Stuck: Vettel’s a great guy but lacks the charisma of Alonso and Raikkonen

Hans Stuck applauds German GP winner Sebastian Vettel

Hans Stuck applauds German GP winner Sebastian Vettel

German motor racing legend Hans-Joachim Stuck has questioned Sebastian Vettel’s charisma (or the lack thereof) after the reigning world champion was booed during recent Formula 1 podium ceremonies, including most recently in Singapore.

He told Munich’s Abendzeitung newspaper that the dominant Red Bull driver doesn’t deserve the scorn simply for winning, or that he’s not “cool” or “cute” like Kimi Raikkonen and Nico Rosberg respectively.

“All I can say is, dear Sebastian, don’t worry about [it],” said Stuck.

Stück said that he was sometimes booed as a driver, although the situation is not comparable to Vettel’s because the 26-year-old “doesn’t really know what he did wrong”.

Sebastian Vettel on the Singapore podium with team principal Christian Horner and 'charismatic' rivals Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso

Sebastian Vettel on the Singapore podium with team principal Christian Horner and ‘charismatic’ rivals Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso

Stück, 62, said that Vettel “does not have the charisma of an Alonso or a Raikkonen”.

“Either you have it or you don’t,” he insisted. “He’s still a great guy.”

Stück said that Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton fit much more with the “typical racing driver cliche”.

“One has women, the other is often drunk under the table. And drivers with corners and edges are more loved by the fans at certain times than a slick one who only wins,” he added.

Asked what Vettel can do to stop the booing, Stuck joked that the championship leader could stop winning. (GMM)

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  • c’mon

    Like I said to El presidente before. Alonso has no charisma at all, all he has is bad karma because of his cheating that’s why he will never have a title again. Ayrton, Gilles, Jim, Francois Cevert, Ronnie Peterson, Elio de Angelis were people with real carisma. Nowadays we have Kimi and Mark that’s all, we have Lewis ho thinks he has it (or even worse think’s he is the reincarnation of Senna), we have Alonso who genuinly believes he is an ancient samurai, we have PR Button. The last real true racer (besides Kimi) with a real aura around him was Kubica. For Vettel I see a lot of comparisons with Michael, not really loved but the best of his time. Maybe Vettel should do a laidback comeback like Michael did, he will be loved the second time around because they would have missed this great driver. If you like it or not, he will break all records including Michael’s. I’m a lifelong Tifosi and admire Vettel since his BMW points debut in Indianapolis. Can’t wait till 2015 when Alonso will be kicked out and Vettel-Newey-Rocky goes to Ferrari (I don’t need hypocritical Horner), but I do believe that Vettel would have won the title in 2010 and 2012 if he had been in that Ferrari. Alonso ruined his WDC in Suzuka by driving into Kimi and he knows it well enough but won’t admit it, it was all the fault of boogieman Romain in Spa, get lost sour loser. Like the middlefinger to petrov in Abu Dhabi 2010, didn’t Vettel come back to 3rd from the pits there? Not to mention his herculian task he performed after driving into Senna in the Brazil final (Vettel’s own fault) without whining on the radio. Mr. Stuck if Alonso had a grain of the charisma that Ayrton had he should have said something to the public on the podium instead of encouraging them by waving all the time with his cheeky laugh, because this has nothing to do with psychological warfare. It will even make Seb stronger allthough he will not admit it hurts him in a certain way. I did not really agree with his Malaysian move on Mark, but c’mon Shumi is a great but has done worse things than Seb. But you won’t find a bigger cheater than Alonso that’s why I’m ashamed he will still be in red next year despite the great driving talent that comes with him. Kimi is our last champion and Kimi & Felipe are the last team champions, this is what the Tifosi remember and that’s why Alonso was lying his teeth off at the Kimi questions, like it was his choice to make, my bum yea. That’s why he was frustrated in Monza with the team, the only real reason. And Martin Brundle said something to the booing public, but he should shut it because the British press is the frontrunner of the anti-Vettel campaign and he participated in it at BBC and Sky. Thank you that’s all for this month :D

  • McLarenfan

    But the other thing is this other rumor that Red Bull are cheats I do not like these rumors but it does explain more why Italians are Booing: “RED BULL CHEATING BY USING BANNED TRACTION CONTROL – REPORT”. This was published on f1pulse who are quoting Italian publication Autosprint. Now if they have a fair amount of proof which is what they quoted then you can see why Italian fans again have it in for Vettel!!!

