Lauda: Vettel’s boo-brigade doesn’t understand what this sport is about

Race winner Sebastian Vettel celebrates on the Singapore podium

Race winner Sebastian Vettel celebrates on the Singapore podium

Triple Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel crushed his rivals on Sunday and tightened his grip on a fourth consecutive title – to yet another chorus of boos directed at him on the podium.

After facing the jeering disapproval of the fans in Britain, Belgium and Monza, and also in Malaysia as the ‘multi-21′ affair began, spectators under the Singapore floodlights on Sunday also booed the German on the podium.

“Please don’t do that – that’s not correct,” said podium interviewer and former Grand Prix driver Martin Brundle, who was interviewing Red Bull‘s Vettel amid the latest booing.

Vettel joked: “They (the booing fans) are on a tour. They go round on a bus.”

Jokes aside, the booing raises some interesting questions. Are the fans tired of seeing Sebastian Vettel so easily win? Do they simply want the 26-year-old’s four-year run of title success to stop?

F1 fans during the podium ceremony at Marina Bay Circuit after the race

F1 fans during the podium ceremony at Marina Bay Circuit after the race

Do they just not like him?

“Some people like what we do, others do not,” Vettel said on British television Sky.

“If some of them boo, I take is as a compliment, they’re jealous,” he smiled, “because we are winning in front of whoever they are supporting. I think it’s not worth thinking about – in the end we love winning.”

Triple world champion and Mercedes chairman Niki Lauda, however, joined Brundle in making clear his disappointment at the fans’ recent behaviour.

“Ridiculous!” said the great Austrian after Sunday’s Singapore Grand Prix. “I can only take my hat off to him, for me he’s outstanding,” said Lauda, revealing his scarred scalp in a rare gesture of respect.

“These people don’t understand what this sport is about – you have to have respect for what he’s doing. If I could choose, I would give him the Championship today,” he insisted.

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  • KC

    F1 fans make football and rugby fans look sensible and intelligent. The fans are the biggest black eye for this sport.

    Other sports have had trouble with stupid fans of course, but it’s not tolerated.

  • KC

    The fans boo Vettel because they are constantly told by that he is a useless driver in a fantastic car. They get this piece of stupidity from the press.

  • chirag

    i think sporting spirit is for every sport because if people’s are booed someone is definitely wrong for the Three time world champion i am really really disappointment…..when the F1 comes in India i only cheer for Sebastian Vettel.

  • Ukwhite

    @KC: i would add, British press chiefly. That is unfortunate since Brits’ roots are Germanic, ironically indeed.

    Lauda’s comments work right, brigade sounds kind of Italian, Red Brigade would have been the right one, but Italian resonance is well enough.

    Joyful day,p, Korea is next, another stronghold of Sebastian, the Asian Races Master.

  • Butterfly

    Niki doesn’t either, but he likes to say things like that.

  • Ukwhite

    Lauda hypocrite… Joking I guess, that is the last thing you expect from a non-British person, let alone one that kissed the death years ago.

  • JJ

    It’s just the Ferrari losers … Don’t mind them, they’re used to having their @$$ handed to them.

  • Bob Wheeler

    It has been the press and comments on various websites that have fueled the booing. One particular site seems to lead the others in Vettel bashing from the fans. In my way of thinking these people really are misguided and uninformed. Maybe they should watch NASCAR instead.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    It’s not his winning that is booed. It is his personality. Red Bull cheated for 3 years, got caught but never punished. And Vettel acts like he is the king, not the cheat. He abuses drivers that don’t get out of his way. He disobeys his team to steal a win from his team mate, then says he didn’t mean to and is sorry, then says he would do it again. People don’t like his selfishness to win at all costs, just like his hero Schumacher. People are allowed to boo someone they don’t like. If he was a better person people would be cheering him. If he doesn’t like the boos, don’t blame the fans, fix who he is as a person.

  • aknit

    I don’t think fans are booing Vettel because he is winning easily, or that they think he has been gifted a good machine with no skill. I think they are booing because of “how” he is winning – against his team mate, Webber.

    This all started from Malaysia. It doesn’t help that Webber’s car always ends up with the DNF’s. If his relationship with Webber was better, I think we would see less of his being booed.

    Then again, I could be all wrong.

