Alonso: We will not give up the fight until it’s mathematically impossible to take the title

Fernando Alonso speaks to a TV reporter in Korea

Fernando Alonso speaks to a TV reporter in Korea

Fernando Alonso met the media in a very sunny paddock at Korea International Circuit on the outskirts of Mokpo and admitted that, rain or shine, this was going to be a tough weekend for Scuderia Ferrari.

“Fifteen days ago we were fourth fastest behind Red Bull, Lotus and Mercedes and there are very few new things on the car this weekend,” said the Spaniard.

“However, if we have a good Saturday, then usually in the race we can recover a bit, with a good start and strategy, so we will be hoping to maximise our points haul.”

There is talk of rain for Saturday and Sunday and although the collective wisdom is that rain reduces performance gaps between cars, the Ferrari man doesn’t see a wet track as necessarily providing a route to the podium.

Fernando Alonso with title rival Sebastian Vettel on the Singapore podium

Fernando Alonso with title rival Sebastian Vettel on the Singapore podium

“You never know who will be the lucky one in that situation,” reckoned Alonso. “It’s hard to predict, but even in the wet, Red Bull should be maximum favourites because of the high downforce levels their cars have.”

What was needed to beat Vettel and Red Bull?“ We have to be realistic that we don’t have the pace to beat them in normal conditions and if we do get any luck, you can be sure we will take it!. We will not give up the fight until it’s mathematically impossible to take the title.”

Alonso has fought for the title down to the wire on several occasions, sometimes winning sometimes not, so he is well qualified to assess what this final rush of six races will be like.

“In one word, ‘stressful’. It will not be easy to handle all the travelling and different time zones, but our motivation will be high. We must concentrate on preparing really well in the weeks in between each grand prix so that we tackle them in 100% condition both physically and mentally,” explained the two time World Champion.

Fernando Alonso in Korea

Fernando Alonso in Korea

Earlier this week, it was reported that Alonso met with Ferrari President, Luca di Montezemolo, “We have quite a few update meetings during the year. He asks me about areas where I think we need to improve and I ask him about plans for the future. Obviously, one of the main topics at the moment is our wind tunnel which we will now be able to use again after all the [reapair] work done on it.”

Even if the revised wind tunnel will be of more use for next year and beyond, the Spaniard made it clear that neither he nor Montezemolo have given up on this year.

“The President and [I] think [that]anything can happen. Like the Americas Cup, we saw the American team was 1-8 down and they won 9-8. We know it would be difficult, but if you have two lucky races, things can change very quickly. But we need a lot of luck; we know that,” said Alonso.(Ferrari)

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  • Spartacus

    Mathematically Massa is faster than you, Alonso.

  • Butterfly


    Which is why he is leaving Ferrari.

  • Spartacus

    wouldn’t Ferrari then be better to ditch the slower driver?

  • Tinto

    Another mathematics, statistics, says is over. Keep fighting…

  • Butterfly


    Are you really that dumb or are you pretending?

  • fools

    @Spartacus would be the fist ignorant troll

    I bet that fagget wakes up daily just lookin for an Alonso article to jack off too. He is Alonso #1 fan cant you tell everyone?? What a turd Spartacus is. You ruin the history that name.

    Alonso never gives up. Alonso for the 2013 WDC+!!!

    Its already know Alonso wont give up until he knows mathematically which he cannot win no more. Nice to see determination until the end. A real team player. Ferrari need to fix that wind tunnel ASAP and get some feed back right away from there home soil not from Toyota SMH.

  • the fan

    spartacus… you’re probably right, massa is indeed faster AT TIMES… nearly 85% of the time Alonso is faster and though it might hurt but being fastest on a saturday doesnt equate to scored points on a sunday

  • Spartacus

    Massa has limited chances to show his speed and always at a disadvantage as all the best of the new parts and developments are always on the other car.

    Hence why when he’s got a fair chance he’s quick. I don’t think he’s the best racer as I don’t think he can go through the field as well as others. But given a clear track and he’s impressively quick.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Alonso is always slower than his teammate when it Matters. He was slower during the end phase of the 2012 season, which cost him the title.

    Alonso is the worst Nr.1. driver ever.

  • Red horizon

    Alonso lost the championship in 2012 because Ferrari has failed to develop the car effectively, and the same is being repeated this year. Without a machine able to get pole-positions and victories win is impossible.