Vettel: Webber and I pushed each other very hard and I will miss that

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber had some famous fall outs

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber had some famous fall outs

Triple world champion Sebastian Vettel has admitted that he will miss his teammate Mark Webber despite a fragile existence between the two within the Red Bull squad.

The pair, teamed together at Red Bull since 2009, have had an often fraught relationship that arguably broke down completely after this year’s ‘multi-21′ affair.

“You can say what you want about our relationship,” triple world champion Vettel told the Austrian magazine Sportwoche, “but in the end we pushed each other very hard.

“I will miss that,” said the German, referring to Australian Webber’s impending departure for Le Mans-style prototype racing with Porsche.

Webber admitted to the latest edition of Formula 1 Racing magazine that he decided to call time on his grand prix career due to flagging motivation.

No love lost between Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel

No love lost between Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel

“I’ve been on the edge with F1, motivation-wise, for the past couple of years,” he said.

Indeed, since they went head-to-head for the title in 2010, this season Vettel has clearly had the edge on 37-year-old Webber, who is now almost 100 points behind the championship leader.

But Vettel insists that Webber still pushes him hard.

“There have always been two or three corners where Mark has me biting my lip,” he said. “You try to figure out what he is doing, which keeps you busy enough.”

The pair have often clashed in the personality stakes, but Vettel insists that “Even if it is perceived differently from the outside, it was important that I was always hungry”. (GMM)

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  • muddles thailand

    Vettel would like us to believe what we have just read.
    I think it is Bull Sh_t and he is perceived as an arrogant little boy.
    Yes he can drive but his personality is his downfall.
    Henis a bitter and twisted spoilt brat.s

  • Lol

    Lol at everyone mad at a driver trying to win and beat everyone.

    Vettel is doing what a real champion needs to do, period. No nice guy has ever been a champion because being nice is being weak and unintelligent.

    You claim what is yours aggressively or you lose.

    Webber is (allegedly, I don’t think so) a nice guy.. what has that gotten him? Yeah cool, he is liked by the British fans, isn’t that cute, lol.

  • TGS

    If Webber was 27 and not 37 in a Red Bull it would have been different. Can’t really fault Vettel for winning at all costs either, that’s what it’s all about.

  • KC

    Lot’s of spoilt brat fans throw their toys out of the pram at the mere mention of “Vettel”.

  • bmendon

    I challenge anyone to show a specific repetitive example of Vettel acting spoiled or arrogant. His finger in the air-a universal signal for “number one”? Oh, I know, it’s pumping his fist as he wins a race. Now that is really arrogant. Maybe it’s because he isn’t apologetic for winning maybe? Everyone knows a real champion is sorry he is so successful. I am so tired of the Vettel haters out there. This has to be the only sport where the great uninformed hate the winner for being successful.

  • TimeLord

    Lol said:”…”being nice is being weak and unintelligent.””

    Jesus LOL, what the Lol are u talking about?
    I prefer to support a Role model, not a person with no moral limits, either he is a champ or not.
    Different way of thinking I guess.

  • Famer

    The very best drivers seem to be struggling in unchallenging machinery. Kimi, Alonso, Hamilton. No doubt about it is the best in the racing game. We need to see them in a championship winning car. The Red Bull is a beautiful oiled machine. Vettel is good but the Adrian Newey Red Bull machine is better.

  • farizY


    Please read LOL’s comments, you’ve taken it out of context.

  • Ukwhite

    Missing Weeber is plainly bulls$&t, who believes it. That is a political statement and that is ok. Watch out Riccardo, that may be a tough nut to crack.

    @famer: just give to Caesar what belongs to him. Vettel is phenomenal, winning four chamiponships is more than Newey. Does Mark’s performance ring something for you?

  • TimeLord

    I pointed this out to give emphasis.
    I don’t mind not to see my favorite driver a champ, if a “real” champion means no fair play.

  • marky2112

    Ukwhite actually any of the top drivers could easily win in Vettel’s car. Does that mean he isn’t a great driver? No. Does that mean he isn’t the best? Maybe, even if they had of put Kimi next to Vettel the minute that he started to challenge Vettel for wins his car would begin to have technical problems like it does every time Webber qualifies well ever since they came together that time when Vettel ran into Webber yet the team still blamed Webber. That is why I think Kimi chose Ferrari because he knew RedBull wouldn’t have wanted him to win races and would have made sure he didn’t.

  • Ukwhite

    @marky2112: I have always said the car is more important than the driver, Lewis in fact recognised that means close to 70%. That is Newey and any other reputable F1 engineer, fortunatelly for Bulls, there is no other one in F1 as Newey.

    The rest is done by the driver and Vettel is doing it very successfully. Webber is not on par with Vettel, that proves Vettel’s class. Saying that RBs intentionally screwed up Mark is sheer nonsense. i

    n the same car, only one from younger generation can challenge or beat Vettel. Lewis is one, but not in long run, he does not have consistency. Never Alonso or Kimi. Many talk about Alonso, but he was beaten by Lewis.

    Kimi, no, he did not stand a chance to join RB and that is not because of Vettel. He is old, lacks PR, does not qualify very well, he is not a long term investment, and mostly RB has their own drivers school. Definitely Daniel is a better option, and Daniel will challenge Vettel better tha Mark.

  • KC

    “actually any of the top drivers could easily win in Vettel’s car.”

    Actually you’re just guessing. You don’t have the faintest idea what would happen if some other driver sat in Vettels car.

    “his car would begin to have technical problems like it does every time Webber qualifies well ”

    Webbers’s car did not have any problems at Monza. Or at any rate, it had no problems Vettels car did not have as well. You’re just making stuff up because it makes you feel good.

  • KC

    “Vettel is good but the Adrian Newey Red Bull machine is better.”

    The “Adrian Newey Red Bull machine” looks distinctly ordinary and extremely beatable in Webbers hands, Of course the Adrian Newey Mclaren machines looked pretty ordinary in Kimi Raikkonens hands. It’s almost as if the difference between success and failure is not Newey at all, but Vettel.