  • aknit

    It also doesn’t help the situation when he didn’t attend Webber’s send-off party thrown by the team, although it’s not clear whether Webber did invite him in the first place (or whether Webber sent out any invites at all, for that matter).

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    In your face, booers!

    Go Seb!

  • Saša

    As total Ferrari fan I don’t like that behavior of the fans. Sebastian did something very amazing today. Come on, he deserved at least applause.
    HE was brilliant. And yes I would love to see Fernando on 1st place but… today race was good, interesting, fun to watch.
    What is wrong with that. Enjoy.

  • Spartacus

    In driver quality Webber is on par with Alonso. Both above average. But above that is the likes of Hamilton and Vettel. Vettel, therefore, is driving brilliantly.

    We all have our favourites, and as such anybody who beats our favourite, fairly, is going to be our villain. For those who are booing Vettel is beating their hero Alonso; who because he’s in a red car should automatically be given the championship at the start of the first race every year.

    As an ex-Ferrari fan I stand back in disgust at those who act like spoilt little brats. Much like their No. 1. driver.

  • BigE

    Most of the trolls here would be among the first to boo the winner or cheer if he wrecked… tactless and unsporting by definition.

  • julia001

    If you watch any interview with Vettel, he seems very down to earth. None of the skysports F1 commentators have anything bad to say about him rather they praise the fact that he can stay so grounded. So if they are booing him bc they don’t like him -it’s ridiculous. Yes, Vettel made a mistake in Malaysia but at some point every other driver has made a poor decision. Get over it….If people are tired of red bull and vettel winning why don’t you push the team you are rooting for to get a car that is competitive. As far as i am concerned, the other teams need to step up. You can’t expect Red Bull to lose on purpose or slow down so it appears interesting. If any the other drivers had a chance to drive that car, have a strong team like red bull (very fast pit crew and amazing engineers) i think they’d all sign up. They don’t become an F1 driver to be average, they all aspire to be champions.

  • Rhygin

    Anyone saying anything negative about Niki Lauda, is showing there emotional side and total disrespect for the history of F1.

    He is a legend and you are nothing.

  • fapper

    At least SV showed that those boos will only make him stronger in every race.

  • the fan

    cant believe how people overact to boos, every sport has it. not to be taken seriously i must say. its all part of the business. fans boo vettel, forumers bash alonso… whats the difference then?

  • Blushovel

    @ Spartacus; Hamilton is no where near Vettel in ability and Webber has never been the driver Alonso is. I’m not sure where you came up with that but you really need to check facts.

  • Tinto

    Upsetting Lauda reputation to be bagatelle-ized by some of us.

    When one of F1 heroes openly admire Vettel, someos us armchair experts should pay attention.

  • Ukwhite

    @Red Bull Cheast: You should really hate the guys, shouldn’t you…

    Mate, that name impairs the judgement, that’s what they say.

  • Ankit

    @the fan:

    Absolutely bang on! Everybody blowing this “booing” incident so much out of proportion, is a hypocrite. They are the ones bashing Alonso in different forums and expect that Vettel shouldn’t get booed on the podium. That is insane!

  • Kubrick

    Today’s race can be called anything but interesting and fun to watch!

  • Tamburello_1994

    As someone posted earlier this is mostly backlash from Malaysia, and then some.

    This was a different lot than what we heard at Monza.

    Betting that there were some rowdy Aussies who mad the trip – and with Webbo leaving at the end of the year, are letting Seb know exactly how they’ve felt about him all these years. No doubt – the Fosters had been in full effect for some time by that point – Some of them sounded a tad on the over-served side if you ask me.

  • =El Presidente=

    Vettels-boo-brigade : Lauda-doesn’t-understand-what-this-sport-is-about/ xD

    Apart from the facts that 1) the RB is fastest car on track by quite some margin, and 2) that Vettel makes the most out of it (being a very fast driver) I would say, the boo’s are directly at Vettel for his behavior, which is just like a 5y/o (he is not alone in that behavior btw)

    The multi-21 ‘affair’ made in one go lots of people realize that he is very low hearted. He has no pride, no sportsmanship, and no respect. no respect for his teammate, not for his peers, and not for all the people around the world actually making it possible for him to do what he does.

