Marko says Vettel boo-brigade is annoying but explainable

Sebastian Vettel with Helmut Marko

Sebastian Vettel with Helmut Marko

Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko thinks that fans of Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso were among those booing Sebastian Vettel on the podium in Singapore.

As the reigning triple world champion’s dominance continues, so too has the apparent disapproval of some Formula 1 audience members.

It has raised interesting questions. Vettel thinks the ardent Ferrari fans are simply “emotional” that Alonso is being beaten. Others think the German’s dominance but also his personality are starting to bite hard.

“The booing is increasingly annoying,” Red Bull’s Marko told the German newspaper Bild, “but explainable.”

“In Singapore, Alonso and Webber have many fans who do not like Seb,” he insisted.

Webber’s fans feel betrayed by Vettel’s actions in Malaysia, which became known as the ‘Multi 21′ affair.

“Forget the track stuff,” Webber told the Guardian newspaper this week.

“We’ve had some private discussions and we weren’t super-happy with how they went and how we felt about each other. It’s tested the relationship to the maximum,” he revealed.

But according to some, the aversion to Vettel’s personality is not just limited to Australians and the ‘tifosi’.

Indeed, Marko was asked about Vettel’s controversial statement after the Singapore Grand Prix, whilst considering his and Red Bull’s domination of F1.

“Whilst there’s a lot of people hanging their balls in the pool very early on Fridays, we’re still here working very hard and pushing very hard,” Vettel had said.

But Marko insisted: “I find what he said great and pithy and anyway it’s true.

“Seb wants to keep the workload just as high in the team as it has been. That’s why we are bringing in Daniel Ricciardo, a young, hungry driver who will continue to push. Not Kimi Raikkonen,” he added.

Marko has yet another theory.

“Sebastian is not as transparent as a Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton,” he said, “who tweet their thoughts all around the world.

“Sebastian sacredly protects his private life wherever it is possible,” added Marko. (GMM.)

Subbed by AJN.

  • stings

    Sebastian Vettel (the number 1) will be remembered as the one who won a lot of WDC titles, drove like no one else and wrote the golden history in F1.
    Webber and his friend Alonso ( the number 2 in their team and/or in the final standings respectively) will be remembered as those who managed to reduce the IQ level of the crowd around the F1 circuits to its minimum.
    But will they be remembered?

  • Shady

    True that. I see in your case, that Alonso and Webber are doing good job.

  • Mike

    I think Seb will be remembered for winning many titles, but was never considered The Best… And I think Alonso will be remembered for being The Best whitout winning so many titles…
    A. Senna is/was considered as the best ever, even if Schumacher has more titles… Just a thought, stings.

  • stings

    I have the right and the brains to consider “the best” whoever I want to.
    I do not need media no-ones to teach me who is better than other.
    Right now, “the best” is Sebastian Vettel. And he will be The Best for many more years.
    Senna, Schumacher and many others like them, were The Best at their time.
    You can not compare the given conditions in different eras (cars, rules, opponents…) so you can not compare Vettel with Senna.
    But you can compare Vettel with Alonso, Webber or even Chilton and the rest on the grid today : the final result is on Vettel’s side.
    The rest is only media propaganda.
    They provoke the “news”. Even if it means to make a bunch of retards to boo a legend.

  • Ben

    I am a fan of Webber but everyone has to acknowledge what a champion Sebastian is. RBR is no doubt tthe best on the paddock but you don’t win 3 (4 soon) championships for being slow & lazy work ethics. People should give Vettel a break & acknowledge his achievements & greatness

  • Don

    Vettal showed his true colours in Malaysia the only part of team he is interested in are the two letters “me”.he is a great driver but lacks the personality of a fan favorite as shown in the multi 21 affair.

  • F1R

    @stings You are so wrong. In terms of talent, Vettel is not even in the top 3. His car makes him look better than he is, thanks to Adrian Newey. Vettel’s strengths are consistency and decent speed. He is not quicker than Hamilton or Alonso and I doubt he could sit in a Lotus and match what Kimi has done for the past 2 seasons.

  • F1R

    I can understand that demented Marko and the slimy Horner not properly understanding why Vettel is booed, but I’m surprised that Brundle doesn’t fully get it either.

