Ecclestone predicts Red Bull dominance to end in new turbo era

F1 Grand Prix of Brazil

Sebastian Vettel with Bernie Ecclestone

Formula 1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone thinks that Red Bull might finally be beaten in 2014 as the sport enters the new V6 turbo power era.

“We’re going to have completely new cars, new engines, new rules,” he told Bild newspaper. “That will be the chance for Ferrari and Mercedes to catch up with Vettel.”

Ecclestone compared Vettel’s dominance to the Schumacher and Senna eras. But while Ayrton Senna was Hamilton’s hero, the 2008 World Champion insists that he is not sure he would like to enjoy Vettel-like dominance.

“Me, I don’t want [a driver] to be able to be that far ahead, I want to be able to fight with him or whoever,” Hamilton told the Independent.

Hamilton’s Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, however, told France’s L’Equipe that “What Red Bull are doing is the goal we have set for the forthcoming years”.

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo wouldn’t word it quite like that, but he would undoubtedly enjoy a Vettel-like era of dominance.

Indeed, when asked about the booing, the Italian told Tuttosport that the German is a “great driver”.

“In Singapore I saw a nice Ferrari test, we were the best of the ordinary, but I want to go back to being extraordinary,” Montezemolo added. (GMM)

Subbed by AJN.

  • McLarenfan

    I think the new power will throw a big spanner in the works to start with but then with Red Bulls Kers power problems they may well pay the price but will it only happen on 1 car.
    after a while they will all balance out and it will come back to who has the best balance and aerodynamics again.
    I still think Honda will be a force to recon with in 2015.

  • grat

    The real question is can Adrian Newey deal with all the heat from the turbo and the energy recovery systems?

    If the Red Bulls have had an achille’s heel in the past 4 years, it’s been electrical and/or heat, and those are both going to be serious issues for the 2014 spec cars.

  • Dr. Azlan

    The engine in F1 is not a major component. Practically every team on the F1 grid uses identical engines, i.e. the max rev of each engine is capped.

    When the engine rev is capped basically what you have left is the same engine whether it’s a Ferrari made, a Mercedez or a Cosworth, it hardly makes any difference except for the brand on the engine.

    It’s enough to place limitations such as on the cc. As to how much horsepower or torque that engine can produce is all up to the brilliance of each engine manufacturer.

    The engine should play the major role in F1. Unfortunately it’s the aero and tyres which are the deciding factors.

  • Joe Kinnear

    Obvious. Don’t need Bernie saying it and everyone knows. Every major rule change ends a dominance. Ferrari’s (Schumi’s) dominance was ended when no tire changes were allowed… the Ferraris couldn’t be super fast and manage the tires at the same time. Renault won. New aero changes in 2009.. Brawn came almost out of nowhere and won. I see the same thing happening.

  • BigE

    Don’t bet on it…

  • farizY

    “Me, I don’t want to be able to be that far ahead, I want to be able to fight with him or whoever,” Hamilton told the Independent.

    True if you’re the guy chasing, but if you’re the leader, you want to dominate as much as possible. No need to be hypocrite about it.

  • the fan

    never knew that bernie doesnt know anything about F1

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