Ecclestone has not yet written off New Jersey race

New Jersey circuit pit building

New Jersey circuit pit building

Formula 1’s on-again, off-again New Jersey race appears to be back on again, despite Bernie Ecclestone announcing in August that the 2014 street race amid the Manhattan skyline is “not on the cards”. Indeed, the event was not listed on the draft calendar that recently appeared in the paddock.

However, a race spokesman hit back, insisting that preparations are “on track” (schedule), after which the Formula 1 chief executive agreed: “If they comply with the contract, the race will take place.”

Race promoter Leo Hindery jr on Tuesday said that the issue is the simple matter of a fee that is not payable to the US sanctioning body until this week.

It means that New Jersey simply missed the cut for the draft calendar.

“We never had any expectation of being on a preliminary schedule,” Hindery is quoted by

“Bernie told us [that] if we stayed consistent with the rules and applications then he would expect there to be a New Jersey race,” he added.

If so, the race would be added to the official FIA calendar, to be ratified and released by the sport’s governing body at the World Council meeting in Serbia later this month.

Hindery acknowledged however that the New Jersey project has been “the toughest challenge of my career”.

“Were it not for some great partners and some folks in the sport who want us to succeed then it would have been abandoned,” he admitted. (GMM)

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