Webber: Looks like even one of the Singapore stewards has done it…

Singapore race steward hitched a lift with Gerhard Berger at the end of the 1988 Japanese GP

Singapore race steward Derek Warwick hitched a lift with Gerhard Berger at the end of the 1988 Japanese GP

Mark Webber has branded the reprimand he was given for hitching a ride on Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari after the Singapore Grand Prix night race ‘comical’ in the light of the fact that one of the stewards on the night also hitched a lift during his own F1 career.

The reprimands for the Red Bull driver and Alonso have been a talking point since Sunday with Webber also collecting a 10 place grid penalty on the starting grid for next week’s Korean Grand Prix because of two previous offences.

Webber told his 765 000 followers on Twitter on Tuesday that for the pair “to receive reprimands for our actions after the race it is comical to say the least. Great moment, and fans loved it.

“And while I’m at it, contrary to reports, there was no interaction at all with any track officials after we put the fire out.”

The Renault engine in Mark Webber's Red Bull expires on the final lap of the race in Singapore

The Renault engine in Mark Webber’s Red Bull expires on the final lap of the race in Singapore

The Australian had retired on the last lap at the Marina Bay street circuit after his car ran out of water and the engine caught fire.

He then ran back on the floodlit track to wave down Alonso’s Ferrari, which other cars had to weave to avoid, on the slowing down lap and rode back to the pits on it.

Mercedes‘ Lewis Hamilton, one of those who took avoiding action, said afterwards that he had been shocked when he came around the corner.

“If Mark had been walking across where I went then I would have run him over,” said the 2008 World Champion.

Britain’s Derek Warwick, a former grand prix racer who was one of the stewards in Singapore, said the reprimands were fully justified because of the potential danger posed.

Mark Webber gets a lift back to the pits with Fernando Alonso after the race at Marina Bay Circuit

Mark Webber gets a lift back to the pits with Fernando Alonso after the race at Marina Bay Circuit

“It is not health and safety gone mad,” he told the Daily Telegraph. “A driver could easily have been hurt. I hope we’re not seen as killjoys.

“I want Formula 1 to be entertaining. I want it to be a spectacle. I’m a big fan of MotoGP and I wish we in Formula One could get closer to the drivers like they do in MotoGP,” added the British Racing Drivers’ Club president.

“We have become a bit sterile in many ways in F1. But we cannot put drivers at risk. If it had been done in a safer manner then it might have been viewed differently. You can’t have cars parked in the middle of a corner.”

Webber posted a picture on Twitter of Warwick hitching a ride on the back of Austrian Gerhard Berger’s Ferrari at the 1988 Japanese Grand Prix as well as other photographs of similar incidents over the years.

“Looks like even one of the Singapore stewards has done it…#C’estlavie,” he commented. (Reuters)

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  • McLarenfan

    Derek Warwick is a hypercrit then

  • black dog

    As usual, stupid comments from people who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.
    As DW correctly says, if Alonso had not stopped in the middle of the corner, and Mark had not run across the track, it might have been looked on differently. As it was, Mark was extremely lucky not to get knocked down by either of the Mercs.
    On the slowing down lap, drivers are sometimes busy waving to the fans, so not therefore locked into race mode full concentration. Both very experienced drivers, they should have known better. I hope the FIA don’t ban Alonso Taxi, but Guys, Come On! Next Time, DON’T stop in the middle of a corner on the bloody racing line. Think a bit.

  • diwant

    Black dog u r absolutely correct!

  • Branch

    And perhaps somewhere someone will link this incident to the crash-gate scandal. LOL
    That is an extreme penalty. A financial penalty with a warning should do it. Its just a mistake in good faith.

  • Ukwhite

    Reckless behaviour from both drivers. The only excuse is they were consumed and confused after a tough race, their judgement was impaired.

  • Boycottthebull

    FIA Stewards being hypocrites applying ridiculous penalties to some and then turning a blind eye to others they favour? Please tell me it isnt so……..! Dont want to be seen as killjoys? LOL Their been long looking at that notion in the rear view mirror!

