F1 considering ban on in season helmet design changes

Lewis Hamilton with his Singapore 'edition' helmet

Lewis Hamilton with his Singapore ‘edition’ helmet

The days of constantly changing helmet designs in Formula 1 could be coming to an end,if the sport’s law makers have their way.

This weekend, world champion Sebastian Vettel – who regularly changes the design of his helmet – is wearing a livery that shines like a disco ball under the Singapore lights.

Even Lewis Hamilton, who usually fields the same Senna-like yellow helmet, is showing off a special white design this weekend.

But the constant chopping-and-changing is set to be stopped by Formula 1’s governing body.

Bild newspaper reports that the Formula 1 technical committee is discussing a ban, so that – as in the past – television and trackside spectators can pick out their favourite driver by reliably spotting his customary helmet design.

Correspondents Frank Schneider and Nicola Pohl report from Singapore that the ban would allow drivers to make only one helmet colour change per season.

“If the constantly-new helmets are banned, I think that’s good,” said triple world champion Niki Lauda, who wore an all-red helmet throughout his career.

“Even I can hardly tell the drivers apart,” the great Austrian, now Mercedes‘ team chairman, admitted. (GMM.)

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  • BigE

    This is by far the most pressing matter in F1 these days, lol.

  • nakagoli

    this is bureaucracy gone mad! who on earth needs to see drivers sticking with one design all year round?

    drivers have every right to use what design and colours they want to.

  • Joe Kinnear

    WTF is wrong with changing helmet designs? Spectators can figure out the driver by looking at the cam color on the top of the car. Dumb.

  • lambo

    well at the very least by looking at the car you can narrow it down to 1 of 2 drivers, after that there’s the numbers and camera colour.

    the hamilton argument is hardly a good one as both he and rosberg usually wear yellow helmets, and on tv from a distance or whatever you won’t be able to tell them apart at a glance anyway

  • Barlow

    These FIA idiots are starting to sound like Americans. Rule on this, rule on that, then rule on the new rule, what a bunch of BS. If people can’t figure out who their favorite driver is, they don’t have one. You can barely see the helmet anyway, not much is visible. The drivers should be left alone to design their helmets as they wish, the FIA leave should them alone and work at solving real problems within the Formula 1 structure, which are many!!