that he’s a lazy driver. Of course.
    Thanks for that prime insight, James F1
    Vettel probably kicks kittens.

  • abdellah

    as far as vettel’s comments about the other driver’s being lazy i think once again he was taken hugely out of context and the whole thing is totally blowon out of proportion . i mean it is not so hard to see that vettel was trying to explain why he and his team are so good together and obvious that it was not his intention to bruise anybody’s ego .

  • Dr. Azlan

    What Vettel is saying is basically Luca and Alonso hang their balls early in the pool on Fridays. So too were Braun and Hamilton.

  • Dan

    Hmm . Not sure why eveyone is that bothered. F1 has always been about who can cheat the best.

    It’s always been like that and always will.

    Mclaren had the 3rd pedel which helped then corner better.
    Renualt had the petrol filling valve removed so they could refill the car faster and redbull had traction control a year or so ago when they shouldn’t.

    So really its no new thing.

    If you want motor racing a fair field then look at the lower formulas. Or campaign for everyone to have the same car. Then we can see who really is best.

    Unfortunately the FIA do have their favourites despite them supposedly being impartial

    Personally I don’t think its vettel but 3 WDC under his belt its hard to argue

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Dan, clearly Red Bull have something on their car to make it 2.5 seconds faster than everyone else. Ooooops I meant Vettel’s car because Mark Webber does not have it! I guess Vettel was talking about Mark’s balls then?

  • alonso_is_slow_IS_AN_IDIOT

    I suppose it is good sportsmanship when Alonso and Hamilton claim that Vettel only wins because of his car, as both have done many times over the years? If the other drivers want Vettels respect they should try showing some respect and sportsmanship themselves. Don’t thrash him on a regular basis and then cry like little girls if he hits back.

    you sound like a real immature fanboy:)

  • dj

    alonso_is_slow_IS_AN_IDIOT- YOU TALK ABOUT SPORTSMANSHIP. Vettel has none. Vettel has a responsibility to get people to watch the sport and be a role model. He is none. Are you saying that kids or racers in lower categories watching f1 aspiring to one day compete in F1 need to not show respect to others and only think about themselves. Than yep your are right Vettel shows heaps of respect. vettel has lost respect in the gerenal public due to not his racing, you idoit. Tell me this what sort of role model is he. If your fast enough, nothing else matters. yep the other people on the posts are really immature aren’t they or maybe stating the truth.



  • GoldLeaf

    This is classic Vettel. You can respect him for his speed, but not for his manners. This is just one in a series of crude and thoughtless statements he has made. Not exactly Graham Hill, you know…

  • Boycottthebull

    Better your balls to be hanging in the pool Fridays than in Markos back pocket every other day.

  • ADF

    Note how he says his team, not the whole team.
    Whatever, at least other drivers have “balls”. I’d be quite concerned if they didn’t…

  • Jules C

    That is why so many people dislike Vettel. He is made to look really good because he is lucky enough to drive a very good car designed by Newey. Honestly, it is Newey and his engineers that should take the credit and not Vettel entirely. Any of the top 6 drivers would have won in that car.

    As for Mark W, I suspect he has been getting second hand parts, sub par engineers and also fewer resources to support him. On top of that Mark is probably less motivated now and hence not driving on the limit in his car.

    I have no respect for Vettel and to me, he is probably on par as a driver with Hamilton but below Alonso and Kimi.

  • andre

    Adrian Newey is tempering with the ECU, now. Does he sleeping at night or is the bed that he sleeps in a RedBull RB9. Vettel claims that the other competitors are lazy. They are more hard working because they produce excellent results come Race Day in not so superior machinery. They don’t have a Adrian Newey in their team to produce a powerful machine like a Red Bull.

  • Saša

    This season is sparkling?

    My love, Ferrari, lost the battle again (it looks), but still, I can’t complain, it was fun, fun, fun.
    I hope last several races will be fun as well.

    PS: What is missing is Flavio Briatore to run Ferrari. Oh boy, that would be crazy and even more fun.

  • huey

    I said it’s disrespectful from vettel to call other teams lazy
    every team works hard to have a chance to win or at least getting better than before!
    I understand the point of rosberg since that is easy to say when you win all the time
    schumacher never said a word against other teams or drivers since he know for sure how hard the work is since that he (with his team) rebuilt ferrari (how long it was to see the championship)
    redbull work hard to get where they are now but it’s unacceptable to a driver to be arrogant like this
    I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t say something like this if he was still at toro rosso!
    in the case of webber please forget it he wasn’t a good driver since the beggining

    it’s a joke yes but it sounds more like an insult to others who give their best to make it