  • Rupert Suren

    Crazy over reaction by the FIA Stewards. First, this was the cooling down lap so all drivers would normally be off the ‘racing line’ to pick up as much rubber as possible. Secondly, the other cars would not be going at anything like racing speeds. Thirdly, as the race was over, the racing line is no longer relevant as there is no race on. Warwick’s comments are a poor show given his hitch in the past. He is supposed to give the racer’s view on the matter, not join in the blazered officials ridiculous viewpoint.

  • Uh

    Webber was literally 3-4 seconds away of being hit by Hamilton driving around 80mph. Just look at the released footage.

  • BigE

    Does Webber do anything besides fail and whinge?

  • fools


    well said.

  • fools

    Rupert Suren

    Well said

  • McLarenfan

    @black dog: so you are a qualified race driver / FIA steward putting all of the fans in the clear picture about how wrong we are and telling us we have no idea what we are talking about. Nice to know we have an expert in our mist who can correct us as we are thick.
    Now why don’t you go hand a loo roll under your chin to catch that nasty brown substance flowing from your mouth.

  • McLarenfan

    @Rupert Suren: Glad to see someone else sees this in the same light as over half the genuine fans, unlike the killjoys out in Elf & Safety insanity land who have teamed up with the FIA trying to restore the FRENCH economy!!!!

  • KC

    If Mark was as good at driving an F1 car as he is at playing the press and the fans, he’d be a ten time world champion by now.

  • KC

    “to apply a grid penalty for showing a little camaraderie?”

    They didn’t apply a grid penalty for showing a little camaraderie. Webber (and Alonso) received a reprimand, which was appropriate for the offense. Since it was Webbers third reprimand of the season it triggered an automatic grid drop for him. Those are the rules.

    He did NOT get a grid penalty for showing a little camaraderie. He got a grid penalty for picking up too many reprimands (making too many mistakes) over the season.

  • knowall

    Warwick not only are you a “Jobsworth” Your a hypocrite, I hope your never allowed to Stewart again ,
    Still you could always get a job as a traffic warden.

  • Serpo

    Question- how many Vettle fans does it take to change a light bulb ?
    Answer- 5, 1 to change the light bulb and four to blame Webber for making the light bulb blow.

  • McLarenfan

    So true

  • Ukwhite

    Serpo: Silly, mate, but that is a nice try in this …expert envirnment, helps to have some fan. Get a better one, though.

  • otiva

    Serpo, that was a good one.

    just for the sake sarcasm, imagine if it was vettels car & vettel gets a left by a Toro & then reprimanded. This case will fly to the UN by mateschitz, Horner & helmut to ask the Chinese to veto it.

    webber…you never belonged there. Only to be abused by RB.

  • Ukwhite

    I am attaching the link with the reckless move done by the two drivers. It is scaring, a second thought may help.

    Hope this site will not remove the link: f1fanatic.co.uk/2013/09/24/new-video-shows-webbers-controversial-taxi-ride/

  • Serpo

    The point of my tacky joke was to try and show some of the people that comment on these sites that they should lighten up a little and not get carried away with their support of one driver or another, enjoy the fact that for the moment at least we have some high quality drivers out there entertaining us wether it’s Webber, Vettle, Alonso, Hamilton etc. these guys are all quality drivers. In the 80s pre internet it was very difficult to get any info on f1 especially here in Aus let alone be able to interact with other fans from around the world. But it seems that a lot of the journalism around at the moment is just trash trying to stir up fans a start arguments that I think have resulted in situations like Vettle being booed on podiums around the world. As a Webber fan I didn’t agree with the multi 21 situation but I also don’t agree with people booing him either, let’s lighten up guys don’t get lured into these trashy situations, enjoy the fact that these guys are out there busting a nut to win a race and entertain us. Enjoy it while you can because the way the sport is being run it won’t be long before we are watching a grid full of pay drivers run around in cars that can hardly be called the pinnacle of moter sports

  • farizY

    If the current rule says you cannot do it, then you cannot do it. Regulations change over the years. I have nothing against Mark though.

  • A41202813GMAIL

    There Are In YOUTUBE Many Videos Seen From Various Angles.

    It Was Not Dangerous, Period.

    LEWIS, Next Time, Do No Make The Drama Bigger Than It Already Is.

