No guarantee that 2014 Mexican GP will happen

Mexican race fans

Mexican race fans

McLaren driver Sergio Perez, and multi-billionaire backer Carlos Slim Domit, have admitted Mexico’s place on the 2014 grand prix calendar is not guaranteed.

Indeed, the race on the former grand prix venue in Mexico City has been given only a provisional date on next year’s schedule.

“I’m very excited,” said 23-year-old Perez, who is backed by Slim-linked Mexican companies. “It’s not confirmed yet, it’s just a pre-calendar but I feel  [that] there are very big chances now of this happening.”

Slim Domit also told Mexico Today: “[Mexico] is a stable country, our economy is doing quite well and we have [that] drivers people can identify with.

“All of the pieces are coming together and I believe the potential promoters are doing a good job in trying to secure something,” he added.

Mexico is one of three races given only provisional status on the unprecedentedly-long 2014 calendar, the others being New Jersey and Korea.

But Sam Michael, McLaren sporting director, said that even if they all go ahead, Formula 1 can cope.

“Formula 1 is about achieving things that are not normally possible, and this is far from the worst challenge we have had,” he said, suggesting that the financial benefits of an expanded calendar will outweigh the hurdles. (GMM)

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