    They all talk about what a great performance Vettel put in at Singapore. But it may surprise some people that other think it was a great performance from the Newey designed RB9 that Vettel just happens to consistently drive well in.
    The car gave the vast majority of that performance, not Vettel.
    No-one in their right mind can think that, based on pure talent alone, than Vettel is 2s a lap quicker than Alonso, Hamilton or Raikkonen. In fact I`ll wager in an equal car he is slower than all 3 – Hamilton for sure.
    Vettel is simply not a popular winner because people don’t like the person that he is. Oh he laughs and jokes with people and seems affable enough, but he’s actually quite arrogant, sees himself as a wise-guy and at times petulant.
    Schumacher wasn’t booed for winning 5 titles in a row and Schumacher was winning far more than Vettel. He was booed in Austria 2001, rightly so, but that was under a different set of circumstances.
    Even Vettel was being barely tolerated by the crowds who would hold themselves back from letting their feelings of this brash kid with the arrogant index finger (done specifically for cameras because he knows it irks people) be known.
    Malaysia was the tipping point though and the crowds have decided to let him know what they really think of him.
    I have no problem with the booing continuing if only for it to serve as a reminder to him that he is not well thought of as an F1 champion and until he proves himself in another team or a non-dominant car, he will never be a Senna or a Schumacher no matter how many titles he wraps up in a car that makes his job oh so easy. Vettel should hand his championship trophies over to their deserving recipient, Adrian Newey.

  • grat

    Perhaps people don’t like Vettel because he comes across as a spoiled brat and poor winner in a dominant car?

  • stings


    You both are brainwashed because those are not your words.
    Advice:Try to think for yourselves and don’t give me those”TV idiot” mantras!

  • Lol.

    I don’t need the media to tell me why I don’t like Vettel, Stings.

  • stings

    No you don’t!

    You have the right to like or not any of the F1 drivers..and I respect that, but all the arguments here are the same BS.
    (driving a dominant car, multi21, starting from the middle of the grid, driving for another team, he is nothing the car is everything….and these are pretty much all…oh and not forget this one : he is a spoiled brat).
    A list of non-senses.
    These are all BS induced by media…you know which one, do you?
    It is ridiculous how some Sunday drivers try to teach an F1 driver….(I include here even Chilton)…how to drive an F1 car or which is the proper manner to race and win. Those need a life or/and specialized help.

  • Boycottthebull

    Im more than happy to boooo Marko instead. Truly the most divisive undermining influence any team has ever had. He will happily slate one of his own drivers and make statements before the team principle. What is this fools real job anyways?

  • fools


    Well said.

  • F1R


    Have you ever thought that the reason you keep hearing the same reasons is because they are true.
    In fact if it was BS then you’d hear the opposite which is loads of different reasons why people don’t want to like him.
    You are just in denial and can’t see that the car has put Vettel where he is today. It’s only BS to you because you want it to be, but that doesn’t make it so.

    No-one is trying to teach an F1 driver anything. You’re just spouting nonsense now to try and bolster your argument.
    No-one is saying Vettel is nothing. What we’re saying is that he is nothing special. He is not on the same shelf as Senna, Schumacher, Fangio etc.
    Vettel has an amazing consistency. He is reliable. But he is also a brash, arrogant young man. Blaming Mark for the accident in Turkey for example. He just HAD to be in front so he went for it, there wasn’t enough space and he took them both out, then blamed Webber. Because he’s so important it couldn’t possibly be his fault, right ?
    Malaysia again… yes! Why ? Because he mugged Webber who had, by instruction from the team, turned his engine down and told to get the car home and he wouldn’t be challenged for the win. Seb had other ideas and mugged Webber while he had his engine turned down. That move sums up Vettel in a nutshell.
    I understand he is a driver who wants to win but imagine if Mark had done the same to him. He’d be crying.

    No sorry, but while that Red Bull car is so aerodynamically dominant, Seb will never be a proper champion in the same vein as Senna or Schumacher etc..
    Just because you disagree doesn’t mean people are brainwashed.

    Nobody forms my opinions but me and I don’t form my opinions from the media or on mere whims or hatreds.

  • stings


    Can an educated human being boo like a gorilla in public while mentally sane?
    I don’t like some drivers on the grid.
    This is a fact!
    But I won’t boo at them and I won’t repeat no BS heard/read somewhere in my posts.
    Now is this Turkey accident…come on…don’t try to motivate your hate.
    If you are not brainwashed there is some other reason, but mainly is only hate and frustration which comes trough.
    No offense.

