Alonso: We need a lot of luck and we will put all our effort and hopes into 2014

Fernando Alonso with  Sebastian Vettel on the Singapore podium

Fernando Alonso with Sebastian Vettel on the Singapore podium

Sebastian Vettel’s fourth consecutive title win moved a step closer to certainty on Sunday as he pulled 60 points clear of his nearest title rival, Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso who is the driver most likely to close the gap to the dominant Red Bull by November’s Brazil finale.

However the Spaniard now admits it is not highly likely, “We don’t need [just] luck in Korea; we need luck in Korea, in Japan, in India, in Abu Dhabi…if we are one second off the pace, we need a lot of luck.”

Indeed, while Vettel cannot mathematically secure the title in Korea next weekend, from Suzuka onwards – five races to the end – it starts to become a possibility.

Undoubtedly, with reality now biting hard, it makes no sense to keep pushing the development of the 2013 car when Red Bull and Vettel are so far clear and superior.

The huge challenge of the 2014 regulations is yet another argument in favour of downing tools on this campaign.

Fernando Alonso with Andrea Stella before the start of the Singapore GP

Fernando Alonso with Andrea Stella before the start of the Singapore GP

“Well, we start from zero next year so it’s our best opportunity to close the gap,” said Alonso. “Really we will put all our effort and hopes into 2014.”

Boss Stefano Domenicali also confirmed that “99 per cent” of Ferrari’s focus is now on 2014. Alonso suggests that the focus actually switched some time ago.

“When [Pirelli] changed the tyres, we said bye-bye,” he said.

Theoretically still in the hunt is Mercedes‘ Lewis Hamilton, but he admitted on Sunday that he is not even dreaming about tracking down a 100 point gap.

“We’ll just try and catch Fernando somehow,” said the Briton.

The fact that the title is all but done-and-dusted, with six races left to run might explain why Vettel was booed yet again on the podium on Sunday.

Fans swarm on to the Marina Bay Circuit after the race

Fans swarm on to the Marina Bay Circuit after the race

The championship leader blamed the Ferrari fans. “If you look at the grandstand, most of them are dressed in red,” said the German.

Vettel laughed off the Singapore crowd’s reaction, but Red Bull boss Christian Horner suggested the 26-year-old was actually hurt.

“He’s only human,” he told Bild newspaper.

But Felipe Massa, a Ferrari driver for six more races, said that Formula 1 should expect more of the same as the 2013 season rolls on.

“We are seeing an end of the championship with nobody developing the current cars, so  [the results] will probably look something like this,” he said in Singapore. (GMM)

Subbed by AJN.

Subbed by AJN.

  • stings

    I was waiting for the day when Alonso will finally leave Ferrari and I will be able to be a scuderia fan again…. now I hope he will take his booing brigade with him as well and that day is not too far!
    How can you be satisfied and smile when the one who beat you fair and square is being booed by your own “fans”?
    What does it tell about you?

  • stings

    “We need a lot of luck and we will put all …. hopes into 2014″…hoping that you won’t be in Ferrari colors by that time!

  • =El Presidente=

    That vettel gets booed is only due to himself, and nothing else.

    The multi-21 was a massive display of disrespect to his teammate, his peers, and the rest of his team, and to all the F1 fans all over the world.

    you reap what you have sown.

    That Horny says that Vettel was keeping up appearences and that he is actually hurt.. i can only hope that its true.. but my best guess is, that a moron with such little respect in his german colon, does not really bother about it.. it would mean that he has empathie and respect.. which, as he has shown multiple times he obviously lacks.

    If you ask me, they will keep booing him on and on, until he retires.

    And yes, I am man enough to admit that that little Zzzerman is very fast, really fast, but he will never be a ‘great’ driver in many books, because of the disrespect he displays time and time again.

  • Izham

    They are booing at their own future superstar….

  • Glen_M

    Wish a succesful effort in 2014 Fernando and of course a lot of luck….

