Red Bull rejects Sauber proposal to cut testing and save money

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World champion team Red Bull has rejected a cost cutting proposal that might have leveled the playing field for Formula 1’s struggling teams.

Next year, in-season testing will once again be allowed, but midfield teams Sauber and Force India admitted during a recent team managers’ meeting that they probably cannot afford to attend every test day.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, Sauber proposed that, instead, they be allowed to substitute a test day for a day of wind tunnel testing with the actual race car.

“This was flatly rejected by Red Bull,” said correspondent Michael Schmidt.

“The argument (made by Red Bull) is that they (Sauber) could learn more than on the track, and so they (Red Bull) would be forced to build a 1:1 model. Additionally, Red Bull does not have a suitable wind tunnel.”

Schmidt insisted, however, that Red Bull is not the only powerful team that is strenuously resisting the push for major cost cutting in Formula 1.

“The big teams protest so loudly that it’s reminiscent of the orchestra that kept playing on the Titanic as it sunk,” he said.

Finally, having resisted pressure to get on board until now, FIA president Jean Todt has reportedly signaled has intention to get to work on cost cutting.

“It seems the presidential election campaign also has its positive side effects,” said Schmidt. (GMM)

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  • Hawk

    Where are the comments?

  • Mercedes supporter forever

    The reason why Red Bull is rejecting their proposal is because they are only thinking of themselves… They think they are so rich, so they can do whatever they like… And let the smaller teams suffer..

  • bmendon

    Well…like they say, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. If the smaller teams can’t raise the capital to race then welcome to capitalism. It would be like competing businesses wanting to regulate the R&D of their competitor rather than going out and finding research grants – read sponsorship in the case of F1.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Sauber is the only team with a 1:1 wind tunnel. The big teams blocked them using it by making a rule that only 60% models can be used. They are scared of Sauber having their actual race car in the tunnel as that gives them awesome data. Typical Red Bull doing everything behind the scenes to win.

  • grat

    Any of the teams could call up Wind Shear and rent theirs. True, it’s across the Atlantic, but the teams would be in North America for two, possibly three different weekends.

    For that matter, Sauber could make some money by leasing out their tunnel to the other teams.

  • coefficientf1

    Red Bull just want to continue winning in the way they always have. By cheating. The only reason they come in on budget every year is because the F1 Team “employs” an “outside” company called “Red Bull Technology” to do all it’s design and R & D. Bizarrly, “Red Bull Technology” is happy to operate at an enormous loss for some mysterious reason. Also coincidentally, the same faces that are credited with the design of their race cars also work at the team on secondment and appear at races in the garage wearing team overalls too. Funny that.

  • Don

    Maybe the FIA should allow the teams at back of the grid do the tests for pirelli (tyre supplier for F1), I know the teams at the front have earned the constructors money they get, but the FIA needs to make F1 as exciting as possible, markets such as the US will drop off as in previous years because watching the same teams or drivers dominate year in year out gets boring, so if those teams at the back have rules to improve their chances of moving up the grid, it helps F1 market wise. Further I would add RedBull has two teams in F1, this is their advantage on track testing. I know their are different cars, but data from component tests are significant when you can analyze four cars instead of two. (Mclaren were penalized for having ferrari info). So FIA should allow Sauber to test in their simulator in place of track test, surely RedBull has access to Torro rosso even if they say they don’t, there owned by the same group, the best group at bending the rules.

  • BigE

    We’ve already seen what a lack of testing produces… a boring season and no mileage for junior drivers.

  • marky2112

    Funny how Redbull don’t want to submit to cost cutting but they also don’t want to spend the money like Sauber did building a full size wind tunnel and used their influence to ban full scale testing. For people who think the small teams should leave F1 if they can’t afford testing try to remember what the 2005 U.S.G.P. was like with only 6 cars and try to visualize a whole season like that because that is what will eventually happen if cost cutting measures aren’t put in place. What they should put in place is a budget cap, the more teams that can not only participate but actually compete for wins the better. Lets put it this way F1 is losing millions of fans every year now the way things are with RedBull winning every race and it’s bad for the sport. They should also make a rule if you win 3 championships or more in a row you can only participate in 1 of the 3 practice sessions before every race.