  • Snowman


    I can see your point, the media does under-rate vettel a lot more than is deserved, however I would disagree that all the booing and such is down to the media; I would suggest that it is simply the popularity of other drivers who are getting beaten so easily.

    I do agree he shouldn’t be getting booed, and I disagree with anyone who says it is purely the car. At the end of the day, the car must be driven and driven fast for it to achieve results. Vettel is winning at the moment because the Vettel + Red Bull package is the best overall. Also, people saying he’s not the same league as schumacher, I suggest you check your history… schumacher has ONLY won titles in the fastest car, yet you call him the greatest and Vettel the worst…

    My personal opinion – Vettel is not the fastest driver in f1 today. My opinion is Hamilton is the fastest, but being the clown that he is, throws the majority of his opportunities away. In terms of who is the best driver, I would rank the top 4 like this;

    Raikkonen (When he is motivated, of course)

    Of course, i say when Raikkonen is motivated… anyone else noticed that all his poor results have come since he signed for maranello? Coincidence?

    Lastly, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but the amount of failures that occur on Webber’s car compared to sebastian’s is nothing short of alarming. I’m not saying they are deliberately caused by the pit wall, but they clearly aren’t taking as much care when building his car as they do when they’re building Vettels. Webber’s kers seems to fail every other race.

  • Guy Knozall

    For all of you out there who have–or who plan to–boo Vettel in the future when he wins even more races and championships, allow me to help you complete your sentences or exclamations (depending on how far you have your nose jammed in Fernando’s tuckus):

    For all of you who say: “BOO!” This is incomplete; first you exclaim “BOO!” then you must quickly add “HOO!” so that it reads and sounds correct, i.e., “BOO-HOO!” Now you are imparting what you truly mean when (fill in F1 driver name other than Vettel here) does not win the race because “his car is bad but he is the best driver.”

    Are any of you reading back any of the things you write? Many of you sound like F1 felchers. Yes, felchers.

    Here’s another one to chant when Alonso is circling around (put name of F1 course here) in 2nd, 3rd, 20th, whatever . . . :

    The chant goes like this (start out slowly, this is most important):


    Keep saying it faster and faster; its meaning will become clear.

  • delfino

    @Guy Knozall

    Are you trying to be funny and clever? Well you’re coming off as retarded…oh I’m sorry, I meant RE-TARDED :D

  • pfft

    I don’t like vettel. A lot of people don’t.
    I grudgingly accept that he can pull a fast lap out of a car better than nearly anyone else. … when it is perfect. In clear air, few can match him in his mighty neweymobile.
    Interestingly, schumacher had the same number of starts/wins as seb does right now.
    Schumacher was occasionally booed in the benetton but only after the some abysmal displays (ignorinh black flag) but people recognized his gutsy performances in 92/93 in a slow car. He had shown he was capable of pushing ahead and overtaking mansell, senna, alesi etc even when his car shouldn’t be able to. Same with hakkinnen who, when teamed with senna, was immediately quicker.
    What really galvanized schumacher’s popularity was going to a woeful ferrari in 96 and carrying around a sick dog, while making it look like a racehorse. Alonso has kinda followed a similar path (occasional questionable ethics, go fast in slow car, win two titlew with benetton/renault/lotus/engrove and move to ferrari and compete with underperforming car.
    Schuey didn’t do all this samuri krao, tho. He just worked hard. No flashy girlfriends, no tattoos.
    People respected that…. even when he was dominating in 2000-2004

  • farizY

    Why don’t, instead of being jealous of Vettel’s success, try to beat him instead. That is, if you’re fast enough. And enough with this ‘Multi 21′. Even if Webber were ahead in Malaysia, he would still be trailing Vettel now. Booing just make us fans look like a bunch of sore loser pricks.

  • stings


    In my list the top 3 drivers look different then yours, but this does not mean I will boo on you or I won’t respect your opinion.
    Booing (especially when it is orchestrated/arranged) is a form of violence.
    What will this bring in future?
    And why is the reason for those?
    Please don’t give me multi21, turkey accident or the rest of BS.
    It is because some team can not justify the huge amount of money spent (on a superstar -yeah right- driver, not working wind tunnel….and many others) without any results for long long years now!
    You have to find the one responsible for all this !
    It can not be you….it must be somebody else.
    Vettel and his fast car?
    Right answer! :)
    But…as you know :”You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time”

  • Sting abuses the name and fame of great singer/songwriter

    @Sting : Since when is booing an act of violence?
    Dude you are very far from reality.

