Alonso: When asked my opinion I said Kimi was the best out there in the market

Fernando Alonso in Singapore

Fernando Alonso in Singapore

Fernando Alonso expects to forge a strong relationship with Kimi Raikkonen when the Finn rejoins Ferrari next season, the Spaniard believing that the team has made the right choice of a replacement for Felipe Massa.

Massa has been with Ferrari since 2006 but the Brazilian was unable to secure his spot for next season and while he continues to look for a drive for 2014, his place will be taken by a man who claimed Ferrari’s last world title six years ago.

“When Ferrari told me they were letting Felipe go they asked my opinion of his replacement. I said Kimi was the best out there in the market,” Alonso, a double world champion with Renault, told reporters ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix on Thursday.

“There are many changes coming next year so his many years of experience in Formula 1 will be vitally important when we develop the car in January and February.”

Kimi Raikkonen was a Ferrari driver from 2007 to the end of 2009

Kimi Raikkonen was a Ferrari driver from 2007 to the end of 2009

Raikkonen brings with him a strong pedigree as a world class driver who can get the best out of any car, a reputation that is respected by Alonso but not seen as any extra motivation or one that will destabilise the team.

“The motivation is always to do my best all the time and I don’t think anyone can push me more than I push myself now,” the Spaniard added.

“Yes, we are world champions but I don’t think that makes any difference and people were saying exactly the same thing about my relationship with Felipe when I arrived here [in 2010].

“He had been at Ferrari for many years so it would be a difficult relationship but he is one of the best friends I have here. Next year will be the same.”

For Massa, the final races of his Ferrari career are likely to be bittersweet but the Brazilian still hopes to add at least one more victory to his tally of 11.

Stefano Domenicali, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa during the Ferrari press conference at Marina Bay

Stefano Domenicali, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa during the Ferrari press conference at Marina Bay

“I will try to do the best I can over the last seven races. I think I have had a fantastic career with Ferrari for a long time,” he said.

“It is part of my story, eight years of my career at the same team and before that as a young driver. I have a lot of friends on the team so I want to finish in the best way possible.

“I will try the best I can and a victory would be a fantastic way to sign off. So I will push hard for that.”

Despite being linked with a straight swap move for Raikkonen at Lotus, Massa did not reveal any details over his future plans other than his ambition to remain competitive.

“About the future, I am talking to a number of teams and I need to work out what is the best for me. I still have a lot to do, I want to find a good car,” he added.

“I do not want to be in F1 just to be there on the grid, I want to be there fighting for the best results possible. I want to fight victories and for the championship. I hope I can find the right team as I know I have a lot to give.” (Reuters)

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  • Stoner

    Total BS, now Alonso will learn a lesson about how to drive an F1 car fast

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Time for those people that said Alonso controlled Ferrari and would never allow a fast team mate to say they were wrong and then shut up!

  • Butterfly


    Hasn’t he done that for the last twelve years?

  • Stoner

    Butterfly :

    Not as good as Kimi has done so far. Atleast all the lap records and pole positions will speak for Kimi.
    BTW the last ever lap record broken on an existing circuit is also by Kimi and not alonslow

  • Butterfly


    Kimi drove Newey’s cars at McLaren and awesome Ferraris up until 2008. In 2009 he had a pig of a car, in line with the current trend at Maranello.

    I seriously don’t know how some people can doubt Fernando’s speed. I can understand some of you just like to troll people for fun, but the guy is as fast as electricity, everybody up and down the pitlane knows that.

    I heard it on TV a couple of times that all the drivers fear him like everybody used to fear Schumacher.

    You wouldn’t fear a slow driver, now would you?

    And what exactly has Kimi done so far? Just because his vocal chords are damaged and because he hates any form of BS doesn’t mean he’s the best in F1. I get his appeal, I am a huge fan of his, but if you’re talking about the absolute best driver on the grid, that is Fernando Alonso.

    Lewis Hamilton comes closest, then I would put Kimi.

    As for his records… I hope the 2014 Ferrari is as “good” as the F138 to see the difference between FA & KR.

  • Stoner


    I have seen both Kimi and Fernando from their start of career in F1, and as far as ‘Fast driver’ is concerned it is absolutely Kimi.
    I know Fernando plays a lot of politics and earned enough publicity from that alone, self promoting himself as the ruthless warrior on track, but I do not believe that at all, as I have told you , I am seeing them from their start of F1 career.
    One point to be noted here is :
    When 7 time champ MSC retired (1st). and to replace him at Ferrari. They never gave a Sh!t about then back to back world champion Fernando. because they knew he wasn’t as fast as Kimi who then did not have even 1 WDC to his name, although he should have been a double world champion by then(2003 and 2005). and then Ferrari wanted Santander and their millions and , the bank had one clause, Fernando should be at Ferrari for them to sponsor Ferrari, and look what happened. No title at all , only BS politics and bitching about others.

  • Stoner


    When 7 time champ MSC retired (1st). and to replace him at Ferrari. They never gave a Sh!t about then back to back world champion Fernando. because they knew he wasn’t as fast as Kimi who then did not have even 1 WDC to his name, although he should have been a double world champion by then(2003 and 2005).

    Renault ran an illegal Mass Damper which eventually made Alonso a WDC and although Kimi won more races than Alonslow that year(2005) 7 for Kimi vs 6 for Alonso. Only because of that Adrian Newey, he lost the championship.
    And on 3 occasions in that year Kimi had to retire from leading a race due mechanical problem.

