Vettel worried that Red Bull will lack top speed in Korea

Sebastian Vettel celebrates with Adrian Newey after winning the 2012 Korean GP

Sebastian Vettel celebrates with Adrian Newey after winning the 2012 Korean GP

Runaway World Championship leader Sebastian Vettel heads to Korea searching for an eighth win of the season, but is expecting a tougher race weekend where he is wary that a lack of top speed may hamper his ambitions on a track where Red Bull have won for the past two years.

Speaking ahead of the weekend in Yeongam, Vettel said, “The track in Korea has a bit of an unusual layout. The long straights all come right at the beginning and the turns at the end. I love the curvy part because it is a lot more fun.

“The straight lines and sharp turns can be a little boring. They are also our weakness, because we often lack … top speed there,” explained the tripe World Champion who is heading relentlessly for a fourth consecutive title.

Vettel, who won the Korean GP last year, has a sixty point lead at the top of the table over closest rival Fernando Alonso. (GP247)

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  • Vettel really that retarded?

    awww look at that, he is telling some lies to the media..
    “we will lack topspeed”

    Yeah buddy we saw, in Italy and Belgium, how the RB lacks topspeed.

    Please someone put this little kid a maul on his mouth, before he spews out more crap.

  • Hawk

    Does he think we are all stupid?

  • Hugo

    And he wonders why he gets booed? What a douchebag.

  • AlonsoFan

    haahahahahahahahahahaha. we suffer from short term memory loss.

  • KC

    “Does he think we are all stupid?”

    Based on the comments here, yes, you are all deeply stupid. The Red Bull has been down on top speed all year, as it was last year. It was down on top speed at Spa and Monza.

  • Taskmaster

    Haters might one day realize that the demographic Red Bull makes its living from – those who purchase their product, attend their many events, and follow their numerous sponsored racers and teams – relish the idea of Red Bull, with the youngest 3 time champion in F1 history causing such massive consternation with the old guard. They not only don’t care what detractors think, every rant proves that Red Bull is a wrench in the works (a good thing). The fact that a fizzy drink maker, and its confident, self assured driver are leading big names in the sport just makes Red Bull heros to its fans. So, rant on haters, boo and hiss at will, make up whatever critique fictions you must, it’s all giving Red Bull fans wings!

  • Bob Wheeler

    The haters are out in force and showing their monumental ignorance and petty attitudes. If you want to rant, rant at the teams that are throwing plenty of money around but can’t buy success.

  • Kaush

    These f….ing anti Vettel fans are pathetic honestly.

  • Kaush

    I fully agree with Taskmaster, well said mate.

  • lawl

    to all retarded idiots around: Last Monza, Vettel’s RB was in 16th place of a Max Speed chart. Ferrari and Merc were the first ones. RB indeed lacks of top speed, faggots.

  • lawl

    as a matter of fact, other cars were hitting 316 km/h, Vettel’s car: 299 max, try to do some research before talking bs.

  • Alejandro

    Don’t worry your shady traction control will make up for it!!

  • Speedo

    Who is fooling whom. and WHY? Who has won the last 3 races and also the Korean GP in 2011 and 2012. What are you hiding