    All your posts are like preaches, like you are the one holding the absolute wisdom in your hand..

    I bet you have very insignificant life, trying so hard on the internet to convince others of your point of view.


  • =El Presidente=

    What F1R said. it is Vettels own arrogant and unsportsmanlike behavior, not the mention the lack of respect this kid displays to everyone including his teammate, his peers (and the rest of the RB team) and all the F1 fans over the world. A total lack of respect for everyone who makes it possible for him to do what he does best.

    @Sting : Nobody is saying Vettel is slow. The best drivers always have the best cars. Vettel-fans though, should realize that he has the best car at least the last three seasons (his first title was a nice true fight to the end, where he actually didn’t lead the championship until the very end of the very last race, respect for that)

    Im betting Newey has invented some new kind of extra ground-effect on the RB.. since they now have topspeed, and cornering-speed. which of course is not due to Vettels driving quality, but pure to Newey’s drawing qualities.

    On the topic of who is the fastest driver..
    It is like the best guitarist.. it depends on what you like, and what the surrounding conditions are.
    On fragile rubber, Button will be the best, in the rain.. Senna was the best (and unmatched until today) in terms of determination.. i guess Mansell should take that trophy..

    Im pretty sure that if there would be an indoor-F1-track (to control the conditions, and the drivers would be driving 1 and the same car, that the differences will be tiny.. tiny like 1/1000’s of seconds.. not only between Kimi/Lewis/Seb/Freddy, but also with Massa, hulk, Romain, Rosberg.. (very much underrated)
    I feel that age does play a part, because reaction-time fades with age.. and that probably why older drivers are missing that ‘final edge’
    people so easily forget what it takes to be a top-driver in F1.. (im taling about Crashtor’s and Guillotines of course)
    I think at least 70% of the drivers in F1 is a potential WDC ,given the right car.

    all the guys in the topteams have proven that they are champions in lower series where teams drive equal material.. F1 is just a political game, and in his own little league has not much to do with pure racing. it is a technical race more then anything else.
    For this reason it would be rubbish to say that guys like alonso/lewis/hulk/rosberg/kimi etc would not take a landslide victory in a ‘newey-mobile’ ;)

  • stings

    @Sting abuses the name and fame of great singer/songwriter

    Except that you missed a letter from my alias…..(must be because it being such a long name exceeds your “brain”processing power) you are perfectly right :This is how it looks!
    I must appreciate that you have read my posts and since this will be my last one I have to wish you -and those of your kind- to boo a lot from now on. When you do, that please remember that I am more than happy for your loss.

  • Rockie

    “@stings You are so wrong. In terms of talent, Vettel is not even in the top 3. His car makes him look better than he is, thanks to Adrian Newey. Vettel’s strengths are consistency and decent speed. He is not quicker than Hamilton or Alonso and I doubt he could sit in a Lotus and match what Kimi has done for the past 2 seasons.”

    This is the perfect example of the post @stings made above Vettel no in top 3 in terms of talent then goes on to say his strenghts are consistency and decent speed.

    What else do you need in F1 maybe I have been watching another series.

    What a joke I believe people in thier haste to hate Vettel they now sound delusional and don’t know it’s ridiculously unbelievable.

  • Rockie

    That should read @F1R is the perfect example of the retards @stings describes not referring to @stings!

    “@stings You are so wrong. In terms of talent, Vettel is not even in the top 3. His car makes him look better than he is, thanks to Adrian Newey. Vettel’s strengths are consistency and decent speed. He is not quicker than Hamilton or Alonso and I doubt he could sit in a Lotus and match what Kimi has done for the past 2 seasons.”

    This is the perfect example of the post @stings made above Vettel no in top 3 in terms of talent then goes on to say his strenghts are consistency and decent speed.

    What else do you need in F1 maybe I have been watching another series.

    What a joke I believe people in thier haste to hate Vettel they now sound delusional and don’t know it’s ridiculously unbelievable.

  • Krug

    @F1R & @Snowman have said it best and most elegantly. But just a slight change in the order of best drivers:

    Hamilton (although, admittedly, he sometimes doesn’t seem to use his head mistaking tactics for strategy)

    Insofar as @Stings is concerned, sorry but he has just too many cheap shot and repetitive, as well as non sequitur arguments.


    Hah! Not Sure why I like reading this better with my Ace Frehley greasepaint on my face.