Berger: Vettel will break Schumacher’s F1 records

Sebastian Vettel celebrates his first grand prix win at Monza with Toro Rosso team boss Gerhard Berger  in 2008

Sebastian Vettel celebrates his first grand prix win at Monza with Toro Rosso team boss Gerhard Berger in 2008

Formula 1 veteran and former team owner Gerhard Berger thinks it is possible that Sebastian Vettel will break Michael Schumacher’s impressive tally of records.

Not too long ago, former Formula 1 driver and team co-owner Berger was among those who regarded Schumacher’s title and victory records as unassailable.

The Austrian has now changed his mind.

“Sebastian can break Michael Schumacher’s records,” he told Servus TV, referring to Schumacher’s huge tally of seven titles and 91 wins.

“He is quite clearly already in that direction, and I think he will do it,” said Berger, who was Vettel’s team boss at Toro Rosso when the German won his first race in 2008.

“He’s not even 30 and he’s already a four-time World Champion,” said Berger, who obviously assumes that Vettel will convert his points lead into a fourth consecutive drivers’ title this season.

“[Vettel’s career success so far] is really incredible,” Berger added.

Indeed, even Toto Wolff – Mercedes‘ competition boss – thinks Vettel could continue his run of form into 2014.

Bernie Ecclestone said recently that the huge rules shake-up could produce a different winner next year, but Wolff is quoted by the Telegraph: “The performance is being driven by people, and with people staying where they are in the top teams, I don’t see [that] there will be a big swing in the balance of power.” (GMM)

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  • the fan

    records can be beaten for sure, to be the GOAT is a different matter. Schumacher was invincible with earth shattering records but Senna was simply put, the GOAT

  • Tamburello_1994

    Michael Jordan proves you don’t have to be breaking records left and right to be considered the greatest ever.

    However, Winning four in a row will get you a seat at the table.

  • jurrabi

    What a visionary!

    Saying that would been nice several years ago when Vettel was in the minor leagues.

    But today, with 26 years and nearly 4 titles in the pocket says to little about Berger’s predicting skills… or too much.

    And quoting it says even less about the media that does it…

    Aren’t there real news?

  • Snowman


    You’re right. There is no GOAT, there is a selection of greatest drivers that should be considered together as the greats.

    As Fangio was the first, I guess it’s a selection of people allowed to sit at Fangio’s table

  • Senna is close but,

    If there has to be a GOAT i think it should be Brabham.

    He designed, build, and raced his own car to a world-title. a massive grand slam that will never be done again.

  • Rick


  • Gaber

    Do Sebastian needs the Engine mapping on his Red Bull? Why is he ussing it?