  • Bob Wheeler

    McLarenfan – where’s the proof for all this cheating? Wouldn’t you reasonably think that if an Italian news rag had the proof that the FIA would have it too? What’s the point og your bringing up gossip?

  • Gt

    Vettel looks like a cross between a preteen boy like Justin Bieber and that other guy from dumb and dumber with his goofy smile.

    He gets booed because hes a little boy that wins everything.

  • earlcee7

    It’s not an anti-Vettel campaign!! I’m so sick of pple wondering why Vettel is booed like its a big deal!!
    Firstly I must state that I used to be a Vettel fan, I did not like hearing pple saying he’s not a racer and loved that he proved them wrong with 2012 performances like Spa, Abu Dhabi and Brazil. Yes he’s had the fastest car for a while but the boy is a great driver too!!
    That said, I think he is arrogant!! His actions in Malaysia were shocking… He surely can learn a thing or two from Lewis apologizing to his teammate because of team orders!! Its unthinkable that he could be so mean to his teammate and expect everyone to continue supporting him. Vettel will continue to be booed not because of his dominant performances, not because he’s German but because he’s an unapologetic moron!! It’s not like it’s affecting him anyway so why is everyone making such a big deal out of this…

  • Alif

    I’m also sick of malay gate again and again!! Vettel did apologize to the team and Mark after the race but Mark didn’t accept it of course he wanted to be the winner too, vettel got dissapointed and then his unwanted statement came out. But this was in the past, get over it and move on… Other drivers even have worse behavior and mistake… Just enjoy their race.

  • earlcee7

    I know he apologized but i doubt his sincerity and I’m sure so did Webber that’s why he never accepted that apology… I agree past is indeed past but fans remember, and fans just in the same way you would expect them to cheer, they smetimes boo!!

  • Boycottthebull

    @Alif sorry but Vettel said publicly he was not really sorry and retracted his apology to Webber. So its his arrogance is the reason that people simply dislike him. I think the finger thing all the time really annoys the fans. He now gets referred to as Fingerboy. He is a spoilt brat always protected by his minder Marko and people see that for what it is. To be honest none of the drivers are particularly charismatic it comes down to who irritates the least and its a matter of fact vettel simply irritates people more than most.

  • adam22

    vettel, its time to have 10 celeb girlfriends!

  • KC

    Alonso has all the charisma of a dead badger by the side of the road. He does have the press cheering for him, and the press trash Vettel, That’s the difference, not “charisma”.

  • KC

    “I know he apologized but i doubt his sincerity and I’m sure so did Webber that’s why he never accepted that apology… I agree past is indeed past but fans remember”

    The fans don’t seem to remember Webber knifing Vettel in the back in the 2012 Brazil GP. Certain “fans” have a knack for remembering whatever they want and forgetting everything else.

  • earlcee7

    You cannot compare Malaysia ’13 to Brazil ’12 for the simple fact that although Webber was reluctant to cede position to Vettel, he obliged and its that kind of action that some ‘fans’ do remember and respect Webber.

  • delfino

    Vettel comes off as a spoiled backstabbing little brat, that’s why people boo him. Just listen how he screams like a little girl with a squeaky voice over the team radio when he wins and that finger he shows is the road to become hated and disliked. He’s a plastic champion in a plastic commercial team driving a dominant car, so it’s quite understandable why many people hate him.

  • Ukwhite

    @Boycotthebull: Mate, your name makes me avoid reading your posting, it is too evident against Vettel, kidding of course :) However, you made a few good points, I don’t necessarily agree with them but they look brainy. An explanation of arrogance is that you don’t like him, especially if you like somebody else. But arrogance is a human nature, is growing with the results, very few manage to hide it. but again, for many of us his finger is his trademark and you shoyld respect it.

  • McLarenfan

    @Bob Wheeler look it up for yourself I read it while looking in to other F1 publications all I am saying it is out there and it is not related to 1 car. I want to know all I can about the F1 and f1pulse is well informed and they ran the story, remember that the FIA didn’t run with the information about Benetton strait away!

  • Elf

    @Delfino and @Fools: your place is not in a civilized society of F1 Forums. Definitely there are some issues with you personality or education wise, things that make you behave so ugly. Have you heard this word ethics or respect? Anyways, it is known characters cannot be change, but a nice try does not hurt.

