Singapore sling removed and track now a second faster

Kamui Kobayashi gets airborne through the Singapore sling

Kamui Kobayashi gets airborne through the Singapore sling

The infamous Singapore sling, the bone jarring chicane on the Marina Bay Circuit, has been removed and as a result the lap times should drop by about one second at least when F1 cars are unleashed for this weekend’s grand prix.

The photographers’ favourite chicane for capturing airborne Formula 1 cars, was not popular among the drivers including Lewis Hamilton who dubbed it the worst corner he had ever driven.

Tweaks were made to try and reduce the vicious nature of the chicane, but to no avail and hence the removal altogether of the offending complex.

Fernando Alonso reported on Twitter after experiencing the changes on the Ferrari simulator: “These days working in the simulator. New Turn 10 in Singapore this year, without the chicane of before. The lap is around 1 second faster.” (GP247)

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  • Rick

    DAMN! My race tix are in the Padang stand right where that thing is/was. Had I not bought those tix, they wouldn’t have removed it lol. Damn you Murphy and your stupid Murphy’s law!!!!! =@