    Go, HAMILTON !

  • Adriana

    They should allow it looks cool and Hamilton is a wimp , He is burning to do that , because he wants to copy everything that Ayrton did , what a guy without personality.

  • Adriana

    They should allow it looks cool and Hamilton is a wimp , He is burning to do that , because he wants to copy everything that Ayrton did , what a guy without personality, get a life.

  • black dog

    McLarenfan. This post is not addressed to you, it is, however, about you and people like you.
    I suggest that you take a close look at the footage again, several times if necessary. You will clearly see the two Mercs having to take avoiding action so as to not hit Alonso’s car, or Webber.
    Warwick correctly says that the incident might have been viewed differently if Alonso had not stopped in the middle of the corner on the racing line. Even on the slowing down lap, most drivers will naturally keep to the racing line which is the natural flow of the circuit, and since the race is over, they are more relaxed and waving to fans. They would NOT normally expect to find a car parked in the middle of a corner with a driver walking around trying to climb on to it.
    Alonso should have just stopped at the side of the track to pick Webber up.
    If you don’t understand that, then YES, you are thick.
    You said so yourself, and I’m just agreeing with you.
    You don’t have to be an expert, or an F1 driver, or FIA steward to understand that. You just need to have a brain.
    People like you can not apply simple logic to situations and you always resort to insults.
    Unfortunately Grand Prix racing has been invaded by people with the mentality of football supporters. It was not always so.

  • McLarenfan

    @black dog:
    You need to look at ll the footage to make an informed opinion I have seen several views on several sits including youtube and yo will quite clearly see that Alonso whom I hate with a passion didn’t do as bad a job of of stopping as is lead to believe in fact he put most cabbies to shame. I have stated that he would have been better to stop in a more appropriate place but you will find also that Lewis was being a bit of a DRAMA QUEEN more than likely due to his argument with his race engineer and the fact that he was in the process of trying to understand were his race went wrong.

    @ A41202813GMAIL:
    Glad to see the voice of reason back

  • MacStar

    Ukwhite, thanks for the link. It was a close shave and the reprimands justified.

  • black dog

    And please do not bother to reply with more stupid ill considered comments and insults.
    I have absolutely no intention of wasting any more time bandying words with the likes of you.
    I prefer to engage in real F1 fans who know what they are talking about.
    Finally, I have known DW for a great many years. He is a mate of mine, but I don’t always agree with him.
    On this occasion he is totally correct.
    He may never have won a race or a championship, but he was a great driver. In fact he was offered the Williams drive before. Mansell but chose to stay with Renault where he had several second place finishes. A win was not far away. Nobody knew that Renault were going to stop at the end of the following year. So Mansell joined Williams at the very moment when things really took off.
    Derek just was not in the right place at the right time.
    Nevertheless he was and is hugely respected both as a person and as a driver, and was highly paid as well.
    The morons here can post ignorant insults, but the real fans will remember some of the great drives he did, like at Brands Hatch in the Toleman, beating Ferraris etc. Epic stuff!

  • black dog

    Finally, and I said I would not do this, BUT, you say that you “Hate Alonso with a passion”.
    That just says it all as far as I am concerned.
    If horse racing was the sport of kings, motor racing used to be the sport of gentlemen.
    Proper Grand Prix motor racing fans, ( I’ve been following the sport for more than 50 years ), love the sport and yes, we may have favourite teams or drivers, but we don’t HATE anyone.
    What they do commands far too much respect for us to think in terms of hate.
    Consider the supreme courage it took for Warwick to drive the monster Lotus V12 Lamborghini turbos absolutely flat out.
    You tube: Derek Warwick-Lotus 102 Lamborghini V12 (onboard camera).
    You only have to remember the terrifying crash Martin Donnelly suffered in his Lotus in 1990 to see what happens when it all goes wrong, and in those machines, something could break at any moment. YouTube: Martin Donnelly horrific crash 1990.
    It makes me very sad that there are individuals here who claim to follow F1 and in the same breath say they hate this driver or that team.
    It is quite sickening and I, for one, have no wish to be associated
    with you, or anyone who thinks like you.

  • A41202813GMAIL



    Go, HAMILTON !