    I would say that that display of lack of respect is what makes people boo him where ever he comes. The multi-21 affair showed his lack of respect to everyone, and everything. people don’t like that, and for that he deserves to be booed.

    another one, said that MSC never had thing , eventhough he had a huge amount of ‘haters’ but MSC never reared his ugly head like Vettel did.

  • stings

    The race really was super interesting as Vettel put on an incredible driving and super fun to watch how the Ferrari “gorillas” booing a champion and cheering for a loser.

  • adrian

    The problem is to be a true champion you need to be able to win in a car that can just cross the line first. Not win race after race in a car that Steve wonder can drive and still win. Respect comes at a cost and a loss. He needs to move on from red bull, win races in another team, and only then will he get respect. Until he does this boo away people.

  • earlcee7

    What are you in 2nd grade? People boo, get over it!! In football its worse it could be racist jeers!! People are allowed to dislike a guy if they think he’s not nice whether that is true or not. It doesn’t seem to be affecting SV so why the fuss? Maybe its the Multi 21 affair, maybe its Webber’s DNFs or maybe its RedBull’s nigh on 4 year dominance; whatever it is if a fan wants to boo or cheer let them, they paid for their ticket!!

  • Ankit


    You sir, are amazing! You kinda mirrored my thoughts! Thank you for saying that. I wish more people think like you do.

  • grat

    Great race from Vettel, and I’m not a fan. Multi-21 (and his fast lap tendency), combined with the fact that he’s a really, really bad winner, make him an unlikable driver.

    Combine that with Vettel’s car never failing, and Webber’s car *always* having the technical failures (what do they do, move the suspect parts to Webber’s car?), and it’s pretty easy to see why the fans don’t care much for him.

    He has the drive and determination of Senna or Schumacher– but the charisma of Max Mosley.

  • =El Presidente=

    @ grat : yes i was thinking the same, but i actually think it is prohibited to do that (for most parts anyway)

    I agree with what you say , he is an unlikable character, that he is an outstanding driver is clear, since the best drivers always have the best seats.

  • Resultant Asteroid

    Those jealous creatures who boo winners, and their peers here who are sticking 2 multi-21 mistake, and forget about Alonso’s many (many of them were mentioned already, but everybody misses the worst of them: Hungary 2007 when Alonso deliberately held up his team mate Hamilton at pit, after the crew already finished their job changing his tyres).

    Vettel is always trying 2 stay modest, concentrating on every race itself and forgetting ab the championship … every year he does this, while Alonso, just like many of his supporters, feel like they deserve the championship 2 be handed 2 him b4 Australia … every year … and anything less than that, they start blaming others “Vettel is lucky” “Vettel has the whole team with him against his teammate (duh? really? u Alonso fans mention this as an argument?!!) “u see? Vettel is Baaaad … he did not attend his teammate ceremony (although he was not invited)” …

    The reality is, if u track every statement both Vettel and Alonso made in the last 3 months at least, u will notice Vettel only talked ab his team and that they should concentrate on themselves and not take anything for granted … while Alonso did the opposite, not one statement without mentioning “the others” (including the Mercs and the Lotus), talking all the time about “the gap” and how he needs luck or any forces that can help him close it … last year he even concentrated on Newey and complained that he is fighting against Newey (honestly, I think no comment should be replied 2 such cry-baby statements).

    Vettel was in the same position last year and if u go back 2 his statements then, u will notice how he concentrated also on himself, even though the car he had at that time, and till the end of the championship was not the best out there (yeah, just remember who won in Interlagos and u will guess the car’s name)

    This is the difference, somebody who’s on his way 2 be a 4-times world champion (and probably many more 2 come) concentrating on each race and each detail, not thinking ab others, and (at least) trying his best 2 be modest … and another who (for some reason) thinks he’s God’s gift 2 motor racing, and yet concentrating all the time on the others instead of his team/car.

  • farizY

    Vettel’s a great guy. I don’t get the booing. At such a young age, on his way to his fourth title, he’s really something. Why can’t we just acknowledge that?

  • I

    Although i respect Vettel’s achievements, the. Bieber’s not exactly a prime example of manhood now is he?

  • Red Bull Cheats

    The team are known to cheat as much as they can, hoping to not get caught. Vettel is a cry baby screaming for the team to get other drivers out of his way. He back stabs his team mate against the orders of his team principal. He deserves to be booed.