Back injury almost sidelines Raikkonen in Singapore

Kimi Raikkonen in Singapore on Saturday

Kimi Raikkonen in Singapore on Saturday

Kimi Raikkonen almost sat out the Singapore Grand Prix weekend with a back injury apparently suffered during the Friday free practice sessions due to a badly fitted seat in his Lotus.

So serious was the problem that Lotus briefed reserve driver Davide Valsecchi to prepare to step into the Finn’s car.

But Raikkonen did manage to practice and qualify on Saturday, although he admitted that before arriving at the street circuit for the day’s action, he doubted he would be able to.

“This morning it was very difficult,” he is quoted by the German broadcaster Sky, amid a fraught and tense weekend after he revealed he decided to leave Lotus for Ferrari in 2014 because he hasn’t been paid.

Sky said Raikkonen is suffering from a pinched nerve; an injury he has had before.

“At breakfast I thought I wouldn’t be able to drive,” he admitted.

Raikkonen was given pain killers and underwent treatment by doctors and a physio, and the 2007 world champion said “it worked”.

But he wasn’t at 100 per cent, particularly in morning practice where he therefore struggled find a good setup for qualifying.

He qualified just 13th, while in the sister car Romain Grosjean was third.

“In the afternoon it was not really ideal, but at least the car is on the grid. For tomorrow we will see,” added Raikkonen.

Because Raikkonen qualified the car, Valsecchi or another reserve is no longer allowed to step in to substitute. (GMM)

  • Boycottthebull

    Oh your back this time right… and your teammate out qualifying you the four consecutive times before that? oh right…… it was the car. Grosjean gets 1/20 of Kimis salary, no wonder they arent handing over the bonus money till the end of the year.

  • Brad

    Hey Boycotthebull, it’s not only the bonus money that has to be paid, it’s also his salary you fool! and the amount of money the consistent Kimi has brought in with his performances for Lotus justifies his salary, look where Lotus is due to his remarkable comeback!

  • BigE

    Don’t feed the troll, Brad. Based on his posts, the guy has severe mental disabilities.

  • pfft

    Kimi is only fast when everything is perfect. He has no stomach for a fight.

  • Dr. Azlan

    Your motivation to work comes from your salary being paid on time each time.

  • Mercedes supporter forever


    Why don’t you just stop typing shit here..

  • Boycottthebull

    I see the blind Kimi fans are out in force again today.

    @Brad do you research he has been paid his salary its only his bonus payments that will be paid at the end of the year just like they were last year. Im surry if the 10 million euro paid so far this year isnt keeping kimi in enough beer this season.

    Its now coming to light that Kimi isnt the be all to end all of drivers as his fans would have us believe. The famous Ferrari quote of them not wanting a drive that packs his bags and least straight after a race and does nothing in between its a direct quote of Kimi. Previous Ferrari staff have questioned his laziness in both his fitness regime and his input to the cars set up and development. This weekend even Grosjean has made reference to him not being very talky basically stating its left up to him to do all the development work. Its already raised Alonsos eyebrows where he has publicly stated that a new team mate had to do his share of the work. No one denies he has a raw talent but he is lazy and expects everyone else to do all the development work and wont meet his PR obligations. But the team cant cover his poor fitness and back troubles will be just the start. Red Bull decided against Kimi because of his laziness with the new formula coming on they needed someone to put in the long hours in the simulators which Kimi wont do. I think Lotus should embrace the opportunity to get a new driver that can be faster and better value. The 20 times more pay Gimme Gimme Kimi gets over Grosjean was being wasted on drunken beer parties. Im sure Hulkenberg will give the proper driver input
    and Lotus will develop far quicker than with Kimi at the wheel keeping his mouth shut. Ferrari you have made a big mistake.

    @Mercedes Driver Forever – Instead of your childish response Why dont you type something constructive or a point worth debating? Thats what these sections are for to stimulate differences of opinion.