Wolff: In three years I want to already have the Formula 1 title in the bag

Toto Wolff has high hopes for his harmonious team

Toto Wolff has high hopes for his harmonious team

Ferrari‘s 2014 pairing is not quite a match for Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, claims Mercedes‘ Toto Wolff, who told Sport Bild that he is hopeful that the Brackley based team will be charging for the title very soon.

Asked what he hopes for within the next three-year period, he told the German magazine: “That we would have justified the advanced praise and are serious candidates for the World Championship.

“No, actually in three years I want to already have the title in the bag,” added Wolff.

It has been said that the task for Formula 1’s top outfits, including the dominant Red Bull, has been made more difficult by the new ‘dream team’ driver lineup fielded by Ferrari in 2014.

“I still think we have the strongest driver pairing,” said Wolff, when asked to compare Hamilton-Rosberg with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen for 2014.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have known each other for over a decade

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have known each other for over a decade

“It’s because our drivers have known each other for so long that they are able to compete fairly despite their many differences,” he added.

“I do not see that Ferrari’s [lineup] could be as harmonious as ours,” said Wolff.

Former two-time world champion Mika Hakkinen, who spent most of his McLaren career alongside David Coulthard, agrees with those who think Alonso-Raikkonen could spell trouble.

“The presence of two champions could create a strange pressure in a team of 1000 people,” the Finn told Speed Week. (GMM.)

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“There are a lot of positives, but it’s also unpredictable,” Hakkinen added.

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  • farizY

    Good luck. Hopefully they get it done.

  • Butterfly

    When I look at Toto’s face I just think to myself “This guy is just dumb”. Every single time.

  • Fg

    6 years is far too much time. Newey usually turns a team around to grid destroyers in 2-4 years.

  • realf1fan

    On paper Alonso/Kimi is stronger than Lewis/Rosberg line up with Nico being the weak link, but on his day Nico is as quick as those three and must be regarded as the quickest German driver in F1.

  • Ukwhite

    Why Seb/Daniel will be the next best pair winning the championship.

    1. Newey will design again the best car with Seb’s help, this in fact is the best pair in F1;
    2. The most difficult mission is on Seb, but he proved he ca do it. if Seb continues to have the upperhand on Alonso and Kimi, regularly he will bag 1st place more often, that means 25 points.
    3. Admiting Alonso and Kimi will take 2 and 3 places, they will bag 18+15 = 33 points
    4. On average Daniel’s mission is to counteract the differene 33-25 = 8, that means 6 place or better. With a Newey car and a Daniel that for sure will impress next year, Ferrari will be dusted but with a tighter score difference than previous years.

  • Mr. A

    @Ukwhite .. boy , i guess u r new 2 d sport ..