Horner: Any suggestion of traction control is mischievous and complete rubbish

Christian Horner with Sebastian Vettel after the Singapore GP

Christian Horner with Sebastian Vettel after the Singapore GP

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has rubbished suggestions that a form of clever traction control is being used on Sebastian Vettel’s car in the wake of the German’s dominant win in Singapore.

Speaking to media in Korea, Horner was adamant, “It’s complete rubbish. We’re running traction control through the ECUs which are supplied by McLaren and approved by the FIA? They fully comply with the rules, it’s a standard unit which all the teams use, and any suggestion of traction control is either mischievous on behalf of the others or wishful thinking.”

Former F1 team owner Giancarlo Minardi raised suspicions after Vettel comprehensively outclassed his rivals in Sinagpore, and suggested that there was some form of traction control being used on the world champion’s car at Marina Bay Circuit.

But Horner scoffed at the idea, “These things are so tightly controlled that it is impossible. You’d be pretty stupid to run traction control. I can’t imagine [that] any team in the pitlane would even entertain it.”

Christian Horner speaks to media

Christian Horner speaks to media

Instead Horner believes that Vettel is at the height of his powers in the cockpit of the Adrian Newey penned RB9, and together the combination are proving to be invincible.

“The problem is that Sebastian’s performance was so dominant that it has inevitably prompted the question of ‘how was this possible?’. Other teams will be looking inwardly and the easiest conclusion to come to is ‘they must be cheating’. But in Singapore, Sebastian drove an incredible race, got the maximum out of the car and was, as a driver, at his peak form,” stated the Red Bull team boss.

“What you witnessed was a driver totally at the top of his game and completely in harmony with his car – nothing more, nothing less,” concluded Horner. (GP247)

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