  • gilgen

    webber seems to be unable to grasp the facts. his “penalty” was NOT for hitching a ride. so why does he even bother to mention other taxi rides? he got a reprimand for ignoring the marshal and rules about being on track when there were still cars on the track. after that, the penalty was automatic. if he had not collected two previous reprimands, he would have no penalty. it seems as if he just doesn’t bother with what he does now that he is leaving.

  • black dog

    For all those who still persist in saying it was not dangerous I suggest that you Google F1 Fanatic and check out the following:

    I repeat that I really hope the FIA DO NOT ban drivers from giving lifts to each other at the end of races. It is great to see.
    I do hope that they simply insist that drivers engage their brains before they stop in the middle of a corner on the racing line.
    Webber and Alonso both deserved a good roasting for that serious error of judgement.
    The ONLY reason for Webber’s grid penalty in the next race is that this incident was his third mess up of the season, end of story.
    Next time pay attention before you act!

  • Ukwhite

    @Serpo: thanks for the clarification, that was my understanding from the begining. Didn’t know you like Mark, next time when I am hitting on him I will do it mildly :) the truth is I have lways liked Aussies, but Webber piised me off a few times, so it was a bit hard to get against him. Latest one is this reaction of him to post similar actions on twitter, practically he did not get the meaning of the penalty and his actions. Anyways, well is well that ends well.

    @Black dog: valid points, could not agree more with safety concerns

  • black dog

    OK so I am not allowed to put web links on here.
    Check out new video footage on F1 Fanatic
    “New video shows Webber’s controversial taxi ride”

  • black dog

    Sorry Ukwhite, I did not see that had previously posted the link to the new video.
    Good job!

  • Alif

    Mark you got the reprimand, accept it. You can ask why. But no need to point out back to the steward of what he did long ago in the past and shared it. Its different era and it was dangerous to stop in the corner.
    You’re a skilled racing driver you can fight to the front even start from the pit.

  • Tom Riddle

    The CCTV footage clearly shows the danger of stopping around a blind corner. On a real F1 circuit it would not have been a problem but street circuits are all blind corners.

    Webber and Alonso were only given a reprimand for the incident. The grid penalty came about because it was Webber’s third infraction of the season. I’m sure he knew what was going to happen if he was reprimanded a third time.

    Cop it on the chin and move on, Mark.

  • Zeppelin

    @Black dog: valid points, certainly. And yes, you’re right: many of us seem to be football fans. But not only the fans, also the referees / stewards: they’re applying reprimands and penalties on subjective matters.
    This time it wasn’t, as an example, that a driver changed his line twice. It was due to a dangerous behaviour. OK. Let’s define “dangerous”. We can agree or not that what Alonso and Webber did was dangerous.
    To me, even understanding stewards’ statement, they went too far!
    Being this the first reprimand for crossing the track “dangerously”, I’d have adviced Webber (and all drivers) that from now on this kind of attitudes will be punished.
    Add an article to the Sporting Regulation and end of the story.

    PS: I don’t think that the use of certain adjectives as “moroons” is necessary.
    PS (II): do you really think that Webber would have been punished if he was fighting for the Championship? I doubt so and there were many cases…

  • black dog

    As Derek said, they were not intending to punish either driver, just give them a talking to, UNTIL the stewards saw additional footage which clearly demonstrafed just how close it came to having serious consequences. Mark very nearly got hit by one of the Mercs and aside from that aspect of it, I don’t think the Mercedes or Ferrari teams would have been too pleased if their cars had been badly damaged in an accident caused by rather careless/inconsiderate driving on the part of Fernando.
    The corner is blind so there could have been quite an expensive pile up as other cars hurried back to the pits.
    Don’t you find that Alonso has been very very quiet on the subject? I think he knows he messed up.
    I don’t have a problem with Mark (if he hadn’t spun out in Korea 2010, he would have won the championship. and I wish he had won it!), but on this incident he really should just own up.
    Re the use of the term moron. If you read some of the ignorant and insulting comments directed at Warwick, I can not help but think that such comments were written by morons.
    Sorry, but I rest my case.
    Do you think we could move on to something more positive now?
    I think this topic has been done to death!