Vettel: It’s nothing personal and I’ve learned that I can’t please everyone

Sebastian Vettel apparently unaffected by the lack of affection shown by fans

Sebastian Vettel apparently unaffected by the lack of affection shown by fans

Sebastian Vettel is adamant that he is not taking recent booing personally, despite several major Formula 1 figures coming out in his support while slamming the actions of the ‘boo-brigade’.

At Spa, Monza and most recently Singapore, and also in Britain for June’s British Grand Prix, the reigning world champion was the obvious target of the spectators’ verbal disapproval.

But the Red Bull driver told Germany’s Sport Bild he is not taking it personally.

“If the sport is your passion and you have a favourite driver, it’s obvious you support them,” Vettel, 26, said. “So that means you’re against his opponents. I can live with that.”

Sebastian Vettel scored his seventh win of the season in Singapore

Sebastian Vettel scored his seventh win of the season in Singapore

However, Vettel’s boss Christian Horner hinted after Singapore that the booing is in fact getting to the runaway championship leader, whom he referred to as “only human”.

But Vettel denies it, “For me it’s simple. If I’m [in] the football stands and the decision of the referee goes against my team, I go with the group and call him an idiot as well. It’s nothing personal,” said Vettel.

Asked how he can deal so coolly with such a potentially emotional issue, he explained: “I’ve learned that I can’t please everyone.

“Let’s say you sign 100 autographs – the 101st [person] in line will be angry. That’s a fact. So it doesn’t matter what you do. The way I see it is if you are honest with yourself and can go to sleep with a clear conscience, that’s ok,” he added.

Sebastian Vettel on the podium at Singapore

Sebastian Vettel on the podium at Singapore

Slightly less calm about the booing issue is former triple World Champion, Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda.

“These people are booing their own idiotic boredom, not Vettel’s performance,” he told Osterreich newspaper, in his typical blunt style.

Other who have come out in Vettel’s support include motorsport legend Hans Stück who advised, “All I can say is, dear Sebastian, don’t worry about [it].”

“The booing is increasingly annoying,” admitted Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko.

After Monza Mark Webber,who has had his differences with Vettel over the years as his teammate, said, “Sebastian won the race and the atmosphere is not completely correct but anyway…that’s their choice.” (GMM)

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  • Tamburello_1994

    The smattering of boos Vettel has gotten this year pale in comparison with the boos Jeff Gordon, And Jimmie Johnson have received over their careers.

    Sebastian is getting off light.

    I’m beginning to feel next years’ rule changes won’t do much to change the end result either.

  • The Hero

    Hahaha yeah you that Fatneck.. euh Vettel xD

    You keep telling yourself that it is nothing personal.. LOL

    he is supposed to be pretty intelligent.. but it seems he has the brain of an ant.
    poor kid. luckily he’s got some millions (and minions) to send around for his pleasure.

  • Comedy Ogedegbe

    Vettel..we are with simply the best and people are just great nothing personal..all those people wouldn`t mind have dinner with you..

  • Michael Schumacher

    Yeah when fans reach out to you to celebrate your win just give them your F’ng finger!

  • Izham

    the booers will cheer even if a monkey wins in a ferrari

  • Jack

    I remember watching the British GP on tv and when Vettel’s car failed you could audibly hear people cheering! Brundle was quick to condemn that too

  • Richard

    Vettel, is the best driver in Formula 1 today. He should not worry about all those haters. Their drivers should work as hard as Vettel does and maybe they could reach his level!

  • MightyK

    Enough of this booing Vettel talk. It’s beyond redundant now! He is not booed because he’s dominant, he is booed because the majority JUST DON’T LIKE HIM.

  • Ukwhite

    Booing? Who cares, at least not pro Bulls fans. Anyways those boos are deplorable and tough to predict what is next from them. It can end ugly, sure thing.

    Korea should be an interesting race, hope Sebastian has another ace in his sleaves. He is the type of guy that is cooking something.

    I am not sure but Singapore looked a bit choreographed on purpose: Q1and Q2 raced just to be there, then in Q3 only a quick lap leaving the rest to sweat for …second. Then a fully controlled race with fastest lap and horrifying >2s/lap pace.

  • KC

    “He is not booed because he’s dominant, he is booed because the majority JUST DON’T LIKE HIM.”

    They don’t like him because he beats their favorite drivers time and time again. If Vettell had three career wins like Nico Rosberg they’d like him just fine. He’s the funniest driver with the best personality on the grid.

  • bmendon

    The booing thing is just plain idiotic. Do people really think it is going to change history and cause Vettel to leave racing? Even worse, do the people doing the booing really think the sport would miss them if they got tired of Vettel’s winning and went away. I don’t think so!

  • Blondie

    IT IS PERSONAL. If you think it isn’t, let me assure your blonde hair and blonde ass that it IS personal.
    You may have won 3 WDC and (most likely a 4th one coming), but you are NOT a true sportsman. I do not respect your un-gentlemanly ways of racing; just as I do not respect MSC’s selfish on-track behaviours.
    So, yeah.. You should stick your finger up your own nose because I will boo you whenever I see you.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Sounds to me like you have some “Germans issues”.

  • Ukwhite

    @Blondie: Mate, many of us do respect your opinion, that is the beauty of diversity. How can you love everybody, that can be really sick… From the top of five F1 drivers, for sure you like one, the higher one placed you love, the more aversion for the alfa dog champion that beat your hero.

    Now here’s my suggestion… None of them are perfect, so why not take a pen and a sheet of paper, make two columns and with an open mind write down all negative things about Seb and your hero in their careers. Everything bad, dirty, cheaty, whatever, character weaknesses, but please, be honest to yourself.

    Whatever conclusion stick with it… That is representing you and your hero. Enjoy, next eigth weeks, six races, plenty of fun!?

  • KC

    “you are NOT a true sportsman..”

    Not like Alonso, who blackmailed McLaren to get preferential treatment over his teammate, and who was involved in”Crashgate” and who has used Massa as his personal doormat for years. Yeah, that Vettel just can’t live up to the “sportsmanship” expected by F1 fans.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Minardi says your Red Bull sounded like it has illegal traction control. But not Webber’s car. Haaaa! Cheating Vettle. Booo!

  • Alif

    Go Vettel go…
    World champion You can be 4times WDC, 5 times even more…
    The booers they just only can boo…

  • Ssetumba

    The booers are just bad losers mainly pro-Alonso and pro-Hamilton. Sebastian Vettel is just too good, a legend in the making so whoever cannot live with him has gotta come join me in computer programming!!