Ricciardo thinks he is better at handling pressure than Vergne

Daniel Ricciardo with Jean-Eric Vergne

Daniel Ricciardo with Jean-Eric Vergne

Newly announced Rec Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo thinks that the world champion team chose him over Toro Rosso teammate Jean-Eric Vergne because he is better at dealing with pressure.

In fact, Red Bull has said that the young Australian’s slight advantage in experience over Frenchman Vergne tipped the balance in Ricciardo’s favour.

Asked the question by the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Ricciardo answered: “Since I have been part of Red Bull, I have always got good results and shown [myself] to be fast.

“But I think the differential element was coping with the pressure at the time when we (Ricciardo and Vergne) knew we were being considered (for 2014),” he admitted.

“Jean-Eric has suffered a little while I was fine, both on Saturdays and Sundays,” said Ricciardo, who, at 24, is just under a year older than Vergne.

But now that he has secured the seat alongside Sebastian Vettel, many believe that Ricciardo may suffer the same fate as the German’s departing teammate Mark Webber — being roundly beaten and slipping into a ‘number 2′ role.

“I have no fear at all. I’m not Mark,” Ricciardo said. “The team told me not to be worried; that I will get the same opportunities as Seb.”

“They told me to ignore a lot of the things that are said, because most of the time they aren’t true.

“And Mark told me to watch out for Sebastian, but from a sporting point of view, because he says [that] he is constantly improving.”

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  • gilgen

    Judging by todays performance, you are not. JEV was ahead of you and you stuffed it in the wall. Funny, JEV didn’t.

  • BigE

    Ahahahahahahahaahaha! Guess he said that before making an unforced error. What a douche. Perfect mentality to fill Webber’s seat though! :P

  • Bert

    Why do I see another Webber commmmming up ?