New Jersey back on new 22 race 2014 F1 calendar

Press conference announcing New Jersey F1 project in 2011

Press conference announcing New Jersey F1 project in 2011

New Jersey is apparently right back in the running to  host a grand prix in 2014.

Earlier, the new street race amid the New York skyline was the subject of constant ‘on again, off again’ speculation, culminating in an early draft of next year’s calendar omitting the famous name.

But El Mundo Deportivo, a Spanish sports newspaper, has now published a new, tentative 2014 schedule, based on information that was doing the rounds in the paddock at the weekend in Singapore.

The new calendar boasts no less than 22 races, with Monaco, New Jersey and Canada all set to take place back-to-back-to-back in the middle of the year.

Asked, however, how many of the 22 races will really take place next year, Formula 1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone told Auto Motor und Sport: “Let’s say 20 or 21.”

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  • BigE

    Suck it. Haters. :D

    It could easily be the fastest street circuit and the whole second and third sector are just amazing imo. Far better than Valencia or Sochi or the embarrassing purpose built Tilke-circuits like Korea, India, or Austin even. Take away the esses and Austin has nothing going for it.

    This circuit however has massive potential. And I despise NY/NJ.

  • PB

    If the calendar is correct what a logistical nightmare of back to back to back. The teams have to agree and I cannot see them agreeing to such a tight calendar. Something will have to give.

  • EazyE

    Yeah, I’d expect a massive reworking of the calendar. The only race that can’t change is Monaco as they own that date.

    I wouldn’t think having a November race in North America is too bright… especially considering how lucky they were in Austin last year. One week earlier or later and it would have horrific with the high temp of 7c/45f.

  • biggerE

    How sad that right after Austin was awarded the schedule that officials scrambled to get in the game. Two races in one country?? Lets see that happen in China, Australia, or Mexico… wouldnt seem possible right. But if you wine enough, and beg, maybe we can have a third in North Austin..? And to any fool who thinks watching a race on tv qualifies you as an expert critic, I feel sorry for you. COTA is the real track designed by thr best engineers with turns taken from the best tracks in the world. Maybe you fly down and check it out instead nagging from your dump jn jersey…