McLaren and Honda partnership targeting Alonso for 2015?

Fernando Alonso had tempestuous year in 2007 at McLaren but did win races for the team

Fernando Alonso had tempestuous year in 2007 at McLaren but did win races for the team

As the return of Kimi Raikkonen sunk in, the speculation that shone brightest under Singapore’s lights on Thursday was all about Fernando Alonso and a possible return to McLaren in the future.

It was being whispered up and down the paddock that the real reason the British team is delaying the announcement about its drivers for next year is because negotiations with the disgruntled Ferrari ‘number 1′ Alonso are taking place.

Asked by the Daily Mail if he would hire the Spaniard, whose first McLaren stint in 2007 ended acrimoniously, team boss Martin Whitmarsh admitted: “Yes, if I could.”

Jenson Button said on Thursday that his 2014 deal with McLaren is already “done”. But it is believed the announcement is being held up so as not to focus speculation on the seat currently occupied by Sergio Perez.

Button, however, denied the Alonso subject is rampant even among those wearing McLaren team gear in Singapore.

Who would make way for return of Fernando Alonso to McLaren: Jenson Button or Sergio Perez?

Who would make way for return of Fernando Alonso to McLaren: Jenson Button or Sergio Perez?

“There hasn’t been a word, that’s the honest truth,” he told the Independent newspaper.

“But I think it (being paired with Alonso) would be quite exciting.”

In the last couple of days, it has become clear McLaren is thinking not only about its drivers for 2014, but also the start of the Honda era in 2015.

“It’s a different situation with partners,” Button admitted. “It may be to do with the funding, but I don’t have a worry in the world about my future with this team.”

That may be true, but also true is that Honda might see an Alonso-Button pairing as even better — and worth paying handsomely for.

The move might also entice Ferrari sponsor Santander back to McLaren to help pay Alonso’s huge retainer.

“We want a winning driver from day one,” the Spanish newspaper Marca quotes a Honda insider as saying. (GMM)

  • Ankit

    This is utter bullsh*t!

  • Butterfly

    Actually, it makes a lot of sense, both for McLaren and Fernando.

    Most interesting…

  • jl

    We want a cheating driver from the first race?

  • Rob Ducker

    Yes perfect sense and I dare say Santander might be prt of the deal.

  • Butterfly


    Cheathing as in jumping the start and speeding in the pitlane? Or maybe cutting the chicane while the cameras aren’t looking even though they’re fixed.

    Cheating how? Please explain.

  • Spartacus

    Alonso is so over rated that even Ferrari have decided to opt for someone better with Kimi.

    McLaren should certainly ditch Perez. Hulkenburg would be a much better choice; he genuinely shows potential.

    Failing that, if McLaren are honestly holding a seat open for 2015 then hopefully it’s for Hamilton to return; wiser and more mature than when he left.

  • Butterfly


    He’s not, obviously, but he does seem to live for free in your mind.

    Is he all you think about?

  • REV

    Alonso overrated?? Please…

    Alonso is the only driver continuously fighting with Vettel for the drivers WC, and he’s doing it with inferior equipment compared to RB.

    The same was true at Renault 2006/2007 when Schumacher was still around. When Alonso started in 2001 Minardi was suddenly qualifying 5 places higher up the grid

    Hamilton is considered the all-out fastest driver by UK-fans. Kimi, Alonso and Vettel display the same sort of speed, but only Alonso and Vettel display it with impeccable consistency.

    Alonso wants to be in that McLaren-Honda in 2015 or 2016, little doubt.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    No team wants Alonso outside ferrari. Alonso cannot work in a team, is many times slower than his teammate, and wants a top selery despite low performance.

  • delfino

    Not going to happen, no question about it, pure BS! Mcsh*t or Sh*tlaren (whichever you prefer) can keep on dreaming!

  • Ukwhite

    Media speculations. Anyways, Lewis beat Alonso in a McLaren car, Button beat Lewis in the same car, so it seems Button can have the upper hand in that speculative scenario.

    New technologies in 2014, fresh start for everybody, why not encouraging the new guns? Younger people are faster learners. Sergio is not an option, too emotional and shirt fused, why not Hulk instead the oldies?

    Why bringing a guy that left the team threatening would disclose Ferrari theft if he did not the preferantial treatment of #1? Is that a samurai attitude or what? Thanks God tweeter was invented that time, the entire world would have had the news the way another McLaren driver Lewis made car’s settings known to the world.

    Go for Hulkenberg, Grosjean :), or try a Massa for fan.

  • Ukwhite

    Speeding in the pitlane?

    Gents, please be honest with yourselves, invoking such reasons to bilittle a talented driver is soooooo lame.

    Sarcasam or joking is more fan than taking ourselves too serious defending at all costs our preferred drivers.

    A nice race ahead, let’s enjoy theses beautiful moments. Cheers!

  • fools

    I think it is interesting…But that’s also a while from now. Lets see how Kimi and Alonso do first before we speculate ahead 2 years.

    I know Alonso loves $$$ but that doesnt mean he will pull the trigger unless he knows Ferrari aren’t developing like they use too.

    Interesting none the less.

  • fools

    Asked if he wanted the double World Champion, Whitmarsh told BBC Sport: “Yes – any team would. He’s the best driver.


    Haters and Trolls did you read that?


  • the fan

    its funny when a lot of people think they are better than the actual people running the teams in F1. Horner, Whitmarsh, Dom have already said it over and over again yet you call the man overated? seriously?

  • Butterfly

    Guys & Trolls:

    Chill the f* out. Just let the drivers do their thing and cheer for your favorite. Don’t need this BS.

    Man, that F138 has got to be the biggest expensive piece of junk currently on the grid. I wouldn’t be surprised if it cost as much as the RB9 so far, yet it’s nowhere.

    I guess nobody wants to put it that way to Stefano and Tombazis.