Ferrari sends Webber invoice for Singapore taxi ride


Ferrari joined the taxi ride fun after the recent Singapore Grand Prix, sending Mark Webber a hefty bill for hitching a ride back to the pits with Fernando Alonso.

Webber, who will serve a ten-place grid penalty in Korea next weekend, angrily slammed the stewards’ decision to reprimand him after breaking down towards the end of last Sunday’s race.

Spaniard Alonso, however, saw the funny side, posting on Twitter a photoshopped image of a film poster depicting himself and Webber in a taxi.

Ferrari apparently also joined the fun, as the German newspaper Bild published a joke invoice sent from the team’s Maranello headquarters to Webber.

The bill, listing the salesperson as Fernando, charged Webber a whopping $27 500 – including a $2 500 tip – for the after hours taxi service.

Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda, however, backed the FIA’s decision to penalise Webber.

“Yes,” he told Osterreich newspaper, “because it’s against the rules, it’s damn dangerous and because it was always punished with a warning.”

  • Tamburello_1994

    This is funny.

    Pictures of bunnies humping – Not funny.

  • Eevel

    Lauda is the world’s foremost expert on just about everything.

  • simon says

    Lauda means Hhypocrite, in my native language and its so very correct… the people have every right to dislike SV for the same reason (SV attitude) and have you ever imagine ricing in an empty stadium, 100% no booing.. moron!!

  • Mercedes supporter forever

    What a hypocrite Lauda is… he expects drivers to walk back to the pits if they are quite far from it? Why don’t let him try and walk back to the pits from the 1st Sector without taking any shortcuts but to walk all the way to the 3rd sector then back to the pits, see how it feels…

  • Joe


    Today you can read a jolly story all over F1 websites about how Ferrari sent Mark Webber a bill for his ride on Fernando Alonso’s car after the Singapore Grand Prix.

    The only problem with this story is that it is a complete fabrication, propagated by the monkeys with typewriters who pick up any old story they see and do not bother to check it. They then sell their stories to websites that are too lazy or too stupid to check their unreliable supplier.

    The truth of the story is that the German tabloid Bild published a fake invoice suggesting that Ferrari was charging Webber, the copy-and-paste merchants, who do not understand German, misinterpreted the story and reported that this had actually happened. Ferrari’s response to the story was “Some believe that pigs might actually fly…especially in Germany… LOL”

    It is a perfect illustration of why one needs to be extremely careful when reading F1 stories in the Internet.

  • McLarenfan

    Ferrari getting a sense of humor Kimi must be having an impact before he even arrives at the gates.

  • Serpo

    @joe. Re idiots

    Well said. A story was recently put on a site stating that perhaps Webber had not suffered more problems than Vettle at RBR and the story ended with the journo saying he would like to see a write up of both drivers problems side by side to do a proper comparison. If only he had put down his bong and done a little research he may have had his answer and would have had a story worth reading rather than one that kicks off the same old Webber fan vs Vettle fan garbage that is infesting the internet. Why these people even have jobs writing about f1 is beyond me, we as fans deserve better than to be treated like idiots, these people are just as guilty for the current state of f1 as the people that come up with the new rules and regulations, it has all been dumbed down to appeal to the lowest form of fan one that can’t think beyond my favorite driver is better than yours. Let’s hope things change soon give racing fans information on racing, innovation and technology not garbage that’s just geared to set one idiot on another which is all they want.

  • Ankit

    @Simon says

    Lauda means ‘dick’ in my native language. Lol and I’m serious about this. It’s in hindi, Google it :P

  • MightyK

    Tamburello: Well said. What more could be expected from the French.

    Eevel: Right on!

  • fools


    :) CLASS ACT. FUkk THE F.I.A.

  • gmtF2

    Good for Ferrari! Sure,safety is important, but a 10 place grid penalty for this instance shows that the FIA has its head up its arse ! Get some perspective FIA and the farts who support your more stupid decisions.

  • A41202813GMAIL

    I Guess, If All Those Drivers, Who Stepped On The Track Back In NUERBURGRING 1976, Had Followed The Advice Of LAUDA…

    …Need I Say More ?


  • Bec


    It was NOT a 10 place grid penalty for this instance.

    It was a 10 place grid penalty for an accumulation of 3 instances, this being just the latest reprimand.

  • XYZ

    I bet Nikki wudn hav had any problem had it been Vettel.. Such a big time faggot he is Nicky ****..hey that’s his surname :P

  • Kaush

    Both Alonso and Webber are dick- heads as far as I am concern.