    Human makes mistakes even Sebastian, just get over it and enjoy watching the race. However booeing is not right and despicable

  • pfft

    I’d be comfortable booing vettel. He has always been an abusive prat. Remember herbie in 2009? Turkey 2010, multi 21, .U reap what u sow, seb. I just wish I had his money and skill

  • Ukwhite

    @=El Presidente=: Go fishing mate, I mean it.

    Multi 21? Get serious, you need F1 procession, holding back a 3 time champion by a big mouth idiot who wanted to derail Seb in Brasil to favour his samurai brother.

    Since you look a hardhead, here a few things for statistics’ sake… By the way of rule infringements, stoping a car on circuit yesterday almost run over by Lewis was correct? What about winning Germany in 2010 by moving over Massa? Or turning gearbox-ed Massa into a slave door-mat-ing Alonso’s road to podiums? Calling your mechanics idiots? Have ever Webber crashed the car into the wall to win Seb Singapore a few years ago? Threatening Denis of McLaren Alonso would go public with Ferrari theft if not getting team #s1 tatus?

    Mate, you enjoy Red Gorilla Ferrari fans and a mediocre discourse on podium of their hero, people like underdogs generally speaking and Alonso will be an mad underdog as long as Vettel is gonna be arround. Enjoy the ride.

  • Tinto

    Praying for luck to become champions is not what you expect from a real champion.

    Why not preying Vettel by using Ferrari’s puppet Massa in ramming Vettel’s car every race from now on?

  • delfino

    Shut up you pathetic troll!

  • aberracus

    Everybody Boes Vettel because, his car is so fast, that it looks like unsportmanship, like he is cheating. And really he is not charismatic.

    Some friends were yesterday there and everybody was booing, not just red shirted people.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    The better Vettel is, the more booing. It is a good sign.

    Alonso can meanwhile celebrate his greatness with the booers.

  • fools

    ukwhite you sound like an idiot. The fact you keep mentioning Alonso when your not a fan proves it.

    =El Presidente= SAID IT VERY WELL. Webber doesnt get the boos. Hamilton doesnt… Shit even Grosjean doesnt!
    You moron it’s Vettel who does! Because of his demeanor and stunts he has already pulled year after year! and Everything else =El Presidente=
    already mentioned and others.

    Alonso is hailed because he shows that you TROLLS speak about be out qualified yet he comes from P7 to P3 within 1 lap! Vettel doesnt get that respect because his car in dominant. So is Webber’s! Yet DNF’s… There is no doubt something is always fishy at the RB garages. And the whole MASSA gear box thing! Who gives a crap. Massa has and never was in contention for any WDC since Alonso came in and MASSA was never in WDC caliber! So why would it matter? Its called a team sport! and taking one for the team! Massa is lucky he wasnt aced 3 years ago to be honest.

    Get your facts up son!

    To all ALONSO haters/trolls…who say they will be Ferrari fans when Alonso leaves…Yeah truly that mentality alone shows your NOT A REAL FERRARI FAN.


  • pfft

    Plus, he is a jerk. Just a spoiled boy who struggles to overtake….. geez he’s fast, tho.

  • Elf

    @Delfino: That is lame man. Can you articulate more than that? Is whistling what excites you, aquatic man?

    @aberracus and @pfft: boy-o-boy, charistmatic for you seems to be Spanish Moor like than Gold Hair Nordic. Don’t ever use charisma, that is sport and that is not for you when talking about this humble and cheerful wonderkid, V4+ettel.

    Enjoy the ride, Sebastian is going to screw your F1 weekends.

  • stings

    How can I be a fan anymore of the team which brought the driver who cheated in Singapore causing Ferrari to lose the WDC, only for the sake of his money?
    You are the one who hate and have always hated Ferrrari!
    I might get over it when alonslow will leave. Until then…I mus admit :no way!

  • Ukwhite

    @fools: You look as a very inteligent person, but you just completely lacking the brain. Are you a 3-foot tall mate? Ask Freud…