  • Stoner

    And even i also have some hopes for next year
    ie, Kimi beat the $hit out of Alonslow
    I hate Alonso because he is a cheater, very political and does not deserve to be a double world champ. Kimi deserved it more than him.

  • Butterfly


    But, are you aware of that detail called the car? Kimi had Newey-mobiles while at McLaren, whereas Alonso has Renaults designed by.. I don’t even know the name of the designer.

    Adrian Newey, kid. NEWEY!

    You know, the one that made the career of Vettel? The one that ALWAYS creates insanely fast cars. They usually take tones of pole positions during a season.

    But, I guess if you’ve got the mentality of a socker fan, you’re just focusing on the driver. But there is a car there, somewhere.

    And looking at the Ferraris Fernando has drive, I’d say he’s not only the fastest driver on the grid, but he could probably smash Kimi’s face in over a season.

  • Butterfly

    Oh, and Luca di Montezemolo himself said Alonso is the strongest driver to ever have raced for Ferrari.

    May I remind you both Raikkonen and Schumacher also drove for the red team, and both had championship-winning cars.

    I think you didn’t know about Luca saying that, otherwise you wouldn’t have said all that BS.


  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Butterfly is a loser.

    Alonso is slow, which is confirmed by the fact the he was outqualified by Massa for 4-5 times in a row, when it mattered most for the title. This never happened to Schumacher or Raikkonen as Massa’s teammates.

    Read the facts.

  • Butterfly

    I don’t fee like a loser.

    Alonso is slow… No, mate, he’s the fastest driver on the grid, considering Hamilton, Massa, Raikkonen are all on the same grid.

    Maybe you’re watching F1 during qualifying and saying “Any driver that doesn’t post a time under one minute is slow”, which would render any driver+car slow, obviously.

    Alonso is the fastest driver on the grid, he’s consistently fast, and in all conditions, which is more than can be said of the other drivers.

    The worst thing that can happen to a driver in F1 right now is to end up as Alonso’s teammate. After a few seasons, people will say that driver is worthless instead of saying Alonso is godlike.

    Poor Felipe, that’s exactly what happened to him. When he was driving alongside Raikkonen, he was getting better results, he was viewed as one of the heavyweights of F1. Then Alonso came along and people started saying it was the accident.

    But the same thing is going to happen to Kimi, unfortunately. He won’t give a damn about it, but it’s going to be a tragedy for his fans.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    ok, so Alonso among Nr 1 drivers outqualified the most number of occasions by his teammate means to you he is fast.

    You are a loser.

  • 0versteer

    I see some kids out there who even doesn’t know(or doesn’t wanna know) Alonso already signed with Mclaren before Schumi retires, so Ferrari had no choice other than Raikkonen out there at the end of the 2006. Ok maybe they would choose Raikkonen again but you can not be sure because Alonso was already in Mclaren for 2007 you spammers…

    Butterfly, haters gonna hate anyways, just wait and see, I remember the times lots of people was telling exactly same things for Massa vs. Alonso… Even tough I believe Kimi is way better than Massa, in 2008 he got beaten by Massa sooo you never know… all I hope is there will be a good challenge between them…

    by the way, what is with writing “Alonslow”? Are you guys 7 or just acting like 7 ? Today Martin Whitmarsh even said to the press he would be happy to sign with Alonso again even after 2007 things

    “McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh was asked whether he would be interested in signing the double world champion and it seems he would welcome him back with open arms.

    “Yes, if I could, “responded Whitmarsh, talking to Sky Sports. “Most teams up and down the pitlane would happily sign Fernando Alonso, he’s a very talented driver.”

    so maybe I am underestimating some kids over here, they know better than team bosses and stuff…

  • the fan

    stoner… if you have watched both their careers from the start then you would know the following…

    – alonso was already signed by mclaren after his first title in 2005, kimi came in 2007, there’s no way alonso could be available that time

    – mass dampers. this was only deemed illegal after a few debates, at the start this was ruled as LEGAL so i dont think cheating is the proper word for it.

    – same as you, i have watched both of these guys from the start, i do agree, Kimi is the faster of the 2 BUT Alonso is the smarter one. that is why he is such a marketable driver up to this day. kimi may have won championships but the car is unreliable, you cant blame fernando for winning just because renault is much reliable would you, that would just be insane.

    im both a fernando and kimi fan and each has their own strengths and weaknesses but i would never discredit each others talent and what they have done for the sport.

    why would managers like horner, whitmarsh and dominicalli would say alonso is the one of the best out there w/o any basis at all? everyone in that grid accepts this as a fact. like it or not. this is coming from a kimi fan btw

    alonso is slow… yeah youre right, alonso is a loser. only because it came from you w/c has a record of posting lies and inaccurate facts in this forum just because you failed to get his autograph. go cry to your mom! :D

  • F1 Fan For A Long Time

    It’s funny to read people constantly rubbishing Alonso on here (have you noticed its the same 3 or 4 people posting the same anti-Alonso stuff on EVERY Ferrari article? Must have plenty of time).
    Alonso is obviously a good driver. Lewis regards him as the best on the grid, as do a lot of other drivers. Why would McLaren want him back after what happened in 2007?
    Vettel will be given the same praise when he finally gets into another car which isn’t the best, and challenges for the title with it. Although we won’t see this for a few years, I do believe he is frighteningly good – regardless of Adrian Newey or no.
    So what if Massa has out-qualified Alonso a few times. You guys obsess about rubbishing Alonso with your ‘facts’ but the F1 paddock doesn’t seem to agree.
    It’s best to just say that you hate him, but don’t try and rubbish him as a driver – you just come off looking like fools.