Marko says Vettel cheat claims are utter nonsense

Helmut Marko with Sebastian Vettel

Helmut Marko with Sebastian Vettel

Red Bull has slammed reports that it is flouting the rules as Sebastian Vettel stamps his dominance on the 2013 season.

After Singapore, former Formula 1 team owner Giancarlo Minardi raised doubts about the German’s RB9, saying its handling and engine tone reminded him of traction control.

“Utter nonsense!” Red Bull’s Helmut Marko told the German newspaper Bild.

Reports have suggested Red Bull might actually be mimicking the banned ‘blown exhaust’ era with a clever engine mapping solution.

Bild said that Formula 1’s governing FIA would not comment. (GMM.)

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  • pfft

    The FIA won’t comment. …….

    I’ve heard that before.

  • Frijns for WDC

    Of course they are slamming those reports..

    It would be a world-first to see a teamboss walk up to the media and say : “yeah, well ya’know, it is no secret we are using illegal programs and parts on our car”

    But as was the case with Shumacher and other they will keep it under hat, and the majority will believe that everything goes according to the rules.

    Im sure btw that ALL topteams cheat somehow, or somewhere.

    Personally i feel that rules should be much more broad. If this kind of blown diffuser/TC-engine-mapping is somehow a loophole in the rules they should punish exploiting that hole with a raceban of some races. It is always about who can design a car that bends (or latent breaks) the rules the most.

    F1 should not be about the designer(s) who can push the rules as far as they go, but it should be about pushing technology.
    There should be in fact a lot less rules. Let them play.. weight up the cars a bit more (to 700kg) to create ‘free weight’ to try to add extra ERS, or super-duper-turbo-boost, and to have a more free developing going on.

    With the current aerorules it is quite clear.. the only chance of being WDC is in a Brawn or Newey car. Maybe also because those two have pretty loose consciences, that motivates them to keep streching and bending rules.

    F1 is actually pretty boring as a sport, i still love to watch those machines going berserk on the tracks, but as a sport, it is nothing anymore. yes the drivers are athletes, and yes there is some overtaking going on, but a sport as a whole.. not really, more an entertaining sunday-family show. ;)

  • Taskmaster

    ALL motorsports, from the bottom of the chart sportsman kids kart classes to the top of Endurance and F1, is a battle of teams seeking the demon tweak, and finding the crack in rules language that opens a door to an unfair advantage. It’s as much a part of racing as passing and pageantry. Why there are any fans of any racing still believing it is about pure ideology, stoic literal application of law, or a morality play – is a mystery. It has never been, never will be. The greater the stakes, the greater the return, the greater the reward, the more the effort will be to gain advantage, even takes crazy risks, to win by all available means. This is motor sports, this is F1. It is not a problem, it is just reality.

  • the fan

    marko in defense of his boy toy

  • Hawk

    “..pretty loose consciences..”

    I like that. well put.

  • charles

    I also have doughts about the Red Bull of Veteel,what they are doing is not genuine.A few years ago they had a hole in the floor that gave them an unfair advantaged, and they were forced to close that hole,but some how I think they found another (loop)hole,and are exploiting it.The FIA shoild incestigate all rumors.

  • Quasimoto

    This all stems entirely from wild speculation made by Giancarlo Minardi. It must be a slow news week, what with Vettel having the 2013 WDC sewed up and all, because so many “news” services (and I use the term loosely) are parroting his accusations without bothering to do any fact checking.

    What Minardi failed to observe (or at least failed to remark to) is that ALL the Renault-engined cars had a similar exhaust note on acceleration. Probably because the Renaults all feature cylinder deactivation for fuel conservation.

    Go to YouTube and search on the video titled:
    Formula 1 – Singapore – 22-09-2013

    The video is too low quality to make out the driver but you can tell the team from the cars’ livery. Every Red Bull, Williams or Caterham that passes makes that same farting noise, and those all are Renault-powered.