  • bmendon

    My the haters are out on this one. I am so sick of hearing about Malaysia and multi-21. So Vettel objected to Webber being gifted a race win without having to fight for it. Nobody seems to remember Webber trying to put Vettel into the pit wall during that fight. Team orders are fundamentally wrong to begin with and a lot of former WDC’s have said so. As for Vettel being arrogant, I think people are showing their cultural ignorance and their basic need to hate. At the end of every race win Vettel thanks the entire team and specially states, “WE did it.” That doesn’t sound arrogant to me. The raised finger is common in Germany to indicate “number one”. I don’t see a problem with that either. If you don’t like Vettel, don’t watch. The rest of us and F1 as a sport won’t miss you. Maybe you need save your boos and hatred for the teams that don’t seem to be able to step up their game.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Alonso and Raikkonen have charisma, but Vettel has success. I feel comfortable with that.

  • Ukwhite

    @bmendon: interesting enough, amazing is the way some people twist all small stuff against RB and Vettel especially. That is absolutely nonsense. And that is going on and on.

    Sinse you reminded the pit wall pushing, I am still amazed about another aspect from that Malayzia race when Webber nervous cut off Seb’s line after the finish line. What crazy kid would have done that? Then exploded on line with Multi 21.

    Anyways, that was the best fight in 2013, it took a few laps to pass Mark, very intense. Without that, 2013 would look as a procession racing.

  • EazyE

    Lol… Hans is on the hard drugs now…

  • KC

    “Vettel comes off as a spoiled backstabbing little brat”

    You come across as a b]tchy teenaged girl with PMS.

  • KC

    “You cannot compare Malaysia ’13 to Brazil ’12 for the simple fact that although Webber was reluctant to cede position to Vette he obligedl”

    He did not “oblige” you numbskull, he cut Vettel off and forced him back into traffic (where he eventually got whacked by Senna) while simultaneously allowing Alonso (who he SHOULD have been keeping behind) to sail on effortlessly past. He drove like what he is – Alonso’s wing-man.

  • Ukwhite

    @KC: true statements

  • fools


    personality, education? This isnt about education son. Learn how to write before addressing me. Son.

    This is clearly in regards to all haters who talk smack about Alonso.

    Respect who? You? Surely NOT.

  • farizY

    Very subjective indeed. I have nothing against Alonso, Raikkonen or Vettel. All of them are great. No point in arguing. In the end, results speak for itself.

  • earlcee7

    Are we talking about the same race? Webber qualified ahead of Vettel, was ahead into turn 1 and when Vettel crashed into Senna (turning into him by the way) Webber was 2 places ahead with Hulk and Alonso between! Webber was even ahead of Alonso who you’re claiming he should have been blocking!!
    You cannot blame Webber for the Vettel-Senna incident it was Vettel’s fault I wonder why he wasn’t penalised for it!!

  • Rockie

    When the record books are being read, 5 yrs from now Alonso would be in the footnote as just another driver who challenged the G.O.A.T and failed, charisma or flair wouldnt even come into it, has is painfull for most of Vettel’s detractors, because its not about him dominating now its about the future as they know he’s not even at the peak of his powers now for arguments sake lets say Alonso is better than Vettel (which I personally dont believe as I believe Vettel to be the better driver) he’s just only a little better imagine what Vettel would be driving like in 5 years a lot of people are gonna seeth for long I would suggest people change thier username and start supporting Vettel there is gonna be a lot of painful and hurtful years ahead as Alonso can’t drive better than he’s currently doing as an example compare the 2010 Seb to 2013 Seb am sure you can see the difference it’s like daylight and night in 2010 bus stop at spa was where he t-boned button in 2012/13 it was his favourite passing spot it should be named after him.
    people never appreciate greatness while its happening what is most compelling here with different people is the different soundbites that flood internet forums while Vettel is re-writing F1 record books, even the great MSC would not be sleeping easy at night.
    the late Senna up above would be clapping in awe looking at what this kid is achieving it is phenomenal.
    Keep the boos coming, name your pick multi 21 turkey 2010 silverstone 2010 get him out of the way Mark is too slow, the finger, have I missed out any other excuse, oh the important one its Newey.
    What doesn’t kill you can only make yo stronger, and my isn’t he getting stronger every race.

  • Arthur Dent

    Just beautiful, Rockie. Thank you so much for expressing the truth so succinctly.

  • Ukwhite

    @Rockie: thank you, heartfelt and honest lines

  • 9 DF

    I think Vettel has great charisma. He was really funny on Top Gear

  • bmendon

    Having met and spoken with Hans-Joachim Stuck Jr., I can say without reservation that he is not the most dynamic personality in the world!